Toasts for a brother's wedding


In families with two or more children, there is always a very close spiritual connection between them. Often they understand each other intuitively, in short. Children grow up, there comes a time when a brother falls in love. If the feelings are deep and serious, it comes to the wedding. There are times when a younger sister or brother is jealous of their brother’s choice, afraid to lose that invisible connection from childhood forever.

But the older brother made his main choice in life, his eyes glow with happiness. True kindred love for his brother will support him in this decision. He will appreciate the help of a loved one in preparing for the wedding, he will certainly be grateful if at such a crucial moment you will be with him. And at the wedding itself - your presence and good mood will be moral support for the newlyweds..

Wedding Toast Options

Sitting at the wedding festive table, you can not do without a toast. Traditional screams «Bitterly!» - already a little. The newlyweds on this day want to hear a lot of kind, sincere words in their honor. You do not need to make long, abstruse speeches. The main thing is that the words come from the heart. One of the first right «vote» given to the brother or sister of the groom. Here are some good congratulations. Take note of them to take advantage of during the holiday.

  • The first toast to the bride and groom

I want to wish dear newlyweds that from the first day their family boat is less likely to fall in stormy weather, but can always land strong love and understanding.

  • Toast from the brother of the groom

Dear bride! In the face of my brother you looked at a man. I am grateful to you for this and I can guarantee that the proud name «Capital letter» (name of the groom) will carry through all the years of married life. Let's drink for it!

  • Toast to a brother's wedding

I ask you to raise a glass for my brother so that after 10, and even after 20, 30 years he looks at his beautiful wife and loses his head from love, but not his reason.

  • Toast to brother from younger sister

Dear brother! Since childhood, you have been for me a protector and an example in everything. I wish your young family the same sense of security that I experienced for many years, being next to you. Be an example for your children and a support for your wife. I wish you happiness and crazy love for many years!

  • Toast from brother

My beloved brother always wanted to have a big friendly family. He is the happiest person because his dream has come true. From this day on, my brother and his wife stepped into the first stage of their life together. Ahead is a long way. I know that they will pass it along with dignity and love.

  • From parents

We want to wish the newlywed spouses: live in a warm, comfortable house, let the husband be the earner and the wife the guardian of the hearth. Love you, prosperity and harmony!

  • Philosophical Toast

I want to wish dear newlyweds that Faith to each other, Hope for the best and mutual Love, are always present in their family.

  • From friends

Our dear (names of the bride and groom)! Walk along life side by side, holding hands tightly! Look into each other's eyes only with love and tenderness! And when you live to see the golden wedding, do not forget to invite us to the anniversary!

  • Short wedding toast

On this day, all friends and relatives drink only for you, dear ones (names of the bride and groom)! Let the source of your love never run dry for years!

  • Kids Toast

Dear (names of the bride and groom), I want to drink for your health and prosperity! And the main wealth in life are children! Let your family not know poverty, and the stork regularly visits the house!

  • Marriage toast

A wedding day is also called a wedding day. Let's drink for the newlyweds, so that in their family not a single day together could be called defective.

  • Folk toast

A popular proverb says that the wife is the neck, and the husband is the head. So let your husband be the main one in your family, but he only looks where his smart neck will turn.

  • Wise toast

There are many advantages in family life - it’s not worth listing, we know them well. But during the passage of the life path, minuses may appear. I want to wish you, dear bride and groom, that you, when solving difficult tasks, work together, and two minuses still give a plus.

Video: short wedding toasts in your own words

A miracle happened - the long-awaited wedding day came. Everyone knows this tremulous excitement that is experienced not only by the bride or groom. In order not to be taken by surprise, it is better to have a short text prepared in advance. It is not necessary that these were verses repeated at many weddings. When sincere words come from the heart, and the eyes want to say even more, such a wish the newlyweds will remember longer. Short congratulations are always appropriate, as in this video:

Voice Wedding Toasts

p> To make a pleasant surprise, you can congratulate your brother on your wedding day using a voice message. You can listen to it together repeatedly to refresh the pleasant, exciting minutes of the wedding celebration, mentally returning to that great holiday - the day of the creation of the family. Here are some examples of voice messages:

"Married, brother, you!"

"Happy wedding day, brother"

No matter what the fate, but for the groom, the closest relatives will be brothers and sisters. Suppose that in childhood there were disputes, joint bumps, but their parents are closer and dearer. Therefore, toasts made by brother and / or sister are taken so close to the heart. An equally important character at the wedding is the witness. She often becomes the ringleader on the day of marriage. On this site you will also find wedding toasts from a witness.