Wedding menu for 30 people


Modern newlyweds prefer to organize small weddings, inviting only relatives and friends to the celebration. When planning a modest celebration at home or in a restaurant, the bride and groom must first calculate the number of meat, fish dishes, vegetables, fruits and sweets. A properly composed menu guarantees a full table of treats and a good mood among the guests. It's Complicated? Far from it, you just need to know the rules of calculation!

Wedding banquet for loved ones

After the newlyweds have decided on the date of the wedding and the number of invited guests, you need to start decorating the banquet. In order for the wedding to go perfectly, it would be nice to pre-compile a menu of treats that will be on the festive table. When compiling a list of culinary delights, keep a balance between fish and meat, cold and hot treats, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

If among your guests there are people who follow a diet, fasting or vegetarian principles, you need to take into account their preferences when drawing up the menu. Be sure to include salads (lighter and more satisfying), cold and hot snacks, fruits that all guests will enjoy. Make an assortment of dishes so that invited people can easily find tasty and wholesome food.

Dishes on the wedding table for 30 guests

Calculation of dishes and products for 1 person

A wedding party lasts about ten hours on average. During this time, each invited guest will be able to eat no more than 1.5 kg of all the presented treats. Therefore, in order to make the right menu for the wedding table, newlyweds need to accurately calculate the number of cold, hot appetizers, main course and dessert for one person. To ensure that the calculation runs without errors, use the following criteria:

1. Cold snacks for 1 person:

  • three types of smoked sausage - 40 g each,
  • two types of hard cheese - 20-30 grams each,
  • red fish - 20-25 g,
  • mixed vegetables - 50 g,
  • red and black caviar - 15-20 g each species,
  • pickles - 50 g.

2. Main dishes for 1 person:

  • meat - 350 g,
  • fish - 250 g.

3. Dessert for 1 person:

  • ice cream - 100 g,
  • cake - 250 g,
  • fruit - 150 g.

Fish platter for the wedding

If the newlyweds have a limited wedding budget or plan to save money on travel, they plan to hold a holiday banquet at home. Among the invited guests are usually present relatives and close friends. Before creating a menu for a wedding table, you must take into account all the taste preferences of those present. Then make a list of delicious, but inexpensive dishes that you are going to cook, and a week before the celebration, start purchasing the necessary products.

Snacks on the wedding table

Cold and hot snacks

When preparing a wedding menu, be sure to pay attention to cold and hot appetizers. The correct calculation of servings guarantees a good filling of the wedding table and the absence of discontent among the guests. If you celebrate the wedding at home, then before the start of the feast, organize a small buffet of canapes and tartlets with fruits. On the main table you can cook:

  • deep-fried pancakes,
  • mushrooms on skewers,
  • chicken chops,
  • eggplant wedges in spicy sauce,
  • meat fingers.

Cold starters for a wedding

Main meat and fish dishes

The main dishes at the wedding table are always served hot. Therefore, distribute in advance between relatives who will be engaged in warming up and serving these treats. Stuffed turkey, a young piglet or a meat stack in wine sauce can become the crown decoration of the wedding table. Choosing options for fish treats, we recommend giving preference to pike perch, grilled or sea bass under vegetables.

Baked young pig at a wedding table

Wedding Cake and Loaf

By tradition, the banquet begins with a solemn meeting of the bride and groom, presenting them with a loaf. Then the young cut this pie into equal numbers and treat all the guests. In order for the loaf to be tasted by all relatives and friends, it is necessary to correctly calculate the exact weight of the finished product. For each guest, a piece of cake should be an average of 150 grams, so for 30 people you need to order a loaf weighing 4.5 kg.

Traditionally, the final accent of the wedding menu is a carefully selected cake. A few days before the start of the celebration, the newlyweds need to visit the confectionery and make an order. Experienced masters will help to determine not only the appearance of the masterpiece, but also tell you how to calculate its amount. When ordering a cake, follow these recommendations:

  1. So that all guests can appreciate the taste of a confectionery masterpiece, you need to correctly calculate the total weight. Professional confectioners are advised to distribute to each guest a piece, weighing 250 grams. For an accurate calculation, you must use the standard formula: 250 grams of the finished product * number of guests = required weight of the cake. For example, for a wedding for 30 people, you need to order a finished product, the weight of which is at least 7.5 kg.
  2. Decorate your wedding cake in the form of figures made of mastic, beads, pearls, pieces of lace, satin ribbons, figurines. You can use fresh flowers or berries to decorate the product, forming unusual compositions.
  3. For a summer wedding, try to avoid fillings in the form of whipped cream and butter creams, giving preference to airy, curd or fruit filling.
  4. When choosing a wedding cake shape, consider options for multi-tiered products. Confectionery masterpiece, which weighs 7.5 kg, confectioners can beautifully transform into three proportional tiers.

A wedding cake

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

Getting to the calculation of the amount of alcoholic beverages, you must first discuss its range. Try to take into account the preferences of each guest, so you need to purchase several types of alcohol. Champagne is considered the main alcoholic drink at a wedding party. For a change, you can buy it white, red, dry, semi-sweet. The range of alcohol on the wedding table should consist of the following drinks:

  • 1 bottle of red or white wine per person;
  • 1 bottle of vodka for two or three people;
  • 1 bottle of cognac for three people;
  • 1 bottle of gin - for three people.

To determine the right amount of alcohol on a wedding table for 30 people, follow the following calculation:

  • champagne - 10 bottles;
  • wine - 15 bottles of white and 15 red;
  • vodka - 15 bottles;
  • cognac - 10 bottles.

Quench your thirst during a wedding party with soft drinks. Funny mobile competitions, rhythmic dances or heat contribute to the fact that the newlyweds and guests will constantly want to drink. For a small wedding organized at home, you need to include a certain amount of soft drinks in the menu in advance. Correct costing will ensure that there are no errors in the purchase. According to statistics, a person can drink an average of two liters of liquid, so 60 liters of soft drinks are needed on the wedding table for 30 people, of which:

  • 15 liters of mineral water;
  • 20 liters of dried fruit compote;
  • 10 l of fruit and berry juices;
  • 15 l of lemonade.

Soft drinks for the wedding

Celebrating a wedding in a restaurant or cafe is simplified by the fact that responsibility for the menu passes to the administrator of the establishment. An experienced employee will be able to explain in detail how much to order at the wedding table for 30 guests. Do not save on portions so that those present do not remain hungry, so order a menu with a small margin. The administrator must have an approximate list of prepared dishes indicating the required quantity. You can adjust this menu by ordering the manufacture to your taste..

Wedding table

To do this, we recommend using the following list of treats:

1. Hot and cold snacks:

  • sausage slicing,
  • smoked silver carp,
  • jellied,
  • Caesar salad,
  • sandwiches with caviar,
  • sauces, mustard,
  • black, white bread,
  • Cod liver,
  • stuffed tartlets,
  • grilled vegetable skewers,
  • salmon under vegetables,
  • pork chop.

2. Main hot meat and fish dishes:

  • stuffed bird,
  • baked thighs,
  • pelengas sauce,
  • brisket with mushrooms,
  • the Kiev's cutlets,
  • roast in foil,
  • pancakes with meat.

3. Drinks and dessert:

  • coffee,
  • fresh fruit ice cream,
  • tartlets with condensed milk,
  • champagne,
  • wine,
  • vodka,
  • mineral water,
  • fruit compote,
  • cake.