Wedding toast sister

Beloved sister getting married? Is this baby, who recently asked to play with her dolls, became quite an adult? Native baby, for which more than once had to intervene in the yard, protect from «bad» boys, she suddenly announced that the same Vasya, Sasha or Kolya, whom you didn’t really like, was her fate. Yes, time flew by imperceptibly, my sister grew up and ... fell in love.

Not far off is a joyful event - the marriage of the young. What toasts do my sister prepare for the wedding to convey all the tenderness that overwhelms the soul? Do not forget to prepare in advance for «solemn performance». From excitement, worries, trouble, your head is spinning? Our congratulations, toasts in verses, prose will help you find those main words that make your heart skip a beat.

Wedding Toast Options for Sister

To congratulate the newlyweds on the most important event in life, to wish happiness, joy, a harmonious union, the host will certainly offer all those present. The rich decoration of the hall, the festive atmosphere, the many guests ... and the most beautiful bride in the entire Universe is her beloved sister. Raise a toast to fidelity, love of the newlyweds, saying warm words of farewell and a strong happy life!

  • Toast to the wedding of the sister from the brother

My sister, my beloved sister!

Today you are getting married!

Now you are the most beautiful ...

Why are you leaving home?

You are in a man’s house. In a new life

Be always happy and loved,

Have fun always, be healthy.

And sadness always passes by.

And the stars with your husband shine on you.

May happiness be infinite,

May it be good together,

Well, let love be eternal.

Be faithful unceasingly,

Understanding in your family

Let the main thing become -

Like one breath. One breath for two

The most important thing in the world.

Do not forget you are relatives,

Give birth to your children.

The union of your hearts will be strong,

We’ll raise a glass for you. Only -

May the sweetness in life not wane,

And only now will the toast «Bitterly!»

  • Wedding toast from sister in verse

My favorite sister!

I congratulate you on your wedding day!

And like a little bird,

You fly away from us to your husband ...

So be you always healthy,

Lucky, still rich.

In family life new

Do not know grief never you.

Rather give birth to beautiful children,

Always be a beautiful wife,

Be happy always loved,

And let the sun shine clear to you!

Come often to visit -

So that you don’t forget your relatives,

And now I will shout: «Bitterly!» -

So that it’s always sweet for you!

  • Toast to a beloved sister at a wedding from a twin sister

My sun! I hasten to say this toast for you, newlyweds. The union of two loving hearts has given us a new family. Always appreciate the joyful moments of life, let the tenderness of your beloved envelop you from head to toe! And though you are the youngest of us two, but I learn from you life wisdom, kindness and care. I want to wish not to lose over the years the qualities that everyone admire. Strong love, mutual understanding, fidelity - those are the three whales on which «is worth» a family. And if sadness comes inadvertently, remember these wonderful minutes, smile. Dear, I raise a toast to your new «sweet» a life! Bitterly!

  • Toast for a little sister for a wedding from his brother

My beauty! Today is the most beautiful in the world! Sis, on this blessed day, your eyes shine with happiness, like precious stones. After all, they betrayed you with your head when you introduced me to (husband's name). Sparks of tenderness, happiness, all-consuming love flashed every time you looked at your spouse. And the long exhortations that this was only friendship were rather amusing, amusing me. How could you not understand that next to you is your fate? I want to wish that the flame of feelings in your hearts never goes out, flaring up more and more. Bitterly!

  • Toast to an older sister for a wedding from a younger

Sister! I raise my glass of orange juice in honor of your union. What to wish to two hearts in love? If happiness is without edge; if joy - then without measure; if loyalty - then forever. I wish you to find your way in a vast world; pass his hand in hand, overcoming all obstacles. I also wish to be rich: soul, feelings, emotions. You are young, lucky, beautiful. Everything is ahead - career, business, money. Only let them become only a means of achievement. And the meaning of life will be a house - a full bowl filled with children's laughter and smiles. For the performance of all «dream»! Bitterly!

  • Wedding toast from sister of the bride

Today, my beloved sister has become a bride! I want to make this toast in honor of the all-consuming love that connected our lovers. Carry it through the years, distances, joys, sorrows. So that after many, many years you walk through life together, looking at each other with a shining gaze. I wish the victory of wisdom over intelligence, patience over pride, tenderness over the ordinary. Remember this day more often, value fidelity, devotion, trust. Then love will overcome all obstacles, flaring up more and more. For a strong marriage of a newborn family - «Bitterly!»

  • Wedding toast to beloved sister

So, finally! My older sister got married! So, my room, and only mine! A huge cupboard, TV and computer are also mine. I don’t understand, plus or minus? Only with whom will I chat midnight about everything in the world, and who will always help, protect? The main thing now «will cover» all pranks in front of parents? My sister! Love you, honey! I wish you a joyful mood for many years of living together, strong hugs of your beloved, youthful feelings and tenderness. Let your family album be replenished with a million bright photos about unforgettable moments of life! Bitterly!

  • Toast from husband's sister

My dears! I want to say this toast in honor of my new sister! Our bride is now the most beautiful, her eyes shine like two diamonds. Let your feelings of love, care, tenderness warm you for many years, like a gentle spring sun! I raise my glass for the joy of life, for your children. Always value each other, be true friends: faithful, reliable. Beloved brother! On your shoulders is responsibility for family well-being. Sister! Comfort, the warmth of the hearth is your concern. I want to wish that you solve any problems, problems together, achieving the goal! Bitterly!

Beautiful affectionate words of congratulations, a million wishes will be sounded for young people on a solemn wedding day. Relatives, friends and relatives are in a hurry to welcome the creation of a union of loving hearts. Toast the most tender feelings, emotions overwhelming the soul will be helped by wedding toasts to the brother, wedding toasts for the sister, published on our website.