Pearl Wedding Toasts


There was a silver wedding behind ... Didn’t have time to look back, and 30 years of family life flashed before my eyes? Adult children, growing grandchildren, work, life - spun life in the eternal carnival. Only a native hand, an affectionate heart, the tenderness of a loved one, who has been with you through all these years, do not let you lose the thread of fate. The thirtieth anniversary of living together is a great occasion for celebration. As a symbol of this date, pearls and spouses' love sparkles, shimmers with rainbow colors.

Want to mark a pearl wedding small «reception», invite relatives, friends, remember that happy day when it all began? Great idea! Fill the world around with joy, love, share with guests. And let the beautiful toasts at the pearl wedding sound, the glasses emit a crystal chime, do not stop screaming «Bitterly!»

Toast options for the 30th anniversary of marriage

Royal reward awaits «newlyweds», celebrating the 30th anniversary of living together. Pearls are a symbol of purity and nobleness of feelings, sincere relations, mutual respect. In gratitude for the years that have passed in love, harmony and joy, the husband presents his wife with a snow-white bouquet and a necklace of 30 pearls. The evening reception, organized by the spouses, will be a bright, memorable event in family life. Contests, entertainment, toast in verses and congratulations will remind «young» about that distant day when they united their fates.

Toast from children

And now you have been together for thirty years

From the wedding of the day you were the bride and groom.

And in life you became very necessary for each other,

And together we lived to the pearl before the wedding.

So always be loved spouses,

The only one for each other and unique,

The best soul among women and men.

And never have you found no reason

Very upset, very worried,

Angry at each other, swearing loudly.

May good health be yours forever,

To shine with happiness like a star with the moon.

Shining bright in the night sky,

And so that your cup is always your home,

To keep your marriage tender,

And at no age that you met troubles.

We raise a glass of warmth,

So that you live in love before the golden wedding!

Toast from friends

Amazing in beauty, not requiring additional cutting, playing with shades of pink, yellow, blue pearls! Black, like tears of slave-catchers, or snow-white, mother-of-pearl, like a bride’s veil ... And family life of 30 years is fraught with a huge number of shades of tenderness, beauty of a wife; the nobility of the husband’s soul; difficult problems, obstacles of fate.

And snow-white boundless happiness, mutual trust, respect, great love. So wish «young», so that fate will give them the magic pearls of joy, selfless devotion, happiness, prosperity every day! And collect only the most valuable per thread «of memories», weaving a necklace of your pearl marriage! Raise a glass for «newlyweds»! Bitterly!

Toasts from children

Live in harmony and happiness for 30 years! Years passed with a pearl scattering, but your feelings have not died out! May this precious gift never disappear. We wish you good health, strong, wonderful mood, more joyful moments in life! We raise a glass for the closest, for parents! May your eyes shine on love on the pearl wedding day!

Since ancient times, pearls have been considered a blessed stone by God, so your marriage is approved by heaven. According to legend, the twelve gates of the heavenly city of Jerusalem are made of twelve beautiful pearls. Thirty years of your union went through trials of care, problems, jealousy, arrogance, lack of money and pain. Love overcame everything, painted life with rainbow colors. Your family union is worthy of no less than a wonderful reward - thirty beautiful pearls that will decorate the hearth keeper, our mother. We raise this glass for you, dear parents.!

Toast from grandchildren

Beloved grandfather and grandmother! Congratulations on your pearl wedding! You have lived together for 30 years, flying like an instant. Our mothers and fathers grew up and we appeared. Thank you for your tenderness, love and kindness. After all, we always know who to run to when our hearts are sad. Grandmother, it’s impossible to imagine better than pies and pancakes than you cook. Grandpa, the sneakers of my dreams that you presented for the New Year are the coolest in the world! Let vivid emotions and impressions help keep you tender, warm love for each other. Happy pearl anniversary!

Toast from the spouse

My favorite! I thank you for the years of happiness, for care, affection and attention. The ancient Slavic legend says that dew drops of a water flower flow down from its corolla, and, falling into the sink, turn into pearls. Many decades pass, and the world has a wonderful creation of nature - pink, white, bluish pearls. So my love for you, thirty years later, continues to shine, shimmering in the light of your eyes. Thank you, my dear, for every minute of joy, boundless happiness. Happy pearl anniversary!

Toast from husband

My sun, my love! You are the most beautiful in the world. Your soul is pure, gentle, airy, like an angel! Let sometimes you drop wings, flying on a broomstick. In the unity of opposites, the most extraordinary jewel is born. I love you all the traits of character, because it's you! And the broom decorated with these pearls will turn into an exclusive vehicle. Thank you for the years of patience, understanding, support. Raise a glass for your silver laugh, joy, fun that you give me all these years! This toast is for you, dear!

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What can you wish for your close, dear people on the 30th anniversary of your life together? Let the pearl thread of fate lead through problems and sorrows, hearts will be filled with happiness and joy. As a pair of white swans, remain for each other the one and only, the most precious in the world. In the video below, see some more examples of good toasts..

Love warmed your souls thirty years ago. Great age! Much was left behind, but no vicissitudes of fate could blow out the flame of love burning in hearts. Let the pearl wedding bring a chime of glasses in your honor; joy, happiness, good mood for many years. All toasts, congratulations may come true, and noble pearls keep and protect you!