Toast to the groom


Being invited to the wedding only by one of the newlyweds, guests pay more attention to their «familiar bride and groom». It will not be surprising if those of them who were invited by the newly-married spouse, among other congratulations to the newlyweds, make a wish addressed directly to him. Toasts for the groom in these cases should not exclude an indirect compliment to the bride, wishes her happiness, health, and can also be compiled in a comic form. Make a congratulation text yourself or use the ready-made ideas proposed below.

Wedding Toast Options

Toast «The best»

Nature is never wrong! As life in the wild works, so God intended! Look at the wild animals: the female of any species goes to only the strongest, most daring, beautiful, dexterous, healthy male to get the best offspring. The most prominent grooms are fighting for the most worthy brides.

And now look at the groom - (the name of the groom) managed to win the hand and heart of such a beautiful woman because he has a lot of advantages: handsome, brave, strong, successful, caring, has a great sense of humor, natural charm (any qualities can be listed here, suitable for the specific bride and groom). Other applicants simply fade compared to him! Let’s drink for our bridegroom, who managed to become the best among others and win the favor of such a beautiful bride!

Toast «Jeweler»

Looking at our bride, respected groom, we can perceive as a jeweler. Among other gemstones, he found the best, expensive, perfect diamond, which has a special beauty that sparkles more than others, shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Our boyfriend saw this depth of soul of the bride and in time he oriented himself, offering her a hand and a heart. So let’s drink so that the dear groom does not forget that every gemstone needs an equally worthy setting! Bitterly!

Toast «Guess the groom»

Just imagine the situation: a distant relative of the bride arrives at the wedding. How to guess who is the groom? The answer to this question is simple:

Knowing about the bad temper of the bride, among all the men, the groom will need to look for someone who is quiet and puzzled. The one who will be cheerful and happy is the young father.

Knowing that the future wife is a kind girl, the guest easily guesses the bridegroom in the most fun person at the wedding, puzzled, full of doubts, will be the young father.

Look at our bride who sits at this table. We all know that she has virtues. She is smart, kind, beautiful, merciful, a wonderful mistress, a talented person - a real treasure! And therefore, her future husband is now cheerful, happy as never before! Raise the glasses for the groom, let this mood not leave our lucky the rest of his life! Love you bitterly!

A toast to the groom

Let’s answer the question: are we equally equal to all people or to our parents still a little better? All because they are our relatives, people close to us. Are we a little better about our brothers and sisters than at random passers-by? They are important to us. So why, often, having taken a wife for themselves, men begin to treat her worse than other women, putting on her excessive work and excessive responsibility?

I want the groom to remember that the wife is a special, important, close person! And therefore, politely and ethically communicating with his colleagues, acquaintances, female neighbors, let the groom set this communication as a standard, and treat his wife five times better than them: more ethical, careful, polite, and caring. Only then will there be love and love in the family! Let’s drink for the groom, who on this day found a new, important, kindly relative!

Toast to the head of the family

Men believe that the main thing in the house is the husband, and it is up to him to decide how to live the family. Women believe that they are more important in family matters, since they do household work, and they know better how to solve family problems. And I want to wish you that in your newly created young family, not husband, not wife, not child, but common sense, along with morality, truth and justice, should dominate. Only in this case the family will live well, rightly, the blessing of the Lord will be present in it, and no difficulties will affect it! Let's drink to the head of the family!

Toast «Flower and sun»

Just as our bridegroom fell in love with his dear bride, so once the sun fell in love with a beautiful flower, and therefore shone gently, caressing its beautiful petals with its rays. The flower liked it, and it opened towards the sun, fragrantly fragrant. But the luminary doubted, and in order to check whether it was beloved, it was hiding from view, it was returning again. The flower was cold, but he was looking forward to the sun peeking, and joyfully turned his bud to the light. «He loves, thought the star, then I will give the flower my light 100 times more, let it feel the fullness of my love!».

The sun began to shine zealously, so brightly, scorching that the flower became too hot, he began to fade. But the luminary thought that this was from a lack of love, and therefore tried to warm even more. As a result, the flower died from excessive pressure from the sun. Therefore, I want to wish our groom: do not forget that love is tenderness, concern for one's neighbor, and not suspicion, coldness and jealousy! So that love does not wilt, but grows and grows stronger, the groom must be understanding, sensitive, gallant, gentle and caring! Let's drink to it!

Voice Wedding Toasts

p> If, being invited to the wedding, you were unable to attend, send a toast to the newlyweds on the phone. These small voice tracks are convenient to use in preparation for the performance, because with their help it is easy to train in pronunciation of wishes with expression and enthusiasm. Below are funny and witty voice toasts for the groom, which will cheer up all the participants of the celebration.


«Dear Groom!»

«Happy wedding day, man»

If you are invited to a wedding and are looking for interesting, witty, funny toasts for the groom, then on our site you will find a large selection of original feast greetings. If you are a bride and want to congratulate your lover during the celebration of the wedding, pick up a beautiful bride toast to the groom - this selection is also prepared for you.