Outdoor Wedding Menu


Some newlyweds consider the traditional celebration of a wedding in a restaurant irrelevant. In order to add a touch of originality to this holiday, the bride and groom plan to hold their significant event in nature. Fresh air, unlimited space, abundance in the menu will provide you and guests a good mood throughout the day.

Wedding celebration in nature

Summer Wedding Tips

The advantage of holding a wedding in the summer is that you can organize a celebration in nature. The long-awaited holiday in the open air will help you realize your cherished dreams for its design. And your wedding will be remembered by guests for a long time, if you plan the celebration correctly, prepare a varied banquet menu and come up with entertainment for those present.

  1. Counting the budget. A wedding organized in nature will help reduce costs for this celebration. But before you start planning this event, you need to make financial calculations.
  2. Choosing a wedding venue. Check with your parents for a wedding in nature. If the older generation is positive about this idea, you can start choosing a place for a celebration. Prefer a picturesque landscape near a river, lake or organize a wedding in a field where you can place tents.
  3. Clothing. To celebrate a wedding in nature, choose a short dress for the bride and a linen suit for the groom. Such clothes are considered comfortable, and in the summer heat you will not feel discomfort. It is recommended that the bride replace stilettos with comfortable pumps or sandals.
  4. Invitations. In the invitations for the wedding, be sure to inform the guests that you plan to organize a celebration in nature. Your family and friends should know in advance all the nuances of the upcoming holiday.
  5. Registration. Even if the wedding is planned in nature, you need to pay special attention to the design of the venue. If you dream of an exit ceremony, then the arch with fresh flowers will be a great addition to the wedding decor. You can place the whole gala banquet under the tent dome.
  6. Weather. When planning a summer wedding in nature, menus are made taking into account natural factors so that rain, wind or heat do not spoil your holiday. If the weather worsens, you should have a backup option, for example, a covered tent or a gazebo.
  7. Wedding menu. An important part of the whole wedding is the banquet. The menu of the feast should be competent and properly planned so that the mood does not spoil from the tasteless culinary delights or a small amount of food.

Outdoor Wedding Decor

Planning a summer feast and menu outdoors is complicated by the fact that the range of dishes must be selected taking into account the hot weather. High air temperature limits newlyweds in the use of perishable products at the wedding. Also, cooked dishes should be stored in a sealed container until the beginning of the banquet to avoid insects, midges, mosquitoes.

A month before the planned wedding date, you need to make an accurate list of invited relatives and friends. Do not accelerate to hundreds of people, but 20 do not get along, it should be fun and noisy in nature! Based on the number of guests, start making a menu for the wedding. Given that at your celebration there will be people with different taste preferences, when choosing an assortment of dishes, it is necessary to maintain a balance between fish and meat snacks, sausages and cheese products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Wedding picnic menu

Calculation of cold and hot snacks

When making a menu for a wedding, the newlyweds for a long time can not navigate how much it is necessary to order cold and hot snacks. The average duration of a festive feast in nature is approximately 9 hours. During this time, each person will be able to eat no more than 1.7 kilograms, if we consider all the provided treats. Therefore, it is important to correctly calculate cold and hot snacks, so that all participants in the wedding party are satisfied and satisfied..

When forming a festive wedding menu, it is necessary to plan cold snacks so that they are enough from the beginning of the wedding to the very end. These dishes are displayed immediately in the first half of the wedding banquet. For the correct calculation of treats for all guests, use the following calculation criteria for one person: 300 grams of salads, 400 grams of cold appetizers. You can cook:

  • pita rolls,
  • vegetable slices,
  • salads,
  • canapes with caviar,
  • fish, meat, cheese slices.

Hot snacks are served during the wedding, along with cold dishes at the beginning of the feast. To correctly calculate the total number of such dishes, focus on the indicator for one person. You need to cook stuffed pancakes, deep-fried vegetables, deep-fried cheese, pike-perch baked in foil, mushrooms with minced meat in a proportion of 250 grams per person of the total weight of all hot snacks.

Cold starters for an open-air wedding

Calculation of main dishes at the wedding table

When organizing a wedding in nature, be sure to include the main hot dishes in the menu, which will become crowned on the festive table. A good option for such treats is a fish cooked on charcoal, or a meat steak baked in wine sauce. Also complement your wedding menu with a platter of vegetables served together on a platter with a young stuffed pig. You can calculate the total number of hot snacks from an indicator of 400 grams of delicacies per person.

The main course of the wedding menu in nature

Wedding Cake and Loaf

It is customary to start a wedding banquet with a solemn meeting of the young, impossible without a loaf. Then, by tradition, the cake is cut by the bride and groom into an equal amount, treating them to all the guests. In order for all the banquet participants to be able to try the loaf, it is necessary to calculate the exact weight of the finished product. The weight of each piece of this solemn cake is approximately 150 grams: if 40 guests are invited to the wedding, order a loaf weighing 6 kg.

A cake must be included in the wedding menu. Confectionery masterpiece will be the final accent of your celebration. And in order for the cake to wait for the climax, without losing its shape during the summer heat, it is necessary to arrange its delivery to the place of the banquet in nature three hours before the start of the ceremonial removal. When ordering a confectionery product, follow these guidelines:

  1. In order for all those invited to appreciate the taste of the wedding cake, it is necessary to correctly calculate its size and weight. To find out the desired weight of the confectionery, experienced confectioners recommend each invited guest to plan 200 grams of the finished cake. For example, for a wedding of 50 people, you need to order a 10-kilogram confectionery masterpiece. For an accurate calculation, use the standard formula: 200 grams of cake * number of invited guests = required weight of the finished product.
  2. The shape of the wedding cake will also depend on the calculated mass. Confectionery product weighing up to 3 kg is recommended to issue a round or square shape, avoiding the use of tiers. But if you have a cake from 5 kg, then you can already order a two-tiered dessert.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

An integral part of the wedding is the availability of cool soft drinks on the menu. The sultry summer heat, mobile competitions, groovy dances will constantly cause a feeling of thirst among newlyweds and invited guests. It is necessary to take into account the tastes of all those present, so that relatives and friends feel concern for everyone. Among soft drinks, the best option would be to use for a wedding:

  • fruit juices;
  • sweet carbonated drinks;
  • mineral water with gas;
  • dried fruit compotes;
  • lemonade;
  • fruit drink.

Such an assortment on the menu will allow guests of your wedding to choose a drink to their taste that is easy to quench their thirst in nature. Before you make a menu of the necessary drinks, you need to calculate their quantity. Proper calculation will help to avoid mistakes when buying excess or missing drink. During a banquet at a summer wedding, one guest can drink an average of up to two liters of liquid. Therefore, if the wedding is planned for 50 guests, then you need to purchase 100 liters of various non-alcoholic drinks. For example, include in the wedding menu:

  • 25 L dried fruit compote,
  • 25 l of mineral water,
  • 20 l fruit juice,
  • 30 l of lemonade.

Drinks for a wedding in nature

You should not turn a wedding into unlimited drinking of alcoholic beverages. Make sure that invited guests can escape from excessive drinking and participate in contests. Nature should not be the reason for the cheeky behavior of those present. Therefore, to accurately calculate the amount of alcohol you need to follow a simple calculation rule:

  • 1 bottle of champagne for two people,
  • 1 bottle of vodka for three to four,
  • 1 bottle of wine for one (dry, semi-dry),
  • 1 bottle of brandy for three to four.

For example, for a wedding for forty people, you need to purchase:

  • champagne - 14-20 bottles.
  • wine - 20 white and 20 bottles of red,
  • cognac - 5-10 bottles.
  • vodka - 5-10 bottles.

If the wedding day is unbearable heat, then a strong emphasis on strong alcohol is not recommended. Prepare light alcoholic cocktails that are associated with summer nature: daiquiri, mojito, pina colada, punch will harmoniously fit into the banquet menu, cheer up guests and make the wedding a memorable celebration. Even ordinary champagne you can diversify in nature, if you serve it chilled with the addition of berries.

Cocktails for an open-air wedding

In order for the wedding, organized in nature, to be held at the highest level, you need to make a banquet menu in advance. Even if the celebration will be held outdoors, you do not need to be limited to cold snacks. A full wedding menu should include hot meat dishes, sandwiches, dessert. An exemplary outdoor wedding banquet menu includes the following treats:

1. Cold and hot appetizers for a wedding:

  • pita roll,
  • sausage, cold cuts,
  • smoked fish,
  • jellied tongue,
  • choice of meat salad,
  • vegetable salad,
  • sauces,
  • bread,
  • liver with onions,
  • Greek salad,
  • kebab,
  • zander under vegetables,
  • pork meatballs.

2. Main hot dishes for the wedding:

  • stuffed duck,
  • baked chicken thighs,
  • steaks or barbecue,
  • brisket with cheese,
  • fish steaks,
  • pilaf.

3. Desserts and drinks for a wedding in nature:

  • cake,
  • tartlets or cupcakes,
  • muffins,
  • fruit salad,
  • lemonade,
  • mineral water,
  • wine,
  • vodka,
  • cognac,
  • champagne.

Meat cut for the wedding menu

What can be served on the second day of the wedding?

A traditional wedding is celebrated over two days. Continuing to celebrate the triumph in nature, it is worth considering that the selection of dishes for the second wedding menu should not be so diverse. For a summer wedding, include a barbecue, grilled vegetables, 3 types of salads, 5 appetizers and two main dishes in the assortment of treats. You can start the feast in nature with refreshments with a hot hodgepodge, poured into portioned bowls for each guest.

Three days before the expected date of the wedding, you need to purchase meat, which you will use on the second day to prepare the barbecue. Please note that each guest will need at least 250 grams of pork. For example, for a wedding for 40 people, you need to purchase 9-14 kg of meat. It is advisable to buy vegetables and mushrooms at the same time in order to treat vegetarian guests. An excellent substitute option would be barbecue vegetable skewers of eggplant and sweet pepper.

Barbecue for an air wedding party

Recipes for wedding table with photo

Significantly save the budget of the newlyweds will help the menu, consisting of dishes prepared with their own hands. If you plan to independently organize a wedding in nature, we offer several options for original recipes for appetizers, hot dishes and desserts for the wedding menu. The proportions of the ingredients in the proposed dishes are designed for a wedding of 20 people.

Rolls with red fish and cheese in Armenian pita bread

To prepare portioned rolls, the following components are necessary:

  • Armenian pita - 4 large sheets,
  • soft cream cheese - 300 grams,
  • bunch of dill,
  • red trout or salmon fillet - 400 grams.

Cooking process:

  1. Put a thin sheet of Armenian pita bread on the table and spread a thin layer of soft cream cheese on top.
  2. Then sprinkle with chopped dill and lay out thin plates of red fish fillet.
  3. Roll the pita bread into a roll and put in the refrigerator. Before serving, the finished snack must be cut into small pieces.

Wedding picnic rolls

Snack «Raffaello» for an open-air wedding


  • crab sticks - 300 g,
  • processed cheese - 6 pcs..,
  • mayonnaise - 1 tbsp.,
  • salt - a pinch,
  • boiled egg - 4 pcs..

Cooking process:

  1. Cream cheese, rub the eggs and mix with mayonnaise, salt.
  2. Then we form small balls, and on top we decorate with grated crab sticks.
  3. We put on plates and serve to the wedding table.

Raffaello snack for a wedding picnic

Fried Shrimp with Garlic Sauce for a Wedding

Essential Ingredients:

  • 20 tiger shrimps,
  • 5 tbsp olive oil,
  • salt - 0.5 teaspoon,
  • parsley - a bunch,
  • lemon juice - 1 tbsp.,
  • butter - 150 grams,
  • 4 cloves of garlic,
  • pepper to taste.

The cooking process:

  1. We penetrate tiger prawns with wooden skewers and fry in olive oil, adding lemon juice, salt and parsley.
  2. Then prepare the sauce. To do this, melt the butter and mix with squeezed garlic, pepper and salt.
  3. After that, pour each shrimp skewer with garlic sauce and serve..

Fried shrimp for a wedding party

Chicken liver with bacon for a wedding in nature

One of the main dishes in the wedding menu is chicken liver with bacon. For cooking you need the following ingredients:

  • chicken liver - 1 kg,
  • bacon - 20 plates,
  • ginger - 200 grams,
  • soy sauce - 2 tbsp.,
  • salt, pepper - to taste,
  • red wine - 3 tablespoons.

Cooking process:

  1. Chicken liver must be washed, salt and pepper.
  2. Then we take plates of bacon and wrap in each chicken liver, fixing with a toothpick.
  3. We spread the resulting envelopes on a baking sheet, pouring a special sauce on top. To prepare it, you need to mix soy sauce with grated ginger and wine.
  4. Put the roasting pan in the oven for half an hour and serve hot.

Chicken liver for a wedding banquet

Light fruit salad with wedding dressing

For this dessert you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • apple - 10 pcs.,
  • kiwi - 5 pcs..,
  • pear - 5 pcs.,
  • banana - 5 pcs.,
  • walnuts - 200 grams,
  • orange - 1 pc.,
  • fruit yogurt 2% - 0.5 l,
  • icing sugar - to taste.

The process of preparing fruit salad consists of several stages:

  1. We cut the necessary ingredients into small cubes, mix and put into portioned bowls.
  2. Then beat the yogurt and powdered sugar with a blender and pour the fruit salad into the resulting sauce.
  3. We decorate each bowl from above with walnuts and serve cold.

Picnic Wedding Fruit Salad

Lemonade with orange and lemon juice for the wedding

For a summer wedding in nature, a recipe for fruit lemonade will help to quench thirst. To prepare it you will need:

  • water without gas - 6 liters,
  • oranges - 3 pcs..,
  • lemon - 2 pcs.,
  • sugar - 8 tbsp.,
  • some mint leaves.

Cooking process:

  1. Squeeze juice from oranges and lemons and pour into chilled water.
  2. Then cut the zest of all citrus fruits into small cubes, and then add to the lemonade.
  3. At the very end of the preparation, dissolve sugar in water.
  4. Ready lemonade must be poured into jugs and garnished with mint leaves on top.