Cupcakes for the wedding


Wedding cake is a dish that is given special attention when planning an event. It is decorated with figurines of a pair of pigeons, swans, a groom and a bride. In the last decade, traditions have been broken, and cupcake compositions have replaced cake. This trend provides even more opportunities for cooks and pastry chefs. Wedding cupcakes are collected in huge pyramids or small groups to decorate the table. Compositions of mini-cakes correspond to the overall design, style and color of the decoration of the celebration.

Cupcakes as an alternative to a wedding cake

Benefits of Cupcakes at a Wedding

According to one version of the origin of the name, 3 centuries ago, dessert was baked in an aluminum cup, which is why they called it so unpretentiously «cake in a cup». It is not simple «cream cupcake», and a miniature cake, recently which can only be called a culinary masterpiece. The popularity of this dessert for the wedding is growing, and now the cupcake is at the peak of fashion. Mini cakes decorate tables for anniversaries, anniversaries and other celebrations. The benefits of cupcakes at a wedding are obvious:

  • No matter how much effort a confectioner spends on decorating a cake for a wedding, a banal piece with a layer of cream will be on the plate. Mini cake in composition and looks great on its own.
  • The most important advantage is that the cupcake does not need to be divided into portions. For the bride and groom, carefully cutting the cake at the wedding is a whole test. No need to worry that someone doesn’t have enough dessert: each guest will receive his cupcake.
  • You can beautifully place a composition with such cakes for a small wedding (50 - 60 guests) on a stand consisting of 4 tiers, which cannot be done with a cake (a 3 tier cake weighs from 15 kg, this is 150 people).
  • Cupcakes are easy to transport to the wedding venue. A big cake is very problematic to transport, a sharp turn or braking can be fatal for him. Cupcakes are easily packed in boxes, and even if it suddenly happens that individual copies lose their appearance, they are easy to remove from the composition. But you should order a slightly larger number of cakes.
  • The possibility of preparing different types of cupcakes. Each guest can choose the mini-cake that they like best. For example, for ladies watching the figure, it’s nice to order low-calorie confectionery, for children - fruit cupcakes, etc..
  • If you want to keep the tradition of cutting the cake by the newlyweds, then a small cake with classic figures of pigeons or swans is placed on the very top tier of the composition, and the lower tiers of the stand are filled with cupcakes.
  • Sweet is the final dish at the wedding for which guests already have «There is no place». The opportunity to take cupcake with you in convenient packaging will be a pleasant end to the celebration. To do this, before serving the cake, small paper bags are placed near each guest.

Cake Wedding Cake Tips

A wedding cake is a dish that will be remembered for a long time by the newlyweds and everyone present. The confectionery should be in harmony with the chosen style of the wedding, but, most importantly, it should be to the taste of the guests. Cake with cakes is best ordered at the very end, when the number of guests, the style and color of the wedding is known. The following tips will help you cope with this difficult task..

Cupcake Stands

Stand and number of tiers

Cupcakes are convenient in that the number of tiers of the stand determines the design of the composition, and not the number of mini-cakes. Even with the help of 60 cakes, it’s easy to create a pyramid in both 3 and 5 «floors». The industry produces a wide range of supplies for cupcakes. But due to the fact that such desserts are only in fashion here, the choice of accessories is still limited. The problem can be solved by buying a stand for mini-cakes through online stores or by making it yourself. There are several approaches to choosing the number of tiers of cupcake stands:

  • Take as a basis the existing stand. Then everything is simple: place cupcakes on it and complete the composition with decorative elements. Pastry shops often offer beautiful mini-cake stands for rent at a reasonable cost..
  • If a wedding cake with cupcakes will be created on its own, then a stand of any size can easily be made independently from cardboard or other material. Then you should rely on the design of the composition itself, the materials that are planned to be used for manufacturing «pyramids», number of cupcakes. A very interesting and simple solution is presented in the photo below..

Simple original cupcake stand

How to choose the color of cupcakes

Design color and filling

Wedding cupcake pyramids can be of different shapes and colors. Depending on the chosen option of wedding decoration, think over the main tone of the composition. The shape and color of the cupcake cake can be symbolic at a national or theme party. Based on the following ideas, it will not be difficult for you to choose the color scheme of the composition with cupcakes:

  • The shade of mini-cakes coincides with the chosen color of the wedding. If the celebration is organized in a classic style, it is better to choose a different concept.
  • The color scheme of cupcakes goes in contrast with the wedding decoration. This is ideal for a classic wedding or if white, pastel colors predominate. The saturated bright color of the composition with cupcakes for the wedding will cause a real sensation and stand out noticeably against such a background.
  • The color and shape of the pyramid with mini cakes repeat the outfit of the bride.
  • Make cupcakes according to the season. Winter, summer, spring or autumn compositions look very unusual.

When choosing a color scheme for a cupcake, you need to remember the psychology of the perception of food color. Psychologists have found that the most delicious shades are yellow, purple and red. These tones improve digestion and make you try the dish. Avoids human products stained in blue, black and lilac colors. The top of the most unappetizing tones is led by blue. Green dyed foods are perceived as health benefits. White is neutral. If you can not do without blue, black and blue, then do not make them background.

Not recommended cupcake colors

Confectioners have accumulated a huge number of cupcake recipes with even more numerous fillings: vanilla, chocolate, fruit, carrot, etc. Many chefs have their own specialties, the composition of which is kept secret. It is very convenient to order cupcakes with different fillings, but made in the same style so that every guest at the wedding can choose a cake to taste. Try to avoid heavy fatty creams based on butter. If possible, pre-order a small number of cupcakes «for trial», not to be disappointed at the holiday itself.

How to make your own cupcakes

How to make do-it-yourself cupcakes for a wedding

For the preparation of wedding cupcakes, the products must be of the highest quality: butter cannot be replaced with margarine, eggs must be selected with the freshest, and sugar should be finely ground. Particular attention is paid to the design of the cream hat. As cupcake baking dishes, colored paper cupcake molds are used, which also serve as cake packaging. Non-stick or silicone molds are also suitable, but then you need to consider the design of the sides of the cupcakes. Are you going to make mini cakes? Use this step-by-step instruction:

  • The main rule when making cupcakes is that the starting products should be at room temperature.
  • Preheat the cupcake oven to 180 ° C.
  • Beat butter weighing 110 g at room temperature until a lush white mass. Then gradually pour a glass of fine granulated sugar, continuing to whisk until it is completely dissolved.
  • One at a time, add 2 pieces of fresh chicken eggs to the mass, continuing to beat.
  • Gradually pour in half a glass of milk, and mix the cupcake mass, achieving complete homogeneity.
  • Sift 2 teaspoons of baking powder with 200 g of flour.
  • Gently mix the flour into the oil mixture.
  • Divide the cupcake dough into two parts.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder diluted in 20 ml of water to one part.
  • In the second part you can add vanilla, lemon or orange zest, cinnamon, almond extract or a tablespoon of cherry liquor.
  • There are options in filling out the molds for mini-cakes: put the white and dark dough in half or separately pour the chocolate and light masses into the molds.
  • Forms with the test of the future dessert immediately after filling send to the preheated oven for 20 minutes.
  • In a traditional cupcake recipe «cupcake» top trim «a hat» any holding cream.
  • If you move away from the classics, then using a pastry syringe inside each cupcake, you can introduce fruit puree or cream, and then decorate the top of the cake with cream, icing, mastic, fruits and berries.

Video - cupcake recipe

There are many recipes and even more options for decorating a wedding cupcake. To make such wedding cakes on your own, you need to have minimal experience and rich imagination. But you can study the technology of making classic chocolate cupcakes with banana and cream filling, as well as options for decorating the cake, by watching a video from a professional chef.

Cupcake Wedding Cake Ideas - Photos