Accessories for a wedding photo shoot


What do wedding photo shoot accessories mean? These are all kinds of objects that take part in the shooting process with you: food, clothes, flowers, furniture, tools, vehicles, umbrellas, tablets and other photobuthoria. In other words, this is all that harmonizes with the selected images and plot of the photo shoot. If you prefer creative shooting, then you will need accessories. What things to choose to create a unique atmosphere and get amazing shots?

Ideas for wedding photo shoot accessories

In modern times, newlyweds pay much attention to such part of the celebration as a photo shoot. It is not enough to go around all the parks around the registry office, city monuments, while guests while away this time with champagne. Shooting becomes an independent entertainment for newlyweds and guests. And various accessories help to revive this action at the wedding photo shoot. What are they?

False mustache and lips on sticks

One of the most popular trends in wedding photography is the use of lips, mustaches attached to a wand. One has only to attach this accessory to the face, and instead of the boring traditional photo card, you get a funny, fun, with character. Guests can also take part in a photo shoot with such attributes, because no one, even the most conservative and strict person, can resist the temptation to fool around with impunity in an atmosphere of universal fun and emancipation.

In addition to the mustache and lips, other accessories are used at the wedding photo shoot: crowns, carnival masks. Such pictures will definitely turn out attractive, unusual. Photobuthoria helps to diversify the shooting process, gives cards a special charm. Together with a mustache, lips, you can combine other attributes, just do not forget to think over the plot for the photo shoot in advance so that all the accessories fit harmoniously.

Wedding pictures with false lips and mustache

Angel wings

Are you ready to become an angel for a day? Voluminous air wings made using real or artificial feathers will turn the bride into a heavenly messenger. Such a romantic accessory will decorate a wedding photo shoot anywhere, at different times of the year. Flowers in the hair, a developing light dress, appropriate makeup - all this will create a suitable image. You can make wings yourself, but this process is laborious, requires accuracy, endurance.

Especially harmoniously this accessory for a wedding photo session fits into outdoor photosets. It helps to transform the participants in shooting into unearthly creatures, organically looks at fabulous, romantic weddings. At the banquet, the wings will serve as an element of decor. Depending on the shape, color, such an attribute is involved in creating the image of an elf, fairy, dark or light angel. If the wedding ceremony takes place outdoors, come up with small wings for the kids. In general, the attribute will become a symbolic, original accent when creating a photo story..

Bride as an angel

Picture frames

Who could suggest that picture frames will be used in wedding photo shoots and will win the place of the most popular? Accessories? Regardless of the style of the celebration, can you use this attribute, which is able to bring your mood, a special style ?. For example, a florid, gilded frame will add vintage notes to the photo.

Funny, beautiful pictures are obtained when using tantamares, which are a cardboard stand or canvas, where holes for faces are cut out. At a wedding photo shoot with such an accessory, it’s easy to try on any image: exotic residents in Hawaii, secular ladies, aristocrats, film characters “Bonnie and Clyde”, funny pirates. Artistic elements will add color to the photographs. For example, the groom can draw a portrait of the bride, and she, in turn, take pictures of her lover.

Using frames on a wedding photoset

Volumetric letters “LOVE”

When decorating a banquet hall, a place for a? Photo shoot, letters are used? Which you can easily make up? into words. Considered the most popular “LOVE”. You can easily find such an accessory for wedding photography. You can make letters from any material. As part of the wedding theme, universal volumetric inscriptions are relevant everywhere?. For example,? Place them in the area where sweets are located or decorate with them a table on which banquet cards are folded, make them a backdrop at the table where the newlyweds are sitting.

Decorative volume letters are in great demand as an accessory for a wedding photo shoot. And after that - decorate your house with them. It is easy to decorate such an attribute with a variety of materials, for example, cotton rope, knitting yarn, magazine clippings, newspapers, cards. Try new options, don't be limited, then you will get amazing results..

Letters as an accessory for a wedding photo shoot

Paper flowers

Newlyweds embody sophistication, harmony, elegance. Therefore, is it important to choose the right accessories? to create an original wedding photo shoot. For example, a paper flower of unusual sizes will complement the stunning image of a young girl. In most cases, a rose is used, which is considered a gift from the gods, the queen of flowers. The bride has long been adorned with this plant, and lovers sent it to each other as a sign of fiery love.

?You can easily make a paper flower yourself:

  • Cut petals from crepe paper, make them into a lush bud.
  • Use a wire to make the stem. Wrap it in green crepe paper. Cut leaves and attach to the stem.
  • Attach the bud to the stem by gluing or threading.

This symbol of youth, eternity will be a great alternative to your living brother. It does not fade, does not fade, so it is ideal for a wedding photo shoot. If you make several bouquets, with them you can decorate the entire space for shooting. Interesting photographs will turn out if you give the bride one big flower, the size of a bouquet.

Paper flowers at wedding photo shoots

Umbrella with inscriptions

The trend in wedding photography has become frames where the newlyweds hold unusual umbrellas in their hands. A hand-painted accessory will bring exclusivity to your holiday and photo shoot. The inscriptions will make the shooting more personal, express your feelings, decorate photos with a stylish subject. Umbrella is suitable for creating the image of the bride, decorating the banquet hall. ? To make such an accessory is easy: take any bright umbrella and apply the desired words on it with paints. There are many options, colors.

For a clear inscription, it is better to use gouache or acrylic paint, if you are going to make an umbrella yourself. Acrylic dries quickly, resulting in a glossy effect. ? You can add intricate ornaments, patterns, decorate it with flowers, if it suits your wedding specifically. Umbrellas with a wedding date can decorate the venue of the celebration in addition to the photo shoot.

Newlyweds with an umbrella in the photo

Crepe paper background

?The correct background plays an important role in the process of creating a harmonious, interesting frame. ? This wedding photo shoot accessory looks gorgeous. It is a curtain, which is made of many cut ribbons of crepe paper. If the style of the wedding is colorful, then? Such a composition will harmoniously continue the general atmosphere. Arrange at the banquet a separate zone for the photo shoot, marking it with this accessory. Guests will get a lot of pleasure from posing next to such decorations, ready-made positive photos with a colorful background.

Backgrounds for wedding photo shoots

Bicycles, scooters, roller skates

Vehicles are often used by newlyweds during a wedding photo shoot. It is very interesting to consider pictures where a couple takes a ride on bicycles, roller skates, and a scooter. Such frames will amuse anyone. ? You can decorate a bicycle for a wedding photo shoot to match the whole celebration, for example, with bright ribbons, flowers. You can do this production for a photo: a young spouse helps her lover master a new vehicle.

Vehicles for wedding photography

Photos of wedding accessories for a photo shoot

Colorful, vibrant photographs help the newlyweds several years later, bit by bit, to recreate the most important and happy day in their life. In order for your wedding photo album to be filled with original pictures that I would like to see more than once, turn the photo shoot into something enchanting, bright, bold, positive. A variety of accessories will help you with this - swings, fans, false mustaches, bicycles, fabrics, butterflies, colorful petals, picture flags and other decorations.

Options for accessories for shooting a wedding celebration