Cool wedding toasts short


An integral part of the wedding celebration is the congratulatory part, during which guests pronounce sincere wishes to the young in the form of beautiful toasts, as well as present gifts. Often invited relatives, friends from excitement and worry do not have enough words to colorfully express their congratulations from the bottom of my heart.

For the desired effect, it is important to prepare a short speech or cool wedding toasts with short stories in advance, thanks to which you will avoid awkward pauses while pronouncing congratulations to the newlyweds and express your eloquence. Newlyweds are always more pleased to receive a gift if they are accompanied by spiritual wishes of happiness, health and other things, in the form of a wedding toast.

Options for cool short wedding toasts

  • Wedding toast to son

Son! You, as a wise real man, must remember one simple truth about your woman: the more expensive and more often you will give her gifts, the more precious it will become for you. My wish is that your wife turn into a real priceless treasure for you, which must be protected from any thief. I raise my glass for the strong love of a man for a companion who knows how to appreciate it. Bitterly!

  • Wedding toast for the bride from the mother

Daughter! First of all, you are a woman who must illuminate the path of her man with bright rays of happiness. How much joyful and fabulous days will be enough in the family kingdom depends first of all on you. Therefore, truly love your husband, respect, honor, so that he is always ready to go far away and bring you a scarlet flower. I raise this wedding glass of wine, children, for a fairy tale in your life!

  • Cool wedding toast from a friend of the groom

I recall, my friend, how in your youth you talked about the girl of your dreams. She should have possessed not only external beauty, but intelligence, fidelity, housekeeping, tenderness. Then I was surprised: how many wives you have to have at the same time! However, you achieved your goal by meeting that one that possesses all these qualities. On this wedding day I want to announce your wish: that you do not get tired of discovering it for yourself from other positive sides, and your desires continue to come true!

  • Funny toast to newlyweds from friends

Our dear newlyweds! We sincerely wish you to quickly get hold of a huge house with a large real fireplace, a bunch of kids. You will need all this so that we - friends - have places to come by the end of the week and have fun near your warm, cozy family hearth. Raise our glasses so that strong friendship always has a place in your happy family life!

  • Wedding wish from the girlfriend of the bride

It is believed that if a girl who has married never wears a single piece of jewelry, then she presented her fate to a man solely for love. This is a good sign for a man, however, a self-respecting husband will never allow such a rumor about his family and will shower his wife not only with precious jewelry, but with priceless moments of happiness, love, tenderness. For your beautiful life, honeymooners!

  • Wedding toast from parents

Our dear children! Your union can be compared to a bird that carefully and carefully makes its nest. At this stage, the basis (marriage) is already ready, it remains the chicks, which should be settled in this warm hearth. We wish that on your life's journey such a bird never appears that settles in other people's nests, destroying them. Take care of your happiness, constantly strengthen the nest with love, kindness, tenderness, sensitivity. Only in this way you will achieve the strength of the family hearth. Bitterly!

  • Grandfather and grandmother's wedding wish

In olden days, at weddings, the groom usually wished such a toast: «Love your Lyuba as a sweet darling, and shake her like a wild pear». It was understood that when married, the husband has the right to demand unconditional obedience from his young wife. However, we, grandchildren, do not want this, because life wisdom and experience suggest: only by tenderness, love can you achieve harmony in relationships. Therefore, if the husband and trotted pears, then let them be sweet for both! Bitterly!

  • Wedding toast from a family friend

The peoples of the East have one story, according to which, marriage is considered a mirage in the desert, which looks like an oasis with life-giving water, palm trees, a palace and all other earthly goods. However, coming closer to him, an eyewitness begins to lose joy in his eyes, seeing the gradual disappearance of the paradise island of life. He understands that this is an illusion. But I want to wish you, my friends, that in family life a mirage in the desert always turns out to be a real fact, and you live and prosper in the middle of your paradise!

Video: examples of cool short toasts

On the topic of wedding wishes, there are still a huge number of parables, folk tales, which you can successfully use in your congratulatory speech. For a cool toast, it’s not at all necessary to invent witty phrases, instructive parables, just sincerely wish the newlyweds happiness, loyalty and mutual love. The main condition is to be concise. To do this, check out the examples of cool short-toast in the video below:

You can take these cool ideas of wedding toasts as a basis and develop, supplementing with your thoughts. Show your imagination, add your own life experience and you will get the perfect eloquent toast for the wedding. On our site you will find other cool wedding toasts with interesting content and relevant jokes. Use them to deliver a congratulatory speech to the newlyweds..