Wedding toasts in prose

A wedding is a solemn event not only for the holiday culprits themselves, but also for invited guests of honor. All participants in this event are trying to carefully prepare in advance: young people - perfectly organize a holiday, guests - choose a good gift and adequately congratulate the groom and the bride.

Congratulations and giving gifts at the wedding is a very exciting part for the guests, because it is necessary in the presence of a large number of people to make a congratulatory speech. The main thing here is not to fall into the mud and pick up good words. In such cases, toasts help out. If you are interested in ready-made wedding toasts in prose from friends, check out the options below. You will see that this is a wonderful way to express my most sincere congratulations from the bottom of my heart..

Options for Wedding Toasts in Prose

For your congratulatory speech, it is important to choose the right beautiful words. This is just the very reason where you can show your eloquence, sincerity, cordiality. Prose is a wonderful choice of the way in which you can simply congratulate the newlyweds on the first day of their solemn marriage in simple words. Your speech should not be tiring, concise and in fact. To create your own version of wedding greetings in prose, check out the ready-made options for wedding toasts from friends below..

Short toasts in prose

  • Wedding toast about guardian angels

Our dear newlyweds! I sincerely wish that your family is always kept in harmony and happiness by such divine companions-angels, such as: Faith, Hope, Love, and their wise mother Sophia. From time immemorial, these four images have been holy charms of family happiness, always helping people even in the most difficult times. Love each other, believe, hope for the best, show life wisdom always. God bless you! Bitterly newlyweds!

  • Family ship wedding toast

Our dear newlyweds! The two of you board the ship of a happy family life, which will sail under the star of your love and the waves of shared destiny. A lot has to be met on his way, but the main thing is that during sailing, the family ship should always have well-being, and he will easily overcome absolutely all storms, storms, winds. I propose raising our glasses for the happy sailing of the family ship (name of the bride and groom)! Bitterly!

  • Wedding toast about a good wife

Russian folklore says that «The wife is the second, after health, wealth in life», and: «A good woman for her man is a good half of happiness». This is true if a woman is wise and does everything to make her beloved feel good with her. Therefore, we will drink our filled glasses for the beautiful wife who will make every effort to become a good companion in the life of her husband. Bitterly!

  • Wedding toast about the fate of the newlyweds

Our dear newlyweds! Today for you has become the pinnacle of your relationship and united into one whole, indestructible community. You gave each other your most sacred that you had - fate, in order to spend the rest of your life together. I sincerely wish that these fates are tightly intertwined, like the hands with which you put the rings together and withstood any trials on the path of life. Take care of your happiness newlyweds, be faithful to each other and your love. Bitterly!

Cool toasts in prose

  • Math Wedding Toast

For young people, I have a wonderful toast in which all simple mathematical and family activities are combined.

The first is the addition, during which this beautiful young couple formed.

The second action is a subtraction, during which the total number of idles decreased by two units.

The next is the division, thanks to which all human difficulties, sorrows were divided exactly in half.

And also the multiplication, during which there will be a multiplication and continuation of the genus by the birth of a beautiful child. Let’s drink for our newlyweds, for their love and together we will say bitterly!

  • Marriage Toast

The double meaning of the word «marriage» sometimes makes you wonder what the conclusion of the union of two loving hearts is. Often the meaning of marriage is used in a negative way, as a bad product in production. This is due to an unstable relationship. However, where love constantly lives, the spouses do not doubt each other, they will never appear in marriage «marriage». Therefore, I want to wish the newlyweds to maintain throughout their life together unbreakable family happiness and love, which will keep the marriage from culling. Bittersweet!

  • Wedding Chemical Toast

Scientists claim that love is a chemical reaction. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to assume that our newlyweds are alchemists. They have to go through many important discoveries in life, to learn countless love formulas with the most important ingredients: tenderness, fidelity, mutual understanding, wealth and health. We wish them patience, understanding, happiness and good luck! Bitterly newlyweds!

  • Wedding toast about a strong union of young people in prose

Today's date is the first day in the long years to come. It is believed that over time, relationships acquire special strength. However, this whole art is to live together for so many years and not lose tenderness of feelings, trembling to each other. Therefore, such a short wish, dear newlyweds: «The character of the wife should be gold, and the husband should be iron. Only with such a composition will the alloy of your strong relationship turn out to be reliable, indivisible and durable. Bitterly!»

Toasts for a beautiful wedding in prose is a beautiful speech with sincere congratulations. I always want these words to be interesting, wise and memorable. Therefore, ready-made options for good toasts presented here, you will definitely come to the rescue. You can also find other no less original wedding toasts on our website in order to beautifully congratulate the bride and groom.