Wedding photo session with horses


A wedding is one of the main events in the life of any couple in love, so it is so important to make this holiday unforgettable. To leave a memory of this magical day for life, the newlyweds invite the photographer. An unusual wedding photo shoot with horses will help to add a highlight to the festive event. This can be either a young horse ride, or riding in a carriage or a romantic shoot in the stable. Horses at the wedding will help turn the celebration into a real fairy tale, where the valiant knight takes the beloved away on his faithful horse.

Horse riding photo shoot tips

Photoshoot with horses requires careful preparation

Before choosing horses for a romantic wedding photo session, it is worth visiting the young stables and horse clubs nearest to the place of painting, providing services for providing horses for the holiday. Be sure to observe the behavior of animals in their usual conditions, and also pay attention to the people who care for them. When choosing horses for a photo shoot, check the cleanliness of the stables where the horses are kept..

To organize a wedding shooting with horses, you will need to sign an agreement. Check in advance the full cost of rent, carefully study all the clauses of the contract. Do not be tempted by the attractive offers of dubious animal owners. To avoid unpleasant surprises during the wedding photo shoot, you should responsibly approach the issue of renting a horse.

For young people, it will not be superfluous to learn the basics of horse riding in the nearest equestrian club. Basic skills will help prevent unexpected incidents, which are often associated with fear of a large animal, as well as a lack of relevant knowledge about it. Use the help of a professional riding instructor. The ideal option is to learn to ride a horse and take a horse from the same trainer.

The horse will turn the shooting into a real fairy tale

When choosing a horse, preference should be given to the calmest animal. Check with the instructor about the behavior of different horses. After the choice is made, get acquainted with the future participant in the photo shoot, try to get used to it, ride it. Keep in mind that each horse has its own character, which should be considered when choosing an animal..

Find a place in advance where the wedding photo shoot will take place. At the same time, consider the time of the year, as well as the weather that is promised on the day of the shooting. To take spectacular photos in the summer, you should give preference to green areas, coniferous forests with clearings. The venue for the wedding photo shoot must be discussed with the owner of the horse, as you may not be allowed to take the animal far away from its usual location. Do not forget to tell the instructor the date and time for which the horses should be prepared.

Scenario Ideas for a Wedding Photo Shoot

A beautiful horse will decorate a wedding photo shoot

Today there is a rapid increase in the number of equestrian clubs, more and more people are interested in horse riding. A wedding photo shoot with horses is a real gift for young people who, looking at future pictures from their holiday, will remember with warmth in their hearts a stunningly romantic walk with stately beautiful horses. Horses will help make your wedding day interesting and unforgettable. These amazing animals cause a lot of positive emotions, give smiles and good mood..

You can hold a photo shoot for a wedding with the participation of bay or snow-white horses at any time of the year. It is only necessary to determine the location of the shooting, as well as the plot, which will be revealed as part of the photo shoot. There are a huge number of options for using horses. For example, if you rent a luxury carriage, a wedding trip will turn into a real fairy tale. The photographer will offer you a ride on a horse, take a walk with it, holding the animal under the bridle, or simply pose next to a handsome handsome man.

In addition to a wedding photo shoot, horses will be a great addition to shooting a love story. Such a photo shoot is usually held some time before the celebration of the wedding. To get a beautiful album with spectacular photos, organize shooting with horses. At the same time, you have the opportunity to choose the appropriate outfits, loose your hair, put on, for example, cowboy boots and denim shorts.

How to take pictures in winter?

A stunning result of a winter photo shoot with a horse

With the right approach to organizing a photo shoot, snow-white landscapes in the pictures will look great. A beautiful bride in a delicate wedding dress riding a beautiful horse against a background of old estates and architectural structures - a frame from a real winter fairy tale. Snow-covered carved facades give the photos a romantic mood. Images are also excellent in parks and forests, where tree branches are covered with hoarfrost.

The basis of the photo shoot for the wedding is also offered to take traditional Russian subjects, for example, sleigh rides with bells. Pictures in this vein will definitely turn out to be bright and fun. When conducting a photo shoot in winter, do not neglect the colorful volumetric accessories. Against a snow-white background, such jewelry will look spectacular. Use bright ribbons, flowers, balls, other elements of a wedding decor.

In the hay stall

Wedding photo session in the stable

Many girls are afraid to ride horses, but do not want to refuse a fabulous photo shoot. The photographer suggests organizing a walk next to the animal or in the stable. The latter option will be the best option if the bride has too a fluffy dress that does not allow her to climb on horseback or, for example, on a cloudy street, it is wet snow. Having arranged with your lover a session of gentle kisses in the stable or in the hayloft, you will get incredibly touching and romantic pictures.

When conducting a photo shoot in the stable, you need to think through all the details of the shooting in advance. Firstly, you need to find the most clean, well-groomed stable. Secondly, it is worthwhile to understand that this is a place of keeping animals where it does not smell pleasantly, and there is also a chance to stain the wedding dress. Think in advance all the nuances associated with such a shooting. However, the inconvenience is worth the stunning wedding frames..


Golden Autumn - a great time for a photo shoot

An autumn photo shoot with horses is an incredibly romantic option. With rare exceptions, when the weather leaves much to be desired, and there are continuous downpours outside the window, amazing rich images are obtained. A bride with her beloved groom on a background of golden foliage leading behind the reins of a beautiful horse is a wonderful fairy tale story for a wedding shoot. Such a photo shoot will give a huge amount of positive, both young and photographer, who will receive an amazing opportunity to use the beauty of this amazing season..

While walking in a carriage

Luxury carriage is an ideal attribute of a photo shoot for a wedding

Some horse clubs offer rental stunning carriages with a professional coachman. Such a luxurious attribute will surely turn a photo shoot into a fabulous magical adventure. Carriage rides with harnessed horses are carried out both in the forest, if there is a suitable path, and in the park with ancient architectural structures. To quickly find a provider of these services, contact a wedding agency with a good reputation. Some shooting scenarios offer the bride and groom to be in the images of a real knight and a beautiful princess.

In spring and summer

Summer is the perfect time for horse riding

Horses will help to decorate a photo shoot for a wedding, turn it into an unforgettable adventure, the memory of which will remain for many years. Sunny spring or summer is a great time for romantic shooting with these amazing animals, both in the city and in nature. Keep in mind that summer and spring are the periods when a lot of weddings are held. Book shooting with horses in advance so your plans are not frustrated.

Horse walk in nature

Horse walk bride and groom

There are a large number of various variations of scenarios of summer or spring shooting with the participation of horses. If you feel confident on a horse, feel free to go for a ride on horseback. If you don’t want to wrinkle a magnificent dress or if you don’t want to ride a horse, organize a photo shoot using a carriage, take a walk next to the horse against the background of an old mansion or arrange an unforgettable picnic with your lover in the company of a horse.

In addition to beautiful pictures, shooting for young people will turn into an inexhaustible source of pleasant emotions and joy. If you ride confidently, but your chosen one for some reason does not feel the desire to keep you company - it does not matter. No less spectacular will look photos in which the groom, like a real knight, carefully guides the horse under the bridle, and you ride astride, like a beautiful princess. For a magnificent wedding dress, it is not superfluous to ask the instructor for a special lady's saddle, which will greatly simplify horse riding.

Horse riding wedding photo shoot examples