Wedding Toasts for Parents


A wedding celebration is never complete without a feast. To the clink of glasses of sparkling champagne, guests pronounce their wishes, toasts for the young, their parents. Often in the first congratulations to the bride and groom they wish a happy family life. During the wedding, this toast sounds repeatedly. In addition, the newlyweds themselves, guests do not forget to pay attention to the dads and mothers of the heroes of the occasion, making a toast to their parents at their wedding.

For father and mother, this is a very exciting event, because they release their chicks from the nest, allowing them to build their own life, their own family. However, letting go of their child, they acquire one more. A toast for parents should be such as to support them and cause joy in the soul for the bride and groom, so do not spare the kind words for moms and dads.

Wedding Toast Options for Parents

  • Toast about mother-in-law and mother-in-law

I want to raise my glass in honor of the groom’s parents, to express my sincere gratitude to them for raising a good young man, a brave, strong athlete, a real man in whose hands a fragile, tender wife. For the health of the mother-in-law and mother-in-law!

  • For the happiness of parents

Dear guests, let us raise our glasses in honor of those who gave life to the perpetrators of this celebration. These people have done a great job raising beautiful children. This feat is worth the highest praise. Look at mom and dad. The tides of sudden sadness on their faces at the thought of separation from children are replaced by tears of joy from the happiness of the young. So we wish them that the shadow of sorrow never sneaks up on them!

  • For father-in-law and mother-in-law

Look at the parents of the bride. It is clear why our bride so shines with beauty and magnificence. Such parents would not have succeeded in another child! No wonder the groom stubbornly sought her location! We want to wish father and mother young, so that with the arrival of a son-in-law in the family, their happiness doubled at least twice!

  • A toast for parents from the newlyweds with thanks

Bride's words: Mom, you cherished me from childhood, cherished me like a real flower. You taught me how to be a real woman, I took the best from you. My mother-in-law appeared in my life. I hope that our relationship will be smooth, she will teach me her tricks to cook her son’s favorite dishes.

Words of the groom: and you, father, gave me everything that you had to give. Thanks to you, I am a real man, a protector. You taught to protect women, to protect. Now I have a second father - father-in-law. I want to say that your daughter is in good hands.

The bride and groom say together: and most importantly, our loved ones - thank you, for life, thank you for the lessons that you gave us, thank you for this holiday. Bow to you!

  • Toast for the kindness of moms

For each of us, a lot is inherent in the word «mum». Mom is life itself. This person was experiencing with us joy, sorrow, how much gray hair appeared on their head in the process of our education. Lovely, lovely, tender mothers! Even at this happy moment, you are a little alarmed. Our good ones! This toast in honor of your kindness, love, tenderness, care, education!

  • Toast for the family of parents

Thanks to parents, the bride and groom are sitting at the festive table. Some time ago, they also met each other, fell in love, and the children became the fruit of their bright, strong feeling. Young people should take an example from their parents, from how they cherish each other, what sacrifices they make for the happiness of children. Thanks to my parents for raising such smart, beautiful guys. We hope that they will meet all your expectations.!

  • Symbolic toast to parents

Our dear parents are a powerful wise tree on earth, and the kidneys appearing on it are their children. Young have long left the kidney stage, into the stage of tender branches. Let's give them advice, grow, grow stronger every day, develop the tree further, giving it new vitality.

  • Wedding Parable Toast at a Wedding

I want to tell you one story. Once I found myself a fellow bride. Yes, he loved her so much that he could not imagine his life without a beautiful woman, he fulfilled all her whims. After the marriage proposal, the bride demanded that her 100 demands be fulfilled, and only then would she become his wife. What vagaries did not have to be done by a good fellow: to jump into the abyss of the sea from a cliff, tame a frenzied horse, bring overseas jewelry, build a castle of smooth stones and much more.

The guy coped with all the tasks. And the last demand was this: to forget his father and his mother. At this word, the young man sat down on a horse, whipped it with a whip, sped away from the capricious bride. Let us give instruction to the young - do not forget, always honor mother and father.

  • Toast for the wisdom of parents

We drank in honor of the bride and groom, it was the turn to raise a glass dedicated to the parents of the young. We wish you endless health, strength, happiness. Let them pass on their wisdom to a young family so that they live a long life full of happy moments, give birth to joy to their dads and mothers of little granddaughters. For parents!

Video: wedding toast from the host of parents

A wedding toast in honor of parents is made not only by guests of the celebration and the newlyweds, but also by the host - a person who sets the mood for the whole holiday. In the video below, the toastmaster makes a very touching speech in honor of the father and mother of the bride and groom. Notice how expertly he does it. At the end, the newlyweds embrace their relatives, and all the guests raise their glasses in honor of their parents. Perhaps you are using this toast at your wedding.