Wedding dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn - how to choose, styles and photos


The world famous movie star Audrey Hepburn possessed not only a huge acting talent, but also had an exquisite taste. This woman for many years has become an icon of style, a role model for girls from around the world. Even now, most fashionistas seek to recreate elegant images in her style. Audrey always skillfully hid the flaws of the figure (small chest and excessive thinness of the shoulders), emphasized the advantages. Not only the evening, but also the wedding images of the actress look interesting, which every girl can try to translate at her own celebration.

Audrey Hepburn Style Icon

Options for a wedding dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn's style is recognized immediately, as soon as it catches your eye. He returns back to the romantic and tender 60s, envelops in a special mischievous mood. If you prefer the image of this wonderful Hollywood star for choosing a wedding outfit, then you are obviously a girl with a twist that has its own look and excellent taste for stylish things. You will have the opportunity to see a few ideas of Audrey-style wedding dresses, from which you can choose the one and only.

60s white lace

Audrey Hepburn's calling card is graceful lace, so a wedding dress with lace over the corset is what you need. Moreover, the corset can be concise, without straps, with a strict bodice, on top of which an imitation of a blouse with a long sleeve and a stand-up collar made of beautiful lace is made. A very original look will come out if you use a drapery collar in «portrait» style. The dress can be completely lace, but a variant with a laconic satin skirt knee-deep or on the floor is possible..

Audrey Lace Wedding Dress

Short dress a-line

Another option for a wedding toilet is a style «trapeze» or sheath dress. In this case, the skirt starts from the chest line and has a short length (a floor option is also possible), the top is made with a stand-up collar or an American armhole. Everything is as concise, modest, but tasteful as possible. This model of dress is suitable for girls of imperfect forms, which need to emphasize the waist - their main advantage.

To match Audrey's style, choose the color of your wedding outfit, for example, in pink. Add a few details: short light pink or snow-white gloves (possibly lace), a pearl string, a tiffany hairstyle with a high «babette» and satin ribbon. All this will create a harmonious and romantic image of the bride of those years..

Short dress in the form of a la Hepburn

Retro style with fur boa

If your choice fell on a Hepburn-style wedding outfit, use a classic retro-style dress that looks like this: a fluffy knee-length skirt and a modest tight-fitting bodice with a low waist on thin straps. To look expensive and tasteful, natural fur is used. It can be used here as a gate, as well as just a cloak on the shoulders. For such an evening dress, satin, silk, tulle, chiffon or taffeta are preferable. The image should be supplemented with a small number of frills, lace.

Hepburn Wedding Retro Outfit with Fur Boa

Another option for a retro outfit that you can complement with a fur boa is a corset wedding dress. It will emphasize your femininity and show all the advantages of your figure. The main task is to look modest, so various rhinestones, stones and pearls are not suitable for decorating a corset. Let it be a laconic drapery on the bodice, and a satin white ribbon at the waist and on the bottom of the dress in the form of a fringe will complement. The length can be just below the knee, and to the floor.

Long evening dress with an open back

Highlight your femininity and sophisticated sexuality by wearing a long evening dress on the floor with an open back. Show off your perfect figure with a cutout on the back just below the waist (or slightly more modest below the shoulder blades). If this is a summer style, then use thin straps and a closed bodice to the shoulder line (boat neckline). In this case, you can afford a tight bottom with a beautiful cut to the hip in front and a long train from the back. The image should be complemented with beautiful accessories: long gloves on the elbow, a string of pearls, etc..

Audrey Long Dress With Open Back

Audrey Hepburn Style Wedding Dress Tips

The images of the actress have always been distinguished by simplicity, modesty, elegance - just such a wedding dress should be the culprit of the occasion in the Hepburn style. Many outfits for the movie star were created by her favorite fashion designer - Hubert Givenchy. He became famous for sewing elegant, neat things that can be worn every day - ready-to-wear. Hepburn preferred designer dresses for the reason that her taste coincided with a vision of his feminine style. A few tips for choosing an Audrey Hepburn style wedding dress will help the bride decide on the final choice:

Hepburn Outfits from Givenchy

  • Minimum details. Shining rhinestones, the hem of a dress embroidered with pearls, ribbons, beads - all this is not suitable for a wedding dress that reflects this style.
  • Boat neckline or collar. The actress said she was embarrassed by her too fragile shoulders and small chest size - in her dresses this part was always closed. For the last wedding, Audrey prepared an elegant dress with a cut-out boat, and on the previous two she was decorated with decorations with stand-up collars.

Audrey Cutout Boat Neck

  • Focus on the waist. As the owner of the thinnest waist, the actress often demonstrated it, putting on evening fitted dresses, although among the wardrobe of Audrey Hepburn there are styles with both an overpriced and an understated version.
  • Long sleeves. For her two weddings, Audrey Hepburn picked up a dress with long sleeves, and for the first - airy «flashlights» three quarters, which once again demonstrated the modesty of her wedding image.
  • Gloves. This accessory accompanied every actress celebration..

Gloves are an important part of Hepburn's style.

  • Original hair accessories. At the first wedding, Audrey's hair was decorated with beautiful flowers, during the second she put on an elegant scarf in the style of her outfit, and at the third - a long white veil covered her head.

Photo of wedding dresses Audrey Hepburn

To fully penetrate and be inspired by the style of the legendary Audrey Hepburn, it will not hurt to see firsthand all those beautiful wedding dresses that the star wore when she got married several times. Therefore, browse through a small selection of photos of the style icon itself and once again admire its wonderful taste, which is considered to be an exquisite classic.

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