Friends toast for a wedding


Friends invited to the wedding are special guests who know the newlyweds very well, are spiritually close to them, communicate in a friendly circle closely and informally. Friends are second relatives, but consciously chosen. Therefore, on a happy wedding day, the words of their wishes should sound as sincerely, sincerely, because their dear comrades (bride and groom) are now starting a new life.

That is why toasting a wedding from friends is a special speech, filled not only with best wishes, but also reflecting the nature of the newlyweds. They have humor, history, sincerity, they contain not only beautiful phrases, but also a special spirit. Therefore, the speech of friends is always expected by the newlyweds and guests of the celebration, you need to be well prepared for it, choosing a toast that will be remembered for a long time and will cause only pleasant emotions.

Friends happy wedding toast options

  • Toast «Excursion to childhood»

Dear ones (the names of the newlyweds), we have known each other for ages, I still remember so clearly how you both went to kindergarten in such ridiculous tights, and then to the same school, college (there can be any story that unites the bride and groom). Could someone then suggest that these two funny children on this day will be united by bonds of marriage and unity.

But haven't you been one all your life? After all, it is obvious that fate itself united you, old friends, since childhood! And her fishing does not contain errors! Keep unity - this is a precious gift sent to you by fate! Be happy! For the newlyweds!

  • Toast «The road before and after the wedding»

Until that moment, your whole life has passed along the road of self-determination. You have learned a lot, have become wonderful people. But the path continues, you have now come to the fork that connects your roads. Friends, use only the best of the experience you have gained, so that the shared life line goes fun, easy, with comfort! So that you learn on your way, see a lot of interesting, beautiful, new things, and the luggage of knowledge is only replenished. And over time, along the same road, several more small pairs of legs ran along with you — your children! Let's drink for the newlyweds! Bitterly!

  • Toast «Three components of family happiness»

We all wonder, what is family happiness? Someone else is looking for an answer, others intuitively feel it, and our newlyweds have yet to find the right option! I want to say that family happiness is love! But not simple, but true! What true love, you ask? I will answer that true love is one that contains three components. This is friendship (intellectual love), passion (bodily), mutual understanding (spiritual).

Only when all three elements are equally present in the relations of two people, their love becomes complete, and family life is forever happy. All three components are equally important. I want to wish my friends that all three components of true love and family happiness are always present in their relationship! Let us raise our glasses for the joint long, happy family life of the newlyweds! Stay friends with each other, lovers and soul mates!

  • Wedding toast «Finding a new friend»

On this holiday, we came together to congratulate the newly-minted family (family name) on its creation! The two hearts joined together in an inextricable bond, and I, the best friend (name of the groom), suggested such an outcome as soon as (name of the bride) appeared in his life. Frankly, I was somewhat alarmed by her appearance in our emotional team, because from that moment, my best friend began to disappear most of the time from (bride's name), and I was left without his friendly support.

But as a result, I not only did not lose my old and best friend, but I found a new one ((name of the bride), she’s cheerful, companionable, always ready to support and help, she’s just an amazing person, and I'm glad that you (name of the groom) chose her by his wife! You are a wonderful couple, and together - a pair of my best friends, I am happy for you! Live together happily ever after, health to you! Bitterly newlyweds!

  • Toast «Swans and pigeons»

The world of nature is teaching us valuable lessons. As you know, the most faithful pair of swans, who, having chosen a companion once, remain with him for life. But even more faithful are the pigeons, which not only remain with their soul mate throughout their lives, but are able to find it and return to it, regardless of any distance. Nothing can separate the pigeons, but because their love is pure and selfless.

Let us drink for your feelings to be as strong as those of these birds! Let there be no sorrows in family life, let neither circumstances, nor distances share your connection! I wish you health, my dear friends, live long, happily together! Follow the call of the heart, open it to each other, keep that unity of souls that is now between you, and may it only intensify! True love to you and joy!

Video: a selection of wedding toasts from friends

Wishes of best friends should be recorded on video, separately from the general video of the celebration or in its composition. Kind, sincere toasts from friends will be pleasantly reviewed at wedding anniversaries and other holidays of the new young family. Such sincere words of congratulations will support in difficult times, stay with the bride and groom for many years, keeping a piece of sincere warmth of their best friends. What this collection of wedding toasts from friends for the bride and groom looks like, you can see in this video:

To come up with a sincere, sincere speech that will please the bride and groom, they will remember for a long time, the toast options given above will help. But a bit of humor will not be superfluous in a friend’s wedding greetings, and so look at the cool wedding toasts that are on our website to make your speech original and sparkling.