Toast Wedding Parable


Parables are an unchanging source of wisdom. In vivid and accessible forms, they explain to the newlyweds important life lessons. But isn’t it so necessary for the new, just formed family? Therefore, a toast to the parable of the wedding will be very appropriate. The following are options for toast parables that contain wishes for spouses and wise life tips.

Variants of wedding toasts in the form of parables

Toast Parable «Man's happiness»

They say that man’s happiness is in his own hands! It is believed that a woman will be happy if she marries successfully, but how to become a happy man? The sages answer this: a man can make himself happy for a day by drinking good wine, for two days - if he meets a good friend, but for life, if he respects, loves, values ​​his wife. My toast is for our dear bridegroom to be happy all his life! Bittersweet!

Toast Parable «Material for happiness»

I do not know if this was true, but they say that a long time ago there lived a skilled sculptor, the best of all who have ever lived on Earth. The works that he created were so good that God, seeing the perfect creations, breathed life into them. Then he created a master of sculpture of a man and a woman with the help of the best material, and also gave them names. Creations were of incredible beauty, came to life and became the crown of his work. But while working on them, the master left some material.

Wanting to please his favorites, the sculptor called them and asked what gift they would like to receive. Revived sculptures asked to make for them «Happiness», for they loved each other and would like to live together happily. Then the master took the material, the chisel and put it in the hands of his offspring, because the happiness of people is only in their hands. Let’s raise our glasses and drink so that our newlyweds will mold a beautiful child out of their material, which will give them joy and happiness! Bitterly newly made husband, wife!

Toast Parable «House of Soul»

A man married a woman. Having an unrestrained, demanding disposition, he accounted for his wife for everything, but seeing that she was becoming sad, felt sorry for her and asked for forgiveness. The wife happily accepted her husband’s apologies, again became joyful, tender, but her husband forgot her sadness, again offended her because of trifles, and then asked for forgiveness. Each time after the husband’s apology, the wife forgave, but became a little less joyful than usual, until she completely ceased to be tender and happy. The husband apologized, but nothing changed, and then he began to reproach his wife for bad temper.

Once, having learned that a wise man came to the city and gives people practical advice, the husband went to him and asked why the wife had stopped accepting apologies, maybe she was proud or spoiled, and her husband had few good words? To this, the sage said this: «Imagine a house. At first it is new, beautiful, but what will happen to him if a hurricane hits? The glass of his windows will be broken, the shutters will be torn off the hinges. When the weather subsides, broken windows will be clogged with boards until they are glazed again.

What if a hurricane crashes daily? It is not possible to completely repair the house, the boards with which the windows were clogged, the wind blows over and over again, holes remain at the place where the nails were driven in. After each hurricane there are more and more such holes, and the house becomes more dilapidated. The soul of your wife is like this house ... When you offend your spouse, a revolution takes place in her soul. Your apologies, like boards, cover her emotional wounds, but when you offend her again, you pluck them, preventing them from healing. In place of unhealed wounds, scars form, like holes from nails, which will not be easy to heal.».

The husband went to his wife and spent many years treating her with care, with love, before her emotional wounds completely healed. Let us drink to ensure that the homes of the souls of our newlyweds do not know the hurricanes of disagreement and always remain new and beautiful, because it is much easier to protect and take care of the new than rebuild the destroyed and dilapidated. Advice to you yes love, bride and groom!

Toast Parable «Crystal toys»

In one city there lived a puppeteer, who was not only a skilled craftsman, but also a wise man. While traveling around the cities, he gave children toys for free, but they were made of crystal, and the details were made so delicately and exquisitely that every now and then broke in the hands of restless children. No matter how hard the children tried to protect the toys, but they couldn’t - the master made them too fragile. All this upset the kids, because the toys were of incredible beauty. Disgruntled parents once came to the puppeteer and asked why he gives children only crystal toys, is there any evil intent behind this??

The master replied that he gives children such fragile toys, having only good motives, because soon they will all grow up and someone will give them an even more fragile thing - their heart, and with these toys they will be able to take a little care of it. So let’s drink for the newlyweds to treat each other’s hearts with the same trepidation, as if they were made of crystal! Bitterly newly made husband, wife!

Toast Parable «The power of compliment»

I will tell you one parable. There are somehow two dilapidated old women-centenarians. One another says:

- You know, my dear husband still loves me and compliments me! For example, at dinner he said that I have the same smile as before.

- Is your husband lying?

- No, I have now that, at 100, I have no teeth, that at 60 I was already gone. But how nice to hear it anyway!

A good word is more expensive than a gold bar! So let’s drink for the bride and groom, so that they always find a reason to say something nice to each other!

Video: original wedding toast parable

Choosing an instructive story as a congratulation to the newlyweds, you must remember that it is important not only to find, to learn a toast for the parable for the wedding, but also to be able to present it interestingly. An instructive story must be pronounced clearly, with expression, with an understanding of the meaning, placing emphasis on important places. Only told interestingly, the parable will be in demand among listeners. How to pronounce such an original toast correctly, see in this video:

Toast of the parable is useful for a young family, because they show how to avoid mistakes that can harm the marriage. Therefore, guests telling parables at the table not only wish the newlyweds well, but contribute to their well-being. If you are friends of the bride and groom and are looking for toasts that are simpler in form, then on our website there are original wedding toasts from friends.