Do-it-yourself plaques for a wedding photo shoot


Funny photos from the wedding help to keep in memory the joyful moments of the solemn day. You won’t surprise anyone with a traditional classic-style photo shoot. Modern newlyweds in every possible way try to bring notes of extravagance and shocking to their wedding event. Vivid pictures with fun accessories that everyone can make with their own hands will make your photos individual and unique.

Wedding props for photo shoots

Do-it-yourself faceplate workshop

Wedding decorations for a photo shoot in the form of plates with faces look unusual. When photographing, the newlyweds or guests of the celebration bring an image of a portrait of a celebrity or other character to their faces. So, a staged photo will turn out to be funny, in which the bridesmaids will be captured with a bride face plate or friends with portraits of the groom. For a youth wedding photo session, plates with portraits of popular cartoon characters (Winnie the Pooh, Cheburashka, Simpsons) are suitable.

Do-it-yourself face plates for a wedding photo shoot

Necessary materials

  • large-sized portrait (A3 format);
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue.

Materials for creating a wedding plaque

Stages of creation

  • Find on the net your favorite portrait of a hero or take the desired picture of the bride and groom. Print the selected image on the printer. If you will not use a ready-made template, but create it yourself, then, cutting out the picture, give it the shape of a racket for so much tennis. That is, the layout should have a pen and an oval.

Cut out the layout for the face plate

  • On thick cardboard, outline the cut out photo layout. Apply plenty of glue to it..

Lubricate the layout of the plate on the back with glue

  • Glue the photo blank to the cardboard.

Glue the photo props on cardboard

  • Cut irregularities. Let the plate dry. The original props for the wedding photo shoot is ready.

Homemade face plate for newlyweds photo shoot

Signpost for wedding photo shoot

The original props for the wedding photo shoot - signs with inscriptions. Such accessories will not only complement the shooting, but will also cheer up everyone present. Comic phrases and traditional inscriptions (Happiness, Love, Vows, Ceremony) can be written on sign plates. They are made of boards, which are then installed on the territory of the event.

Signposts for wedding photo shoot

Necessary materials

  • boards of the right size;
  • inkjet printer for printing blanks;
  • wax paper;
  • a sheet of thick cardboard;
  • duct tape;
  • art, paint brushes;
  • acrylic paints of your favorite colors;
  • White Spirit;
  • sandpaper;
  • plastic card (old unnecessary credit card).

Do-it-yourself pointer plate: materials

Stages of creation

  • Before decorating and inscribing wood must be prepared. Give the selected boards the desired shape: cut them in the form of a pointer with an arrow (or buy a finished workpiece in an art salon, a needlework store). Sand the surface to smooth out any irregularities. Degrease wood with white spirit.

Wedding Signpost: Wood Preparation

  • Next, print the selected label (in mirror image). All graphic editors have this feature..

Wedding pointers: print template

  • Printing the inscription is recommended not on ordinary stationery, but on waxed paper. Since it is too thin and may wrinkle in the printer, it must first be fixed on a cardboard sheet by gluing the edges with duct tape.

Preparing an inscription for a sign-plate for a wedding photoset

  • With a paint brush, apply a little water to the surface of the wood. Then attach to it a printed blank of the inscription. Make sure it sits exactly in the middle of the plank.

We apply the blank with the inscription to the wood

  • We attached the paper with the inscription to the board with the ink side down. Then it is necessary to carefully draw a plastic card (or the back of the spoon) on waxed paper so that the outlines of the word are imprinted on the wood.

Initial view of the inscription translated to the tree

  • But since black ink was used when printing, the inscription will be poorly read on the blackboard. Therefore, use an acrylic paint brush to circle the outline of the letters.

Acrylic painted wedding sign

  • Paint the letters completely with the selected color.

Painted inscription on the index for shooting

Ready-made label templates for photo shoots

Pictures in which heroes are holding speech clouds in their hands look funny and fun. Doing this with your own hands is not difficult. To do this, use the Word program. Clicking on tabs «Insert» - «Figures», You will find patterns of the necessary outlines. Select the picture you like and enter the text in it. On such speech clouds comic phrases, declarations of love, exclamations of joy, happiness are placed. Use this props for shooting newlyweds and guests during a walk and at a banquet. The pre-made templates below will help you quickly create these signs..

Label Templates for Wedding Photo Shoot

Photo plates with funny inscriptions for a wedding photo shoot

Sticky-inscribed plates give your wedding photos fun and originality. The shooting process will turn into a fascinating game in which all guests present at the celebration will want to participate. Come up with bright and funny images, use comic props, and then your pictures will turn out to be individual and unique. Participants in the shooting should interact with each other, express vivid feelings. Only those photos will be successful, in which the comic props will be supplemented with sincere emotions.

Homemade Wedding Photography Plates