Dress on the second wedding day - which one to choose, photo


The second day of the wedding is a pleasant continuation of the wedding celebration. He is less formal and more calm. However, the choice of holiday clothing for this celebration for each girl is as important as the purchase of a wedding dress. What to wear a dress on the second day of the wedding, if it will be celebrated with your family, restaurant or on a picnic? What to consider when choosing an outfit for this celebration?

What dress to wear for the bride on her second wedding day?

On the second day of the wedding, the bride remains in the center of attention of all guests. This obliges the bride to be elegant, irresistible in every way. In this, a correctly selected dress will help her. Choosing from a variety of options, give preference to the model that is ideal for you. The dress should be fashionable and well suited to your figure, emphasizing its advantages and hiding any flaw in the silhouette. But you should not choose a narrow dress so that it does not hinder movement or cause discomfort during the holiday.

Second wedding day

Color spectrum

A romantic bride dress in pastel colors is a great option for the second day of the wedding. It emphasizes the femininity, tenderness of a young girl. Bright, juicy (purple, burgundy, emerald) color outfit of the bride is also suitable for a celebration. This will be especially appropriate if the dress has a simple, modest cut. In this case, a bright color accent will make the bride's dress exquisitely solemn. The main rule when choosing clothes for the second day of the wedding is simplicity, sophistication and comfort..

Bright outfit for the second day

Material and style of dress

In the bride’s outfit for the second day, the material from which he is sewn plays a decisive role. The fabric affects how the product will look on the figure and how comfortable it will be in it. Therefore, natural material is perfect for a festive celebration. High-quality artificial fabric can be used for sewing clothes for the holiday. Silk, jacquard, delicate openwork - popular materials for bridesmaids on the second day. Clothing with a beautiful decor will be more appropriate than ever at a holiday, because it will emphasize the solemnity of the moment.

Short skirt for the second day of the wedding

Lace trim, original embroidery or other decorations on the robe will add femininity to its owner. There are many options for dresses on the second day of the wedding: short, simple or with flounces, feathers, as well as elegant models of medium length. Often, brides choose cocktail or long evening dresses for this celebration. The right outfit, combined with jewelry and a festive hairstyle, will look just great.

The choice of attire depending on the venue

The venue for the second day of the wedding plays a decisive role in choosing clothes. If you decide to spend this day with your close and dear people, then you will not need too formal clothes, but a beautiful knitted dress or sundress is quite suitable. But in case this is a dinner party, one cannot do without an elegant knee-length outfit. For a party with friends in the club, the best option would be a bright cocktail dress, embroidered with rhinestones, sequins.

Dress for restaurant and cafe

At the celebration of the second day of the wedding in a restaurant, the bride must be in a chic long evening dress. Perfect for this case, a French-style model is suitable. If you want to wear something more original, then experiment with different images. For example, a retro dress with feathers or a model with a deep neckline on the back will look stunning. It is better to give preference to a universal model that will come in handy in the future for other events (parties, presentations, etc.).

Bride clothes for the restaurant on the second day

For a picnic in nature

In the warm season, continuing a wedding in nature is a great idea. How to choose festive clothes for a picnic? In this case, it should be light, free, but beautiful. A sundress or a romantic dress made of natural fabric is perfect. Additional accessories in the form of a strap, hat, and a bright hair clip in your hair will help to decorate the image..

If you do not plan hiking, climbing trees or jumping over a bonfire, then choose a medium or long composition, but it is important that the robe does not hinder movements. A beautiful addition to your newlywed look will be a wreath of fresh flowers.

Romantic newlywed clothes for the second wedding day

Paired T-shirts for the bride and groom

Interestingly, the newlyweds will look in paired t-shirts on which parts of one picture are drawn or inscriptions about love, marriage are located. Young spouses, being close in such clothes, combine parts of a picture or phrase into a single whole, which looks romantic. Order them with a pre-thought out drawing, or buy from the available options in the store.

For example, if the spouse’s t-shirt is decorated with the phrase: «She is mine», then the clothes of the spouse - «He is mine». Or, on the outerwear of the newlyweds, the same words can flaunt. For example, the phrase «We are together» or «We have found each other» settles down on a t-shirt of the bride and groom. There are many options for such inscriptions. It looks unusually cute when t-shirts of young spouses adorn the rugs of one heart. Then, being together, they form a single drawing of a symbol of love. Some couples have time to prepare T-shirts with the image of their wedding photos by the second wedding day.



Photos of stylish dresses on the second day of the wedding

Photos of bridesmaids dresses that stylish girls have chosen to continue the wedding celebration on the second day will become a kind of guide. It is easy to choose clothes if you know fashion trends and apply them to yourself. However, it is important to consider the characteristics of the figure, age, type, because only then a beautiful dress will become a real decoration of the bride. See a selection of photos to help you look spectacular.

Stylish newlywed outfit on the second day of the celebration.