Short wedding toasts in verse


Each person who was invited to a wedding event, thinks how to congratulate the newlyweds. It can be an official congratulation, a touching speech or a comic wish that will amuse those present. Short toasts to the wedding in verse are very popular, allowing you to beautifully address the newly made spouses and guests. Such a congratulation should contain no more than eight lines, it can be funny, sweet, solemn. An original, capacious rhymed wish will not leave anyone present indifferent.

Options for Short Verse Wedding Toasts

  • Short Wedding Anniversary Golden Toast

May joy never leave you again,

let your house be filled with happiness, warmth.

We will raise all the glasses for you high,

wish to live without troubles before the golden wedding!

  • Short toast to a wedding celebration of love

Love is more wonderful than all miracles:

unites people.

Let your life only laugh

and joy only rule.

Eyes shine with tenderness

have a young couple.

I wish you always

you were for each other a gift!

  • A poetic toast about a shared journey

You are starting today

in a difficult way, in a long journey.

Friends came to see you, relatives,

to wish without fear and anxiety

go through life together until the end.

I wish your path was beautiful,

so that the light of a smile does not leave the face.

I wish the newlyweds to live happily!

  • Wedding verse short toast for consent

Dear newlyweds! I wish you health.

May your marriage be strong, strong,

never bursting at the seams.

Dear bride and groom, I will reveal one secret:

if there is agreement in pair,

meet a hundred years together!

Therefore I wish: friendship, understanding and love.

Raising a glass for happiness,

that will light you a long way!

  • A short toast in poems about a family hearth

Let fun and laughter not leave your house, wife.

Let the kids bring him even more.

I wish you live carefree many, many happy years,

so that your house with a family hearth radiates only warmth and comfort.

  • Short wedding poem toast with wishes

You have become husband and wife - now there’s nowhere to go!

I wish instead of quarrels and squabbles always lovingly kiss,

and if something is suddenly wrong - hug each other soon,

randomly spoken word - forgive immediately and understand.

I wish that there is everything you want only.

Well, now let us together exclaim: «Bitterly!»

  • A short toast with the wishes of a strong family

Keep faithfulness, value each other,

let your family be strong.

Always live together without separation,

sincerely, purely loving each other.

  • Green Wedding Poet Toast

Like a leaf in the spring so far your wedding is green!

So let everyone here for you sip wine to the bottom.

So that a fresh, small sprout of your true love

became a strong, strong tree without stopping blooming!

  • Short wedding toast in verses about the smile of the newlyweds

For your union I will raise a glass,

I’ll say from my heart, not croaking:

I haven’t seen such love yet -

beautiful, pure, sincere, big!

You do not take your eyes off each other all day,

the light shines on the face of a smile.

I wish you to wear it everywhere,

and meet with her for many years.

  • A short toast in verses about the example of love between the bride and groom

May your hands be always woven,

and kisses don't let lips get bored.

Carry your love through the years -

let us continue to be an example to us all.

  • A short wedding toast from a friend in verse

Dear friends, you have become a new family!

I congratulate her on her birthday, I sincerely.

For me there are no dearer people than a young groom

and a beautiful bride - write a picture with her!

I wish you long, beautiful and joyful years.

May your house always be as good, dear,

let his warm fire give sincere light inside.

So let's drink for the easy life of the young!

  • Cheerful short wedding toast to young

I wish you joy, enthusiasm,

so that you don’t have contention,

to run around the kids -

girls were yes boys,

so dinner is always rich

and your salary is high.

I wish you to completely,

woes disappeared once in a lifetime!

  • Poetic congratulation from mother to daughter with groom

This joyful day will leave its mark in the heart of each.

How hard it was for me to imagine all this once:

in a white dress you are sitting next to your faithful husband,

and I see that nothing else I need so much,

how to look at you, so beautiful, with a clear smile.

I wish you two go through this life without errors,

appreciate that great happiness - be next to each other.

Happy birthday family, lovely our spouses!

  • Congratulation from the bride groom on the river of time

The river is not in our power of time,

we can not stop the flow...

But if your hand is in your hand -

no sadness, pain, fear, regrets.

Thank you for marrying me,

thank you for everything that was before,

thank you for everything that you and I,

floating in this river, we will see further.

Video: short wedding verse

Choosing a small poem to congratulate the newlyweds, the guest can count on a positive reaction, because such a speech sounds solemn and beautiful. In order not to forget the text during the holiday, the congratulator needs to practice a few days before the wedding event. A poetic speech must be said with a soul - then the words can touch the hearts of all those present. There is another interesting option: make a video or photo presentation with a verse. Such a gift is perfect for a wedding; it will be preserved for a long time among the heroes of the occasion. What does it look like:

A short toast for a wedding celebration in verse will be an excellent decoration of the holiday, the newlyweds will surely be remembered. Poetic speeches always create a special mood, setting up those present in a romantic mood. To expand your understanding of rhymed congratulations, watch wedding toasts in verses that the audience will like and leave everyone a pleasant experience..