Wedding toasts from parents


The dearest people in life are our parents. Having a rich life experience behind them, they will support you in difficult moments, rejoice for your child, warm them with warmth. Young people owe their accomplishments, successes, achievements to their parents. Wedding celebration is a holiday not only for newlyweds, but also for their parents. Years flew by unnoticed, beloved son or daughter grew up, created a new family. Wedding toasts from parents are always imbued with warmth, love, joy. If you're looking for the right words, use the congratulations below..

Options for toasts from parents at a wedding

On a solemn, beautiful wedding day, the groom and the bride want to receive a parental blessing, hear warm, gentle words of parting words, share the joy of the holiday with relatives. The hearts of the newlyweds freeze with delight and a little from the unknown. Approving the choice of a son, daughter, blessing a long-term journey of a newly-made husband and wife, parents pass on the experience, trying to warn against mistakes. What to wish beloved children raising a holiday glass?

Toasts from the parents of the bride, groom about love

As the great Omar Khayyam said: «Love - it is different». The happiness of being with someone you love, the pain of separation, the desire to help and support, mutual understanding, tenderness, and health care cannot be counted. On the day you marry, we want to wish you that love for each other brings only joy, is easy, and patience - iron. Let this quivering feeling burn in your hearts forever! We would like to wish that after going through years, distances, separation, meeting, your family will keep the best that connected you together! We raise glasses for our children! «Bitterly!»

Looking at the sunny spray of champagne in a glass, we hasten to congratulate our young people! We wish you to get drunk only with happiness, let tears go with joy, so that you catch your breath with delight. Become true friends for each other who are always good and interesting together. And let the world wait. Be a reliable support for your soul mate, because life presents us with obstacles, surprises, checking the strength of feelings. May your souls and hearts always sound in unison, love will help to overcome adversity. For our newlyweds: «Bitterly!»

Congratulations to the newlyweds at this blessed hour..

With all our hearts we wish them the radiance of happy eyes.

Let the newlyweds live

Sparkles like fireworks,

There will be no days: heavy, gloomy,

Let there be a whole century.

Let the kids grow up together,

Trees plant, build a house,

May the bride live happily

With his prominent groom.

Let the house be their cup full,

And a guiding star

They shine with an angel silent

All my life, all the long years!

Toast from dad to any daughter

The seed is my favorite! You grew up and turned into a beautiful flower. So exotic and beautiful that the heartbeats with delight. But neither the winds nor rain can break his proud character. I wish that your husband carefully looked after you, as the most precious orchid, pampered like the most whimsical violet, blew off dust particles. Thanks for the care, love, attention will be the joyful laugh of the kids in the house, a cozy hearth, warmth and harmony in the family. «Bitterly!»

Toast from the bride's parents

On this blessed day, we are very happy to congratulate our young people. More recently, you, daughter, learned to take the first steps, pronounce the first words. The years flew by unnoticed. You have matured and once invited to visit (name of the groom). Your eyes, shining like stars, have told us a lot. It's time for you to build a family. Let the heart be light, the soul clean, the feelings unfading. We want to wish more healthy kids, because the laughter of a child is the main value in life. And we, for our part, promise to pamper, protect, love grandchildren. Bitterly!

As a symbol of marriage - an engagement ring, so let your love be infinite. The wife’s golden character, steel nerves, husband’s endurance are an invincible alloy. No storms, adversities will not separate your hearts. May your souls, united in a bizarre dance, keep its warmth and energy until the golden anniversary. Raise this toast to the eternal love of the young!

Toasts from the parents of the groom

Son! Nowadays there is an addition in our family - my mother and I have a daughter. As you already noticed, beautiful, skillful, funny, perky and smart. Take care of your girl, because you are a real man. We want to be brave and courageous, affectionate and gentle. Let the years rush, the children grow up, and your family reigns harmony and grace. We raise glasses for our children, love, peace, prosperity to your family! «Bitterly!»

Video: original toasts from parents

A wedding is a celebration of a young family. Parents, relatives, friends: everyone wants to congratulate the groom with the bride. What original toasts come up with? Warm, gentle words of love, support and attention - a special gift for the newlyweds. The original wedding toast from the parents will be a comic congratulation to the newly-made wife and husband in verse, read in rap style. And how much delight will cause the artistic talent of the pope with mom! Indeed, behind jokes, laughter lies the main thing: admiration, love for children, wishes for a long happy family life in harmony and peace. See more in the video.

Are parents conservative? Prefer classics, pay tribute to tradition? Then, toasts from parents for dear children, uttered with all their heart, will be a wonderful congratulation. Look at the video below, how many gentle words for the beloved daughter dad had stocked, how strict mom suddenly suddenly burst into tears, confusing words. Emotions overwhelm parents: for their children a new stage begins on the path of life. And let the young people remember that in the parental home they will always warm, feed, give advice, provide support.

Wedding toasts are not just a reason to raise a glass and shout «Bitterly!» These are the main words that young people will remember for a lifetime. Comic or serious, in verse, prose - parental greetings are filled with the most sincere feelings, warmth and affection. To find the right words, help express the palette of emotions, our site will help, which presents the best toasts and congratulations from parents for the wedding.