How to choose a wedding menu?


Ah, this wedding! How much excitement, worries, worries falls on future newlyweds, so that the upcoming celebration became unforgettable. The choice of dresses, flowers, rings, a script for the celebration - all these are important points of the plan as a guarantee of a successful celebration. And if in solving these issues the couple proceeds from their own preferences, then the organization of a wedding feast, without which it is difficult to imagine this celebration, will require a different approach. What to consider when preparing a banquet menu?

Future newlyweds will be able to start choosing a menu for the festive table no sooner than they decide on the venue of the celebration. In an institution that specializes in holding wedding feasts, they will certainly recommend which dishes, drinks and in what quantity to choose so that guests remain satisfied and well-fed. If the groom and the bride and relatives have doubts, then when choosing a menu, a number of factors should be taken into account:

  • They don’t argue about tastes, because a variety of dishes is the main principle that should be relied on when creating the menu for the celebration. It is theoretically impossible to please every guest, and the option with different dishes - albeit in small portions - is suitable as a universal.
  • Decide on the number of invited guests, will there be children at the banquet and how many? Even if little guests come a little, it is better to provide for them a tea table with sweets.
  • Seasonality is another important factor that should definitely be taken into account when preparing the menu. In summer you will have to increase the number of soft drinks, and in winter you will need to serve more hot dishes on the festive table than snacks.
  • The tradition of holding a wedding feast calls for taking into account that a banquet from salty to sweet lasts at least four hours. Therefore, the dishes of the wedding menu are served to guests gradually and at a predetermined interval, which as a result creates the effect of an abundance of a festive table.

Cold appetizers and salads

Cold snacks and salads for the wedding

The right to open a festive table belongs to salads and cold dishes. At this stage, the principle of diversity works best. Serving should be organized before the wedding banquet, and when compiling the menu should proceed from an approximate calculation: 350-400 g of salad and 250-300 g of cold appetizers per person. Fresh vegetables, pickles, cold cuts, cheeses, seafood, caviar, smoked salmon and other snacks - all this, except for warm salads, is served before guests sit at the table.

Hot snack

Hot starters in the wedding menu

Before main dishes with a side dish are served at the festive table, it makes sense to provide hot snacks in the menu. If among those invited to the wedding banquet there will be fans of healthy eating, vegetarians or those who follow a diet, then baked vegetables, mushroom julienne, cheese truffles, shrimp in batter, crayfish will be necessary. These dishes are served either portioned or on large plates, and in time - no earlier than half an hour from the start of the banquet.

Hot dishes and side dishes

Hot dishes for the wedding

In any wedding menu - these are the main dishes of the festive table. The best option is the choice in favor of classic dishes, variety also plays a role, because not everyone eats meat. Offer guests a choice of several hot meat or fish dishes, and vary the menu at the expense of poultry (chicken, turkey). When calculating, one should proceed from the fact that the weight of a serving per person should not exceed 300 g of the main dish and 200 g of garnish. It is recommended to provide sauce for meat and fish, and serve hot dishes two hours after the start of the banquet.

Potatoes as a side dish for main dishes also belong to the best option, since they serve it to the table in different forms - from mashed potatoes to fries. Roast vegetables is not as versatile a side dish as potatoes, but it should be provided at least in small quantities. Following the order, first guests are offered the main dishes in the form of fish with a side dish, after that they take out the meat, and then the game. Hot can be served in portions or in whole, if the newlyweds want to treat the guests with a stuffed pig, goose or sturgeon.


Desserts in the wedding menu

One hour after serving the main course, the turn of dessert begins. Traditionally, sweet is attributed to it, although in fact this is all that is offered to guests after a hot meal. The role of the main dessert is designed to play a wedding cake, the removal of which is a whole ritual. When compiling the menu, consider that the share of dessert is about 200 g, about the same amount falls on a fruit plate.

The drinks

Drinks for the wedding

And what is a wedding feast without drinks ?! There are no general rules, it remains only to assume what and in what quantities the guests prefer to drink. The season factor will play an important role. On a hot summer day, soft drinks will need twice as much as for a banquet held in winter. This factor will also have an effect on the choice of alcohol, because in summer you will have to serve fewer strong drinks.

It is easy to determine the amount of drinks based on an approximate calculation, which provides for two people:

  • 1 bottle of champagne,
  • 1 bottle of wine (red accounts for 70% of preferences, and the rest is white),
  • 0.5 l of strong alcoholic drink,
  • 2 l of soft drinks (on hot days of the year it is recommended to double this volume).

Rules for ordering a wedding banquet in a restaurant

Holding a wedding banquet in the restaurant has become a convenient tradition for the newlyweds. A beautifully decorated hall, professional chefs, partial or full service - all this immediately solves many issues related to the celebration. The ordering rules in each institution will be different, but there are general principles:

Restaurant manager

  1. When meeting with the administrator, ask him questions that are important to you. Wait until you receive a comprehensive answer before signing the contract. Without it, any oral assurances and agreements are not valid, therefore, taking into account the interests of the two parties, it must be drawn up.
  2. Be sure to ask permission to bring your own alcohol or products, the ability to use sparklers, candles or other paraphernalia. Find out about the size of the fine for broken dishes, broken furniture, table setting is paid separately or not.
  3. The duration of the festive event is not infinite, so be sure to check how long to end the holiday.
  4. In the vast majority of cases, institutions require an advance payment - this is normal, since this serves as a guarantee that, in any development of the situation, the time spent on preparation will be repaid.
  5. Many institutions have already calculated the average check per guest. When discussing the details of the menu in a personal meeting, be prepared for the fact that the amount in it will increase.

To prepare a wedding party on your own is too laborious and troublesome task. A lot of nuances that only a professional can provide can influence the celebration, therefore, in choosing a wedding menu, it is better to trust the organizer of the event. Taking into account the wishes of the newlyweds, the specialist will settle questions with the administrator of the establishment or hire a catering company to make the wedding feast perfect.