Wedding photo shoot in nature

Preparation for the wedding takes a lot of time and requires effort, and the holiday itself will fly by in an instant. The newlyweds wish not only to have a fun, romantic wedding day, but also dream of preserving the best, most pleasant moments in their memory for life, and they will help to take photos. A wedding photo shoot in nature is an ideal option to get beautiful, high-quality, original pictures that will decorate a family album, and also remind you of the happiest day and joyful moments.

Outdoor wedding photo shoot

Ideas for a wedding photo shoot in nature

After registering with the registry office, a young couple does not rush to a banquet, but, as a rule, goes for a walk. All this in order to take the first few pictures for your family album, to capture the first minutes of life together. Where to go to the photo shoot, how to choose a place so that it is original, and what accessories and props are needed? This is a small fraction of the issues that concern young people during the organization of a wedding photo shoot. Watch a video with an example of beautiful wedding photography in nature:

Each experienced photographer in his stock has several dozen ideas, scenarios for shooting.

  • Firstly, the idea depends on the time of year, since the warm season bodes much more options and places for taking pictures.
  • Secondly, a couple of newlyweds play an important role in choosing and implementing an idea, because even at the first meeting a good photographer will be able to determine which shooting option will suit these lovers: romantic, beautiful photography or extravagant, crazy, unusual photo shoot.

Wedding shooting at different times of the year

In order to decide on the choice of place and the idea of ​​conducting wedding photography in an open space, you need to consult a specialist, listen to his ideas and tips. But if the bride and groom have their own wishes and their own vision of holding a wedding photo shoot (for example, they want to shoot where their first date, meeting or marriage proposal took place) - do not be shy. This is a holiday of two hearts and everything should be as the main heroes of the day wish.

Within the city, it is not so difficult to find suitable places for wedding photography: it can be park areas, gardens, the embankment along the river. Pictures at historical monuments or architectural structures are popular. But it is unlikely that all this can be compared with the beauty of this nature, with pristine, spacious fields, bewitching forests and blooming gardens. Only here nature is represented in all its glory and it will help to make unique wedding photos.

Outdoor Wedding Pictures

With inscriptions or volumetric letters

A popular but original idea of ​​wedding photography is a photo with different letters and inscriptions. The advantage of this type of shooting is the ability to conduct it at any time of the year and in any weather. Mandatory requisites for a photo shoot of this kind are inscriptions and volumetric letters that make up the words. The following are considered symbolic and frequently used words, expressions: «Love», «Wedding», «Just married», «Happy», «happiness», initials of spouses, wedding date, last name of the newborn family.

Wedding photos with inscriptions

Wedding photo shoot in the field

Summer is the best time for a wedding, and the main reason for this is good, warm, sunny weather. At this time of the year there are much more options for holding a wedding photo shoot, the choice depends on the wishes of the newlyweds and how the photographer sees it all. Extraordinarily bewitching, captivating pictures are obtained during a photo shoot in a field where rye or wheat is crooked, charming, simple, yet breathtaking wildflowers bloom, and the sun plays with its rays.

Wedding shooting in the field

For a photo shoot in the field, the newlyweds will need some accessories that will help make the pictures more romantic. As attributes, a wreath on the girl’s head from wildflowers or a bouquet, a piece of light fabric that can help make the bride’s image airy, weightless, balloons, windmills can be used. If the photographer has his own script for the photo shoot, he can offer the use of other props necessary to implement his idea.

Wedding shooting in the field with accessories

In a flowering garden

Spring is a charming time when nature wakes up after a long winter sleep and is ready to show all the beauty, brightness of colors. A wedding at this time of the year provides the opportunity to take wonderful pictures in a flowering garden amid blooming flowers after winter. A photo on the background of flowering trees will help reveal the romantic essence of young spouses, show their love, tenderness. No additional accessories, attributes are required for this kind of shooting - nature took care of everything, creating a charming background.

Wedding photo session in a flowering garden

In a clearing showered with autumn leaves

Autumn is a season that captivates with a riot of colors. The wedding in this period is a magical event, indicating that the feelings of young spouses flourish and become more romantic, brighter, although nature and everything around is preparing for hibernation, tranquility. Romantic pictures will work well in an autumn park, in a clearing strewn with colorful leaves. As accessories, a plaid and other details for a picnic or autumn attributes can be used. The main thing is that the wedding photo shoot is not overshadowed by rain, which is not uncommon in autumn.

Wedding photography in autumn leaves

Pictures on the water or near the pond

From the beginning of spring to the end of autumn, wedding photo shoots near the reservoir or directly on it are especially popular with newlyweds. What could be more romantic and unforgettable than shooting on the seashore or the first joint boat trip, a catamaran as husband and wife? And when a master of his craft takes such a walk, it guarantees the receipt of original pictures and memory for many years.

Wedding photos by the pond

A variety of, sometimes even unpredictable places near a reservoir can be used as a place for taking photographs. First of all, it can be the coast of the sea, the bank of a river or a small lake. Original photographs are taken on the bridge across the pond or on the pier. Risky and courageous couples are sometimes ready for a desperate step - a photo shoot directly in the pond. But it is worth considering, in this case, you must definitely have spare clothes in order to look decent at a banquet.

Wedding shots on the bridge and pier

A young family sets sail on a river called «a life». It will be symbolic to ride on a small, comfortable boat along the quiet expanse of the river, enjoying the silence, solitude and company of each other. The photographer, capturing this moment on his camera, will help to keep these romantic, joyful moments not only in the memory of the bride and groom, but also in the pictures.

Wedding photo session in the boat

In a birch grove

A walk along the birch grove is able to give a sea of ​​positive emotions to young spouses. After all, what could be better than fresh air, the beauty of nature and a loved one nearby? Romantic, emotional atmosphere will help to make magnificent pictures filled with love, tenderness, beauty. No additional accessories or attributes are required for such a wedding photo shoot..

Wedding photo session in a birch grove

In jump or comic poses

In order to get funny, original pictures from the wedding, you can realize an interesting idea - to take pictures in a jump or in a funny, comic pose. The process of photography itself will give a lot of positive emotions, pleasure, besides, it will be interesting to watch these pictures after a few years. Such photographs can be taken as soon as with the newlyweds, and attracting guests. Newlyweds who wish to receive original photographs should rehearse jumps in advance, and a professional photographer will be able to take wonderful pictures, successfully catching a shot.

Jumping wedding photo