Winter wedding photo shoots

Russian snowy winter is an ideal time for a wedding photo shoot, no matter how heat-loving relatives or friends try to convince you. The cold season implies its nuances, however, with proper preparation, young people can easily avoid frozen fingers and red noses. One has only to responsibly approach the holding of a winter wedding photo shoot. As a result, you will get fabulously beautiful photographs with an amazing atmosphere that cannot be found in photographs taken in any other season.

Wedding in winter - ideas for a photo shoot

Extraordinary, creative people strive to celebrate unusually, choosing an unusual setting for this. Winter for such young people is an ideal time. The snow season allows you to add variety to the wedding holiday, to conduct such a photo shoot, after which there will remain stunning, original pictures. Sparkling light snow, trees wrapped with openwork hoarfrost, the bright sun will create a romantic mood, will become a good basis for an unusual wedding photoset of young.

With well-chosen warming accessories, the bride and groom will be able to conduct a winter photo shoot in a cozy, comfortable environment, even if it is accompanied by severe frost or snowfall. We bring to your attention some interesting ideas for organizing a winter wedding photo shoot, as well as give useful tips for an unusual shoot that will leave incredible memories of the holiday.

Outdoor photo shoot with horses

Horses are very noble, kind animals. It is difficult to find a person who is indifferent to these beautiful creatures. For a long time people inextricably cooperated with horses, they helped us quickly overcome long distances. Unfortunately or fortunately, cars have replaced these animals. But the idea of ​​a wedding photo shoot with horses has not lost its relevance.

Do not doubt that winter wedding shooting with the participation of noble animals will not leave anyone indifferent. It doesn’t matter what young people choose: horseback riding through snowdrifts, visiting a farm and organizing a thematic photoset, or hiring a real Russian three with a team of sleds and sleighs - each idea has great potential for creating unusual winter wedding pictures.

Wedding winter shooting with horses

Photos with falling snow

If the young are lucky enough, and on the wedding day snowfall starts - the photo shoot must take place on the street. There can be no more romantic, fabulous shots. Let the bride not worry about her dress, the snow does not spoil it. For shooting, young people can choose a more playful mood, for which stock up on caps with earflaps, coarse boots, fur vests, sledges. During the photo shoot you can play snowballs or make a snowman. Funny details, for example, knitted mittens or a bright scarf tied to a snowman, will give a special charm to the images of young people..

The bride and groom on the background of falling snow

With a samovar and bagels

Why don't the young pay tribute to their culture and organize a wedding photo shoot with native Russian attributes? Set the table in the middle of a snowy field, decorate it with a bright tablecloth, and at the head put a shiny samovar and bagels. The entourage in the Russian style will complement the correctly selected outfits of the bride and groom: a warm colorful scarf on the head of the newlywed, a suit with ethnic motifs on the young. Take a blanket with you - in frosty weather it will give comfort and warmth not only to you, but also to photos.

Wedding photo shoot with a samovar in winter

Photoshoot in the forest on a sleigh

Do you have the courage to go down the sleigh from a snowy hill? This is a lot of fun, in addition, the faces in the frame will be so lively and happy that the most picky friends will envy the pictures. For a walk, if you want, you should take friends - so the process will be even more fun. If adrenaline is not what you would like to receive from a wedding photo shoot, then you can organize a calm, romantic shot with a sleigh in a beautiful winter forest.

A wedding photo shoot in a snowy forest is an ideal basis for creating a romantic, delicate image of the bride and the young in general. The blue clear sky, the bright winter sun, barely breaking through the trees, the spreading branches of Christmas trees powdered with white snow, a beautiful couple in love - everything looks natural and beautiful. Newlyweds radiating happiness and love will remain one on one with each other on the background of wonderful nature.

Pictures of newlyweds in a snowy forest

Outdoors with husky

Can you imagine how husky look beautiful against the backdrop of a snowy landscape? The stage makes the photo brighter, more saturated. For the bride and groom, the time of the photo shoot will be twice as pleasant and fun if husky will participate in it. Favorite pets are able to decorate any picture, even a wedding theme. And how pleasant it is to spend such an important day for you next to your faithful four-legged friend. Winter wedding photos with a dog will not have competitors, since more beautiful, original pictures can not be found.

Husky wedding winter shot

With scarves, mittens and clutch

A wedding photo shoot in winter is the only opportunity to get such magical, unusual pictures without much effort. Against the backdrop of sparkling white snow, any detail of a saturated color, be it a scarf, clutch or gloves, will easily take a photo «alive» and attract the attention of viewers. Different shades of red or brown are traditionally used: scarlet, burgundy, cinnamon or coffee. These details in the frame look beautiful and cozy..

Groom with a bride in mittens and scarves

Contrast photos

The right color scheme for a wedding photo shoot in winter is a guarantee of successful shots. If you decide to organize outdoor shooting, then you should take care of accessories that complement your images, will contrast with the white snowy landscape. Newlyweds can choose more calm tones for a photo shoot: brown, dark green or deep blue. Or they will want to bring more positive and fun to the frames by choosing orange, pink, yellow tones..

It will be great if the young ones dilute the surrounding snowy whiteness with variegated accents. It can be cute mittens with hearts or initials of a loved one, unusual hats, a beautiful mantle made of natural or artificial fur. For a wedding photo shoot, it is not so important what the objects surrounding you will be, the main role is given to the mood. Your eyes should shine with happiness, your soul should sing, and your cheeks should be sore with laughter. Only then will the winter wedding pictures turn out to be successful and you will want to review them again and again.

Contrast Winter Wedding Photos