Wedding toasts in your own words


If you were invited to a wedding, be sure - you will have to say a toast. You can take a ready-made poetic congratulation to the wedding, with an expression to read, raising a glass. But the wish made in this form hardly touches the newlyweds, because does not show a momentary emotional impulse. Better to say wedding toasts in your own words. They will sound no worse than prepared, but will demonstrate your sincere and reverent attitude. If such an arbitrary toast is also witty, then the attention and support of the hall will be provided to you.

Options for wedding toasts in your own words

Toast in your own words «Full bowl»

Let's fill our glasses to the brim! Our dear (the name of the bride and groom), according to a good tradition, I want to wish a new family, to have a house - a full bowl. It's fine! But, I want to clarify that this cup should be filled, not what will have to, but only the best! Let her be full of love, children's laughter, ideas, wonderful aspirations, prosperity, good luck, health, generosity, humor and optimism, the strength to hinder difficulties (here you can list other wishes)! Let's drink to the family hearth, a new home!

Toast in your own words «Statement»

We are speaking «I wish», showing our attitude and nothing more. But isn’t it better to say that all this will definitely happen ?! After all, faith is a powerful thing, it is able to change matter, inspire hope, and do justice!

So, I know, you will have a strong family, filled with love, which will only grow and grow stronger! You will have wonderful, talented children who will bring good and development to this world! You will have prosperity, luck, you will develop, and your unity will help in this! I believe, I know, it will all be! Join the clink of your glasses! Bitterly newlyweds!

Toast in your own words «The image of a lover»

Dear newlyweds (spouse names), look at each other, look into the eyes of a person who loves you sincerely, more than anything, look at his sweet, caring, loving face. Remember the moment of happiness that you are experiencing right now. This benevolent man, his «form» never forget: neither during times of difficulty, disagreement, nor after many years of marriage!

Keep it in your memory, because the person who will be with you will always remain this loving heart, even if it seems otherwise. Do not let the twists of fate change this «form», your feeling for a soulmate, break mutual understanding. This power of true love will keep the family, make it joyful, cheerful, truly happy! Bring your feelings through the years! For the love of the newlyweds! Bitterly!

Toast in your own words «In the animal world»

What kind of family do men and women dream about? Surprisingly, you can easily find analogies in the animal kingdom. For example, men, they would like their family life to resemble a lion pride. He is the king of animals, there are many wives, they hunt themselves, raise their children on their own. The only restriction is that you cannot go to the neighboring lionesses. Women would like their family life to be like birds: they spend all day hatching offspring, and the husband wears material for the nest, worms for food.

And I wish that the family was the same as that of dolphins - where the groom reverently, tenderly cares for the bride, drives away other males, gives the beloved gifts that she carefully stores. Where both span their whole life in a love dance, preferring each other to all the other dolphins! .. Yes, and it’s easier to give birth in water! .. Happy newlyweds, with the creation of a new beautiful family!

Toast in your own words about bright heads

There is a proverb: «One head it's good, but two better!» From now on, you have two heads and one heart. These heads are bright, so everything in this new life will be good and successful! Be guided by this proverb when deciding all your family affairs, from the smallest, most insignificant, to serious, important. After all, the main thing in family life is unity: in joy and sorrow, in work, leisure, in everyday life and entertainment. Advice to you yes love, newlyweds!

Toast in your own words «Honey life»

I would like to raise glasses for the newlyweds and wish them only one thing: let their honeymoon not end in their life, let it flow into the honeymoon, then into the honeymoon, honeymoon and honey life. May love always be as vivid and unity as tangible, life a continuous holiday full of new joint impressions, adventures, comfort and prosperity! Have a good time! Newlyweds, I believe in yours «honey» future!

Video: short and funny toasts in your own words

Laconicism during wedding performances is a big plus. A wedding toast in your own words should be short, kind, easy, funny. A wedding holiday is a fun holiday, the happier it will be, the better it will be. This formula is appropriate for all invited guests: friends, girlfriends, witnesses, witnesses, parents, brothers, sisters and newlyweds. It’s easy to come up with a short funny toast yourself, but you can take it from the selection presented in this video:

A perfect toast is one that «pouring» straight from the heart. But if public speaking is not your thing, then it’s better to prepare: choose the right words and retell them at the celebration. On our site, in addition to congratulations in your own words, you can find beautiful wedding toasts that will help you easily prepare for a congratulatory speech.