Caucasian toasts for a wedding


The wise Caucasian people have long been distinguished for their ability to speak beautifully, so the famous toasts of these welcoming people have rightfully taken the leading place among the Slavic sayings. If you prepare Caucasian toasts for the wedding in advance and do not miss the opportunity to congratulate the young in this way, then you will become one of the most respected guests, they will listen to your advice and congratulations. You will also bring a lot of humor and positive to the atmosphere of the wedding celebration..

Ideas of Caucasian toasts and parables for a wedding

Caucasian toasts are insanely eloquent, distinguished by their diversity, originality, and fascination. You will never be mistaken in deciding to use such a toast at the table at a wedding while congratulating the young. Just pick up an interesting idea (or better yet, arm yourself with several at once) in order to successfully fend off when the host invites you to deliver a congratulatory speech at the holiday.

Beautiful Georgian toasts for love

Caucasian men are able to speak toasts about love so vitally and at the same time philosophically, beautifully. They have been composing generations of intricate parables, stunning poems on the subject. Where, no matter how at the wedding to take this opportunity, uttering a memorable toast for the strong and mutual love of the bride and groom. Here are a few options:

  • In the distant Caucasus mountains there lived a poor shepherd who fell in love with the beautiful daughter of a rich man. He wanted to marry, but realized that he would not receive the blessings of the parents of a Caucasian beauty. Then, by blood, the shepherd nevertheless accomplished an impossible task, having earned a large beautiful house. When he came to the girl’s house to pick her up, he saw a wedding there and was upset, but did not give up and openly declared his protest: «This is my woman, the bride, destined for me by fate, she can not be married to anyone else!».

The father of the Caucasian bride was angry and wanted to drive the insolent, but the shepherd immediately suggested: «Let's test our feelings in the following way: take two branches of an apple tree, one for me, the other for the groom. We’ll stick it in the ground, and in the morning we’ll see who the apple branch blossoms with is worthy, and it will take your daughter down the aisle». The next morning, the shepherd’s branch blossomed, and the enemy dried up, and the Caucasian shepherd fulfilled his dream by marrying his beloved. With this toast, I urge you now to drink for true love, which makes ordinary people work miracles!

Blooming apple branch of a Caucasian shepherd

  • An insanely rich but greedy merchant lived in a beautiful mountain village of the Caucasus. And his young son was the same. Once a guy fell in love with a Caucasian girl and told his father about it to receive a blessing for the wedding. Father was delighted with such news and the first thought that visited the old man was: «A daughter-in-law will appear, and there will be one more person, she will work for me in a new shop».

However, during the matchmaking, the greedy Caucasian guy was refused by the girl because of his vice. Then the young man thought, because love was stronger. The guy went and bought with all his money the best gifts for the girl. Seeing this, she realized that love had changed the young man, and gave her consent. After such a toast I want to say, a wonderful feeling is love, only it can change people for the better. Let's drink for the love of young!

Gifts for the Caucasian bride - by parable

Wedding greetings for young

There are many beautiful congratulatory speeches addressed to young people in Caucasian wedding toasts. Below you will find several examples that confirm this truth. To easily remember your favorite toast, make the most of your imagination, vividly imagine the images of stories, as representatives of peoples with hot blood do it.

  • Family life is like an endless blue sea, the water of which floats a boat with a man. At times the bright sun shines, the sea is calm, and there is an opportunity to relax. However, much more often huge waves appear on the sea, it rages and carries a boat in different directions, wants to break on stones. A person wants to quickly sail to a quiet bay, where there are relatives and more pleasant cares. I propose a drink for a newly born family and I wish the young people a pleasant swim among such changing waves of family life!

The blue sea of ​​family life - on a Caucasian toast

  • Once a very wise ruler of a mountainous Caucasian country answered the question of his student, how does he save the life of his state in the world. The ruler replied like this: «If I am angry, then my people are calm, and if people are angry, then I am calm. This is because, in fact, we reassure each other». The meaning of these words is that the family is also a state. So let us raise our glasses for such a way of maintaining peace and tranquility in this newly formed family. Bitterly young!

Funny and comic instructions from parents

Caucasian humor is always extremely relevant at a wedding; cheerful, comic toasts will be appropriate here. It will be especially original if the parents of the newlyweds pronounce their congratulations in this spirit, and the children want to use their instructions. Not everyone likes to be taught life. And so that parental advice and parting words have a special value for young people, find below a favorite toast that will help you in this matter.

Congratulations from the parents of the newlyweds

«Our dear children! Ahead of you is waiting for the great happiness of every day lived together, this is a long way, but before you enter it, you have to learn the most difficult thing - to survive your own wedding. Only the strongest couples pass this test without loss. We hope you succeed. We want a drink with you so that your union confirms its viability!»

Wise Caucasian parables for a friend's wedding

Male friendship is one of the main topics among Caucasian toasts, which is also relevant on the wedding day. All close and dear friends are invited to a wedding celebration in honor of the formation of a new family to celebrate this event together. It is a sin not to remember a faithful / faithful friendship on such a momentous day. Here are some wise and funny Caucasian toasts for a friend’s wedding:

Greetings from a best friend at a wedding

  • Let's drink to the famous mountain! Remember: she never came to Mohammed, because he never had anything to drink. And raise a glass for good friends who come to us in any situation, even to share such a major event, depriving a man of precious freedom!
  • In a high mountain aul, a proud Caucasian dzhigit lived, and nearby, a beautiful girl. Once they met and fell in love with each other. The wedding passed, and family life began to pour. One day, a dzhigit went on a road-way to earn money, and promised his wife that he would return soon. A Caucasian woman waited a long time for her husband, but, unable to stand it one day, decided to send messengers to all his friends in different villages in order to find out if her husband was there. After some time, the messengers brought news of the same content from each friend: «There is no reason to worry, your lover is in my house». Let’s raise this glass for the groom’s friends, on whom he can always count!

Funny congratulations to brother or sister

The celebration in honor of the wedding is a pleasant event for the closest people of the newlyweds. If this is the wedding of a brother or sister, there will always be a good congratulatory toast for such a person. Such parting words will be truly sincere, touching, with all my heart and always with humor, so as not to cry from a sentimental moment. Look at the photo below for a couple of examples of such poetic wedding toasts.

Congratulatory toast from sister to brother's wedding

Brother's congratulatory toast in honor of his brother's wedding

Options for cool Caucasian toasts in your own words

A toast is something that is passed from one person to another. Each, to the best of his imagination, brings something of his own while making a beautiful speech. Caucasian toasts at the wedding celebration are universal, you can pronounce them in your own words, adding something from yourself. They will not lose their beauty from this, but on the contrary, they will acquire a more original meaning and new content. Here is an example of such a Caucasian wedding toast:

Caucasian toast in your own words at a wedding

At a Caucasian university, where students study medicine, a teacher asks a question in an exam: «Answer, dear student, what varieties are there in childbirth?». Without thinking twice, the smart Caucasian guy answers: «There are premature and late births, as well as right and wrong nature».

The teacher thought and asked the student to substantiate his answer in more detail. And the student answers him: «Premature birth occurs a year or two before the wedding, late - three to four years later, and the wrong nature - this is when not your wife gives birth to your child, but a neighbor». Raising this glass, I want to wish the young to have many children, but so that every birth is on time and of the right nature!

Video: Caucasian short wedding greetings

An ideal wedding congratulation toast is a short speech. However, to make a short toast at the wedding and say in it everything that I would like is a great art. Such a gift is owned only by wise Caucasian speakers who compose beautiful congratulatory toasts for the wedding. Sin is not to use them. Below, watch a video that reflects the style of Caucasian eloquence in a short wedding toast.