Lettering for a wedding photo shoot


A wedding photo session is an important part of the celebration, because during it a professional photographer will be able to capture the emotions of the newlyweds and guests, the fascinating events taking place at the festival, and the interesting design of the space. To make the shooting more original and individual, newly-made spouses often use special accessories reflecting the theme of the wedding or simply well-chosen for the occasion. Fashionable wedding trend of recent years - the use of different types of inscriptions at the photo shoot, emphasizing the uniqueness of the celebration.

Wedding photo shoot inscription ideas

A variety of lettering options are used to decorate many accessories for the photo shoot - banners, speech clouds, signs, flags, garlands, posters. The heroes of the occasion can order special wedding attributes with words from companies that manufacture decor for the holidays, hire a photographer with a similar attribute, or create them yourself. As a rule, do-it-yourself accessories are original and their individuality emphasizes the unique style of the wedding..

Making accessories with inscriptions with your own hands will not only allow you to decorate the event as your spouses want, but will also unite the newlyweds before starting a life together. The heroes of the occasion will be able to take a break from the pre-wedding hassle, doing creative work, inventing words for signs, signs, posters. Depending on the theme of the holiday, the message message, font, materials from which the accessory is created will change. Attributes can be executed strictly, officially or with humor - it all depends on the imagination and preferences of the newlyweds..

Lettering for a wedding photo shoot

Speech Cloud Labels

Taking pictures with guests or together, the newlyweds try to make the pictures interesting and unusual, and speech clouds with the corresponding words help in this. For them, future spouses can use official phrases, for example, «I do», «Just married», «My husband», «My wife», «Happy together». If the heroes of the occasion have a sense of humor, then more funny inscriptions, such as «I want a daughter», «I want a son», «Don't wait home», «I love my kitty».

Separately, you should think about creating speech clouds for guests in order to capture in the photo with the inscriptions of all participants in the process. Lovers can keep touching, romantic phrases, which are described above, but for guests, something like «And they will feed?», «Well, when is the banquet?», «I want champagne...», «They are cool!», «Oh, and who will marry me?», «We also want!» If the wedding is thematic, you need to come up with inscriptions that emphasize the style of the event. Examples for a marine wedding: «Yo ho ho!», «Sea wolf», «Moored...»

Newlyweds hold the inscriptions for the wedding photo shoot

If future spouses know all the guests well, there is nothing better than making clouds with dialogs individual. So, the inscription addressed to the witness «I put on a prom dress!» entertainer of all, add a touch of humor. If among friends there are lovers of food and drink, they can be given signs with the words: «And how many servings will be hot?», «Well, where are they fed??», «Came for the cake...», and the speech cloud is suitable for an inveterate bachelor: «I'm afraid to catch a garter!»

For signage plates

Wedding signs are very popular, because they can create a special mood for the holiday, emphasize the theme of the event. Such attributes look stylish, interesting, they attract the attention of guests at the celebration and become an excellent addition to wedding pictures. There is a decorative version of the signs, when the inscriptions are used only for decoration, and functional - such signs help guests decide how to get to the banquet hall, place for a photo shoot, dance floor or wedding ceremony.

Plates with inscriptions are made of different materials - it can be wood, thick cardboard or sheets of iron, each option is suitable for a particular style of wedding. For an official event, the newlyweds can find classic wooden signs coated with varnish, and for a wedding, rustic, Provence, find boards with peeling paint. Cardboard labels with inscriptions can be of all colors, shapes and sizes, it is easy to make them yourself, so they have gained wide popularity at festivals in different styles, but iron signs are rare.

Plaques for wedding photo shoot

The inscriptions can be made in a classic style, for example, «Wedding», «Banqueting hall», «Wedding ceremony», or in a freer one, in the use of which the preferences of the newlyweds matter, the theme of the event. For example, for a wedding in the Russian style, the following phrases are suitable:

  • «A feast for the whole world» - for a banquet.
  • «Dance until morning» - dance floor.
  • «Sweets Overseas»–- candy bar.

Future husband and wife can additionally decorate the signs with ribbons, bows, rhinestones, acrylics, applications.

For flags and garlands

Flags with garlands are a wonderful part of the holiday decor - they look solemn, pretentious, evoke a cheerful mood. Newlyweds can write words on a long garland, such as «Just married», «Love», «We did it», «Anastasia and Alexander», draw a wedding date. Instead of gluing or writing letters on the flags, future spouses can cut them out of paper, and then attach them to the thread with small clothespins. Clips should be used if the letters are large, otherwise the inscription will not look too beautiful.

Garlands for a wedding photo shoot

Wedding lettering for banners.

A wedding banner is an interesting attribute that becomes the original decoration of the holiday. As a rule, the accessory is placed in front of the entrance to the banquet hall, against the background of it all the guests who enter can be photographed. If you intend to post photos on Instagram, the newlyweds can make an inscription on the banner with a tag that the application owners put under the photo, and then the newly-made spouses can find all the pictures on it. The main inscriptions that appear on the banner are the names of the newlyweds, the date of the celebration, the signature or motto of the wedding.

Wedding banners

Volumetric inscriptions

Volumetric inscriptions are often used by newlyweds to decorate a photo shoot at a wedding. It can be large wooden letters that guests of the holiday with the bride and groom hold in their hands, folding words, or individual phrases. As a rule, this wedding attribute is made of wood or cardboard and becomes the perfect complement to a festive event. Examples of labels that can be used for volumetric accessories: «LOVE», «WE DID», large surname of the newlyweds, «All you need is LOVE», «Happiness», «Love forever», «Together!»

Volumetric inscriptions for a wedding photo shoot

Ready-made lettering templates for a wedding photo shoot

The culprits of the celebration can make inscription templates on their own using Photoshop or Microsoft Word, or download ready-made templates. Below are some ready-made speech clouds that future spouses can use during the festive photo shoot. To make this accessory for a wedding, you must:

  • print a picture using a printer
  • carefully cut the cloud with scissors;
  • carefully glue the resulting wedding attribute with glue;
  • The original accessory for the holiday photo shoot is ready!

Various inscriptions that the newlyweds use for wedding photography can look formal, touching or funny - the bride and groom need to decide on the style in advance. When creating or ordering accessories with phrases, future spouses should remember the theme of the wedding, the color scheme in the design of the event, because signs, signs and posters should be in harmony with the environment. If the bride and groom carefully approach the selection of attributes with inscriptions, these decorative elements will fit into the general style of the wedding and decorate the holiday.