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A wedding photo shoot is not only an event that helps to capture the most beautiful moments of the holiday. It is also an opportunity for newlyweds to get to know each other better, to see what remains invisible in everyday life. Cool shootings, where the newlyweds are shown in an unusual style, especially contribute to this. The fantasy of a person is limitless, he is constantly looking for something new, interesting in all areas of life, and in wedding photography too. Depart from standards, become more inventive, and your photo shoot will become unsurpassed.

Ideas for a cool newlyweds photo shoot

Looking for something special, want to surprise everyone with bright, creative wedding photos? Then at first do the most important thing - release yourself, release your emotions at will. Become artists, create an image. In cool photographs, it doesn’t matter how beautifully the newlyweds look. Here it is necessary to create a plot that will cause a smile for everyone who looks at the photo. These wedding pictures are lively, funny, bearing a sea of ​​positive, from them the world is becoming kinder.

Examples of cool wedding photos

With the ball on the soccer field

Does the groom love football? Perfectly! You already have a ready-made idea for a wedding photo shoot - shooting on a football field. It remains only to persuade the bride. If the newly-made spouses truly love each other, she will definitely agree, and he will find a lot of arguments to convince her beloved of the success of this event. But the truth is, a snow-white wedding dress looks gorgeous against a background of lush green grass.

At the stadium there are many cool stories for the photo shoot:

  • The groom stands at the gate, and the bride scores a goal for him;
  • The newlyweds hang together on the crossbar;
  • The gates are guarded by guests with the groom, and the bride kicks the ball;
  • Young sit or lie on the green grass of the stadium and look at the sky;
  • The newlyweds kiss at the gate;
  • The groom and the bride play a soccer ball between themselves;
  • The bride uses a wedding bouquet instead of a ball;
  • The groom puts the ring on the bride directly on the football field.

A soccer field is a great place for a wedding photo shoot

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Be sure that such cool pictures will appeal not only to the main heroes of the occasion, but also to all guests. You have a chance to move away from the standard in wedding photography, surprise everyone with funny, funny scenes, such as in our video.

Photoshoot on the water in the ball

In a hot summer, you will not find anything more romantic than a wedding photo shoot on the water. And in order for it to turn into a fun event, use an unusual props. Young spouses inside a transparent floating ball cause a wide smile for everyone who sees them. You should prepare for such a shooting in advance so that the newlyweds feel comfortable in an unusual design, and the cool poses offered by the photographer do not cause fear. After proper training, the wedding photo session will give everyone indescribable pleasure.

Newlyweds photo session in a transparent ball

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In the back or trunk of a car

What is a wedding without funny situations and funny photos? Simulate a situation where the bride and groom are found kissing in the trunk of a car. Even funnier the newlyweds will look in the back of a truck, which is absolutely not intended for a wedding photo. And if the bride is also a great actress, there will be many more cool plots for a photo shoot with the participation of the spouse and initiative guests.

Cool wedding photos in the back or trunk

With a false mustache or huge glasses

If you have friends who work in the theater, they will get entourage for funny, funny wedding pictures for a photo shoot. A perfect element of such photos will be a false mustache, puffy lips on sticks, big glasses, wigs. Invite the girls to put puffy lips to their faces, and young people a snappy mustache, and you will immediately notice the excitement and smiles among the guests of the wedding. This props the newlyweds can do on their own. Tips for making cool wedding accessories for a photo shoot, see the video.

Wedding photo shoot with false mustache

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For wedding photography, it’s not necessary to look for some picturesque corners of nature, your home yard or street, a children's or sports ground near the house, a beautiful park are quite suitable. Do not be afraid to improvise in the presence of strangers. Pose in the frame, enter the image, because the beauty of the wedding photo shoot is the naturalness, the emancipation of the newlyweds. Even if in some photo you seem funny, it doesn’t matter - it will become unique.

Photoshoot on motorcycles or bicycles

For a beautiful wedding photo to come out, it is not necessary to use rich scenery or travel out of town. Take a closer look at your native street, from your home, remember your hobbies. After all, photographs should reflect not only the appearance of the newlyweds, but also their inner world. Do you like motorcycles and bicycles? Then make them the main characters of the wedding photo shoot. The two-wheeled childhood friend with whom you spent so much time on the most solemn day will also be with you in the pictures.

Slide down the bike with fun on one bike, like in the old days. Fervent laughter and a sea of ​​positive emotions are provided to you. The bride will introduce herself as a young schoolgirl, carried by a barefoot comrade on the trunk. And the groom will become a courageous rider - a fragile, tender creature sits behind his shoulders, for whose life he answers with his head. Romantic honeymoon wedding ride on bicycles decorated with flowers and ribbons along the forest road will provide plenty of opportunities for extraordinary photos.

Bicycle walk - the plot for a wedding photo shoot

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In the summer on the background of castles or hearts of sand

Summer is a hot, sultry time when most of all I want to be close to water and sea cool. Listen to your desires, go to the sea. Near the water, under the whisper of the waves, the most beautiful, romantic pictures are created. Let the newlyweds build their first house on the shore, it will not be stone, but sand. In the process of building a fairytale castle, a wedding photographer will catch many interesting poses and cool plots for pictures.

After the castle is built on the seashore, holding hands, the newlyweds will kiss against the sunset, and their silhouettes seem to melt in the rays of the setting sun. It is difficult to imagine a more romantic scene for a wedding photo shoot. As details, sea pebbles, shells, stars, fresh flowers are used. Using sand, create a big heart on which to write the date of your wedding. The bride and groom can lie in an embrace right on the sea sand near the created masterpiece, not sparing the wedding dresses.

Wedding photo shoot near sand figures

Horse sleigh ride in winter

Weddings in winter are less common, because the minus mark on the thermometer does not contribute to the desire of the newlyweds to frolic in nature. But even in the most severe frost and bad weather, a good photographer will make a wedding photo shoot unforgettable and not similar to others. Not every young couple has a chance to play in the background of dazzling white snowdrifts, falling snowflakes, ride on a troika with voiced bells. At other times of the year, it is impossible to take such pictures, so they are non-traditional, special.

Three horse winter wedding photo shoot

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Newlyweds and guests cover their faces with signs

An experienced photographer, working on a wedding photo shoot, will certainly resort to such an option as covering with plates. For a photo to be creative, there is no need to capture people's faces on it. The pictures where the newlyweds and guests hold signs with inscriptions will be much more interesting. «the groom», «bride», «a family», «lovers», «my friend», «my friend» etc. The photographer brings this props with him to the wedding.

Instead of signs with inscriptions use round, face-sized photographs of the bride and groom, attached to the holders. Portraits are distributed to guests who cover their faces with them during the wedding photo shoot, creating a multitude of «clones» newlyweds. Subsequently, when viewing such pictures, guests do not always find out who is hiding under a particular mask. Funny photos will provide a good mood and the most pleasant memories of the wedding.

Cool photo session of the newlyweds with tablets

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Cool wedding photos

If you managed to add a little mischief to your wedding photos, then the photo shoot was a success. Such cool pictures will cause the greatest interest among the public. You won't surprise anyone with a banal photo from the registry office. When guests examine a family album and find cool pictures there, it cannot do without cheerful laughter and enthusiastic exclamations. And the newlyweds feel overwhelming pride in creating such an original photo shoot.

Funny wedding photos

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