Poses for a wedding photo shoot


A vivid photo book, a romantic presentation made up of holiday pictures, or an unusual collage of memories that brings together the whole picture of the wedding is the obligatory final chord of the wedding ceremony. To refuse it means to deprive oneself of pleasant emotions, carefully captured on touching and gentle shots. But it is important to remember that the poses for the wedding photo shoot also need to be chosen successful, otherwise the shooting will not live up to expectations, and the long-awaited results will disappoint both the bride and groom.

Turning face to face

Just married photoshoot: pose facing each other

«I can't take my eyes off you» - these words should be clearly read on your faces during the wedding. Photos where the views of the groom and the bride, facing each other, look especially gentle. It is as if for you there are no guests, no relatives, no one in this world - only you two are in a sea of ​​love. The pose of the bride and groom face to face is good because it looks equally gently in general and close-up. Although in the second case it is better to ask the photographer to take a picture from behind the bride’s shoulder.

So the frame will get a touch of light «randomness», as if a touching moment of admiring the groom of his beloved inadvertently fell into a curious lens. If you prefer funny photos, ask the photographer to take a wedding photo where you will look into each other’s eyes, forgetting everything in the world, and life will be in full swing behind you - children running around, mothers bothering, and guests making noise and fussing around, absolutely not disturbing the bride and groom with their presence. Only for a successful creative shot will have to try and everyone invited to the celebration.

Pose holding hands

Pose for shooting: the bride and groom hold hands

Often, holding hands, couples who have just begun to meet are walking - they are young, full of feelings and do not want to let each other go. A photograph in which the groom goes hand in hand with the bride must appear on the pages of your wedding album as a reminder that this love story is just beginning. You walk along the park alley or barefoot along the beach, holding your shoes in your hands, retire towards the sunset or the rising sun, look at each other, holding hands, as if spinning in a dance - poses for a wedding photo shoot are played out with many options.

No less touching are the photographs, which show close-ups of the newlyweds' hands holding each other tightly, and wedding rings. Wedding frames are obtained as if «timeless»: there are no guests, dresses, season, only two lovers walking nearby. For a good photo, you can choose interesting backgrounds: take a picture on a deserted beach or in the middle of a flowering meadow, as if there were only one left in the Universe. Wedding photos of the groom and the bride look interesting, looking in opposite directions - to where their past life remains.

Sitting or lying posture

Sitting and lying poses for shooting newlyweds

The choice of posture directly depends on the scenery that lovers have at their wedding celebration. They can become the center of an interesting production plot, where you, as a bride and groom, will have to sit or lie down for a bit. A small green glade easily turns into a wonderful decoration for a wedding picnic, where against the background of wicker baskets, glasses and flowers, you will gently hug each other, lying directly on the grass or in a cozy plaid blanket.

A pond or a lake is arranged so that the newlyweds can feed the ducks, sitting on the stairs or the pier. And the hayloft or the floor covered with rose petals inspire more passionate wedding shots. The main thing is not to forget that they should look nice and aesthetically pleasing. You should not relax, even when you are lying or standing, but you need to remember about favorable angles and poses. More hugs and kisses! They are always appropriate in wedding photos..


Hugs of the bride and groom at a wedding photo

The wedding embrace of the bride and groom is also played out in different ways. The main feature of such personnel is that you should not forget about the final result, completely surrendering to passion. It is important not only to remember your image, but not «strangle» in the arms of a partner. All flaws can be reflected in the picture: an ugly wrinkled dress, tousled hair or a diadem that has moved to the side. But the plot and posing will do the trick.

The image of the groom who tenderly embraces the bride from behind, holding her hands with a bouquet in her, or two lovers hiding from snow or rain under a small umbrella, will gently look. The bride can bury her nose in his chin, breathing in his favorite scent, and the groom can dig into her luxurious hair. The eyes of lovers can be half-closed or directed somewhere into the distance, with thoughts «about the eternal».


Kisses of the newlyweds at the wedding photo

There are never many wedding kisses. You are allowed to kiss everywhere, as well as take these pleasant moments on camera. Facing each other, or hugging the bride from behind, sitting on the lap of a loved one or lying «jack» on the grass, in a romantic first dance, or against the background of the starry sky - a lot of ideas are born on this day. From the plan you have chosen, the mood of the wedding picture will change. When photographing faces, passion and emotions are more felt, and in the distance, against the background of beautiful landscapes, tenderness and attraction are better manifested. But your faces and eyes should always be visible.

The groom holds the bride in his arms

The bride in the arms of the groom in the photo

To raise the bride in her arms and not to drop it is not enough for an interesting pose. It is important that both of you look in the frame lightly, pleasantly and gently. If the groom is not confident in his abilities, then it is better to choose other options. After all, a photograph where the young spouse will have too intense facial expressions or bent knees will not become the main decoration of the wedding album. Need to achieve lightness and maximum naturalness..

The groom can circle his chosen one in the dance, pretend that he is going to throw her high above her head, transfer her over the threshold of the church or carry her against her will, piling right on her shoulder, in her secret refuge. Beautifully obtained wedding frames made from above or in the distance. You can ask the photographer to use a general or close-up of faces, to look at the camera or at each other.

In the jump

Pose for a photo shoot: newlyweds in a jump

Not every bride will decide to jump in the frame - the risk is too great that the pose will turn out to be unattractive. But it's worth it. After all, such wedding photos are obtained not only funny, but bright and impressive. The groom «flies away» on an umbrella or a bunch of colorful balloons, jumps to incredible heights, trying to catch up to a runaway darling or rejoicing with happiness after the official part of the ceremony.

The bride looks no less impressive in such wedding pictures - resembling a cloud hovering above the ground. The main thing is to remember about facial expressions. Trying to jump higher, many forget that they may not look very attractive. The company to the bride and groom can make guests. Group poses in the jump come out especially interesting and funny, because it is difficult to keep track of the facial expressions of all participants.

Interesting poses with a veil

Poses for a photo shoot of a bride with a veil

Veil gives a special tenderness and mystery to the image of the bride. This detail seems to remind of those times when not all the lucky ones could see their chosen one before the wedding. She envelops the girl in a snow-white haze and from your submission can become the main decor in the arsenal of the photographer. Mysterious games and images framed by a veil, without fail «pour out» in interesting wedding frames.

Covering the lower part of the face with chiffon, the bride turns into a fabulous oriental beauty; hiding his eyes under a veil - into a mysterious stranger, which must be removed by all means close up to emphasize the expressiveness of the look. A long veil looks advantageous in the gusts of the wind developing it, turning into a luxurious train or weightless wedding gown. Not only the bride, but also the groom will easily hide under it, hiding her passionate kiss from prying eyes.