Wedding photo shoot at the sea

The wedding ceremony, the newlyweds remember their whole life as the most tremulous, exciting moment. Looking through colorful pictures through time, they again plunge into a whirlpool of enchanting emotions. Each couple wants to capture the most unforgettable moments of the holiday, and wedding photographers have a lot of ideas and suggestions about this. Lovers of romance will be crazy about a thematic photo shoot by the sea: it is difficult to look away from their happy faces against the background of blue waves. Photos are shrouded in the magic of this magnificent place.

Ideas for a wedding photo shoot at sea

The sea, like man, is different. Quiet, measured waves suddenly give way to stormy waves, spraying you with cold drops, and then calmness suddenly comes - and they gently splash at your feet. No matter how you find the sea on the day of the wedding photo shoot, all the same, the pictures will be impeccably beautiful. It is noticeable how the cool fresh wind blows the bride’s hair and veil, the sun bathes in the white of her outfit and is reflected by bright highlights in rhinestones and pearls. And the wedding shoot of the newlyweds before sunset, when the orange disc slowly sinks into the sea water, amazes with its beauty.

Wedding Pictures by the Sea

The bride will feel like a beautiful Assoll from the world famous story «Scarlet Sails», waiting for her narrowed on the seashore. To create a romantic image for such a photo shoot will help the red ribbon, or a piece of bright, airy red fabric. Against the background of a snow-white wedding dress and blue water, a scarlet stain will become a kind of contrast, a reference point for a sailor looking in the fog for his way to his beloved.

Wedding photo shoot in the style of Assol

If you want wedding photos to be exclusive and significantly different from others, then pay attention that the sea coast is filled with surprises. Spray of the surf as if created in order to jump, swim and kiss in the middle of them. The bare feet of the newlyweds leave traces on the sea sand, with which the resourceful photographer will also experiment. And the reflection of the silhouettes in the mirror of the calm sea is also a wonderful idea for a wedding picture. Everything around is breathing romance, during the photo shoot you will get a lot of pleasure.

In water

Relatives and friends will envy you with white envy when you show them gorgeous wedding pictures in sea water. You really do not see this every day. Begin a photo shoot on the beautiful seashore by going ankle-deep into the water, strolling barefoot along the coastal pebbles. The groom is allowed to raise the bride above the water, kiss and circle, the main thing is to resist the pressure of sea waves. They quietly whisper about love, while the wedding photographer, meanwhile, creates his own unique masterpieces on the background of the sea.

Wedding photo shoot by the water

It's time to go deeper into the water, but not every bride dares to wet her clothes, hair, ruin her makeup - all this will come in handy at a wedding. For this case, it is useful to have a make-up artist and a hairdresser nearby who will correct errors in the blink of an eye. If you still want to save a long wedding dress, then replace it with a shorter, lighter one, or put on a closed white swimsuit, leaving a short veil in your hair. Instead of a suit, let the groom try on swimming trunks and a bow tie. There will be no limit to the amazement of guests when they see such extraordinary pictures..

Wedding pictures of the newlyweds in the water

The pinnacle of creativity - wedding photos under water. «It doesn’t happen», - you say. As it happens! It is a pity that only selected newlyweds who have experience in scuba diving will dare to take such a photo shoot. Diving headlong into the deep sea, holding your breath, or doing it with scuba gear, does not matter. It all depends on what story your photographer will come up with. But any wedding pictures under water are amazing for their originality and beauty..

Underwater Wedding Photos

On a yacht or pleasure boat

Beautiful wedding pictures will be obtained during a boat trip. A couple in love, a splash of oars, a reflection of faces in sea water and passionate, sincere words spoken far from the shore - these are the thoughts that inspire such photos. If you do not want to wet your feet, you can sit in a boat directly on land by the sea, it is not necessary to drag it to the water. An experienced wedding photographer knows how to process such a picture so that it is no less romantic.

The chic look of a yacht or a pleasure boat by itself gives a peculiar charm to wedding photography; a beautiful young couple looks amazing against their background. Once in a pleasure boat, for a successful photo shoot, be sure to use the interior of the cabin, the captain’s bridge with the helm. This situation will make you feel a little sailor. And on a yacht, the best subject in the background will be a snow-white sail. Wedding photos by the sea in the evening, with the setting sun, will be especially beautiful.

Wedding photo session on a yacht

Photoshoot at sunset

When the time comes for sunset and the beaches become empty, the time for a wedding photo shoot by the sea comes. At this time, no one will stop the photographer and the newlyweds from fully feeling and capturing the smell and taste of salt water mixed with the taste of kisses, and the rays of the setting sun will play along, giving the silhouettes softness and mystery. The first marital dance by the sea before sunset - something extremely romantic, impressive, striking in its immediacy and purity.

Sea photo session of the newlyweds during sunset

Against the background of tropical plants

The wedding picture of the newlyweds on the seashore near the arch decorated with living tropical plants will look great. Orchids, pineapples, palm branches, and other beautiful plants of Asia will bring a sultry summer to your holiday and will leave it there forever, thanks to the art of photography. You can get these plants in the botanical garden. Pictures by the sea against tropical flowers fill wedding photos with positive, powerful energy, make an indelible impression on guests and the main heroes of the occasion.

Wedding by the sea with tropical plants

Using flying translucent fabric

By the sea, where a fresh breeze blows, cuts of light, flowing fabric look beautiful on wedding pictures. Silk, organza, tulle are suitable for a photo shoot. The fabric can be not only snow-white, but also bright, cheerful colors. Direct the cut above the water so that it lays beautifully in the air under the influence of the wind, creating romantic compositions. Wrap it around the body and scatter the ends over the sea stones, lift it up with outstretched arms, lay it on the sand and sit on top, in general, do what will look great from the side in the frame.

Pictures of newlyweds by the sea with flying fabric

Newlyweds hold hands or dance

The unity of two loving hearts by the sea is well displayed in wedding pictures, where the newlyweds hold hands and look at each other. The sea wind inflates a light dress and veil, as if it would lift and carry the bride away, but the strong hands of the narrowed one hold her securely. No matter how you shoot - standing or sitting by the water - hold hands, this pose symbolizes the longevity of your union. A beautiful wedding dance of the newlyweds on the seashore has long been a hit storyline for a photo shoot.

Photo of a wedding dance by the sea

Jump photo

Are you tired of the usual poses, boring hugs and kisses? Do you want to portray something creative, fervent, by the sea, so that the soul unfolds? Then experiment with photos in a jump. Before shooting, check how heels on wedding shoes hold - they will undergo the greatest load. And it’s better to take spare shoes with you right away. The jump in the picture can be different: take-off with a beautiful wave of your hands, jumping from stone to stone, and even jumping from the pier into the water. Invite your friends to take part in the wedding shootings, then the photos will be much more interesting..

Photoshoot by the sea - newlyweds in a jump

Against the background of drawings or inscriptions in the sand

With the help of sea sand, unusual, eccentric wedding pictures are taken. You can pass it through your fingers, draw symbolic drawings on it - hearts, figures, names of loved ones, write declarations of love. Use themed accessories for your wedding photo shoot: sea pebbles and stars, sand castles, tropical plants. Make a beautiful commemorative inscription on the sand by the sea, which you will be pleased to read after many years. Write the names of the newlyweds, outlined in a frame in the form of a heart, the date of the wedding, other inscriptions with a meaning clear only to you.

Drawings and inscriptions in the sand from the newlyweds

In order for your photo shoot to be unique, more like what you have already seen, a lot of work remains. Watching successful photos and videos, make notes, write down interesting ideas and think about their future implementation. We suggest you enjoy the marine photo session of a beautiful young couple in our video: