Ideas for a Studio Wedding Photo Shoot


Modern weddings rarely do without shooting with a professional photographer, lasting from one hour until the holiday ends. This is not surprising, because every married couple dreams of preserving beautiful memories of a touching day. A specialist can take pictures of newlyweds at registration of marriage, during a wedding walk, and for some, a wedding photo shoot in the studio is ideal. Studio photography is a process that can translate many of the ideas of a couple in love. It has its pros, cons and features, which will be described in detail below..

Who needs a wedding photo shoot in the studio

Studio photography is perfect for newlyweds who organize a celebration in the cold season - in winter, late autumn or early spring. Slush with rain or snow with a frosty wind not only spoil the mood of the newly-made spouses, but they are also able to stain holiday dresses, and the gray background of photos will definitely not become the best decoration of the holiday album. The option of a studio photo shoot may appeal to those who do not want to spend the day in a hurry: the calm atmosphere of the workshop will allow you to make better shots than those obtained on a walk.

In addition, if the newlyweds dream of a photo shoot in a certain style, they will not have to spend money on the appropriate design of the entire banquet hall, they will only need to collect the necessary props for the studio premises. Carrying out shooting in the photographer’s workshop has undeniable advantages over conventional walking pictures:

Wedding photo session in the studio

  • The heroes of the day may not be afraid of rain, snow or a sudden change in weather - the studio is always dry and clean.
  • The photographer who provides the studio room must have learned to navigate perfectly in it, so the pictures will turn out to be high-quality.
  • Good lighting will allow people of newly-married spouses to always look fresh, beautiful and attractive, and thanks to professional equipment, all photos will be high resolution.
  • At any moment, the bride will be able to correct her makeup, dress, curls that have broken out of her hair, and the groom - an unsuccessfully sitting tie or a rickety boutonniere.
  • Many studio rooms work round the clock, and therefore the newlyweds will be able to conduct a photo session at any convenient time.

In addition to the obvious advantages of holding a studio photo shoot, there are also disadvantages: for example, a bride and groom are unlikely to be able to take a large number of people with them, so there will be no group photos. As a rule, photo workshops are able to accommodate only close relatives and several friends of the newlyweds. In addition, the preparation of studio shooting can cost significantly more than the on-site services of the master, but the main disadvantage of photographs in the room is the stiffness and tightness of the spouses, if they have no experience of posing in front of the camera for staged shots.

Newlyweds at a photo shoot

Ideas for holding a wedding photo shoot in the studio

To get good photos after shooting, future spouses can practice some postures at home - so a professional can make magnificent portraits and close-up shots. An interesting idea is to set up a studio photo shoot before or after the wedding, this option will allow the heroes of the occasion to avoid rush, so there will be no sign of fatigue in the pictures. This practice has long been used all over the world, and in China not a single wedding is complete without a preliminary survey, the results of which are demonstrated during a wedding banquet.

Before entrusting a studio photo shoot to a specialist, carefully study his portfolio, evaluate how much you like the style of the master. If you are not completely sure of the perfect result, be safe: invite the second photographer to do a wedding report. During the photo shoot, do not be afraid to ask a specialist to show you the resulting frames: this will help to correct unsuccessful situations in time, fix your hair, otherwise you will have to pay extra for work in Photoshop or «to admire» not too beautiful photos in the album.

Studio photo session of the bride and groom

Using letters or words

Large volume letters, words, speech clouds, colorful posters with phrases that keep the newlyweds - this is a great way to make wedding pictures lively and interesting. Many studio photographers note that the heroes of the occasion feel more relaxed when their hands are busy with some subject, which means that the frames become more natural, more natural.

Wedding photo session in the interior studio

In the interior studio with beautiful furniture

If the spouses did not manage to celebrate the celebration on the territory of the old estate, there is the opportunity to create the appropriate surroundings during a studio photo shoot. Many photographers offer newly-made husband and wife to be photographed against the backdrop of magnificent interiors - antique dressing tables, vintage chairs and ottomans, carved tables and other original decorations.

Photoshoot of spouses by the fireplace

Wedding photo session by the fireplace

To give the newlyweds pictures of warmth and coziness, a fireplace can be equipped with which some city photo workshops are equipped. Spouses will be able to play many beautiful scenes next to the fireplace: drinking tea together, reading a book, hugging under a warm fluffy rug. The studio photo shoot will turn out to be incredibly cozy and memorable, and «warm» frames will warm spouses in the cold.

Production photos in different styles

Staged photos in different looks and styles

A creative bride and groom during a wedding photo shoot can embody several images at once - from the daring style of Chicago to the space theme of costumes. To do this, you need to think in advance what things to bring along for shooting, and then ask the photographer to help with the props. An experienced specialist will tell you how long such a studio photo session will last, what styles are better to choose in order to quickly and easily transform.

Gangster style wedding photo shoots

In retro or gangster style

If the newlyweds are tired of boring romantic images, you can try to make a wedding photo shoot in the studio in a gangster retro style. For the bride - a veil, a small revolver, a chic boa, a long dress of a straight cut, for the groom - a thick cigar, tommy gun, a hat in the style of the twenties of the last century, a suit with a perfect fit. In such images, the couple during the studio photo shoot will look great, the main thing is to choose a workshop with the appropriate surroundings.