Wedding toasts in verse

A wedding celebration is a happy, bright day for young people. On this holiday, friends, relatives, and colleagues are in a hurry to congratulate the spouses, wish them many years of happy life together, endless love, patience, and strength to overcome all obstacles on the path of life. What to wish to two loving hearts? What wedding toasts in poetry will please, delight the newlyweds?

Versions of wedding toasts in verse

Vows of eternal love, the shining eyes of the bride and groom, a beautiful wedding ceremony: the beginning of a fairy tale called «Family life». I sincerely want to wish the newlyweds so that miracles never end, and everything that happens gives strength and desire to loving spouses to continue their easy path hand in hand. We offer options for wedding toasts in verses from relatives, friends, witnesses.

  • Toast from parents

Congratulations to the newlyweds at this blessed hour..

With all our hearts we wish them the radiance of happy eyes.

Let the newlyweds live

Sparkles like fireworks,

There will be no days: heavy, gloomy,

Let there be a whole century.

Let the kids grow up together,

Trees plant, build a house,

May the bride live happily

With his prominent groom.

Let the house be their cup full,

And a guiding star

They shine with an angel silent

All my life, all the long years.

Cries are bitterly heard, a glass of wine is foaming.

Let love not fade away,

She is the beginning of all beginnings!

Wedding toast from grandparents

Newlyweds! We heartily congratulate you,

So that happiness lasts forever, we wish you.

Your health so that, friends, it is always iron,

And your best years have passed not uselessly.

To make the sun shine from heaven,

And a life full of miracles, richer, brighter.

So that you give birth to children, so that they wait for their grandchildren,

So that you love each other, never know boredom.

The mood so that you always have a great,

We will raise a glass for you, for happiness in personal life!

  • Honeymoon Toast from Groom's Mom

Today, I congratulate the bride and groom.

In this blessed moment I wish,

To obey them all gave new,

All things to be on their shoulder.

I will ask young people for luck,

To «happiness» sounded like a master password.

So that your people will certainly solve problems,

Allotted to her the role.

And fate to reward them from the heart:

By grace, health, love big,

So that she gives them strength,

Even when only dreams of peace.

And did not break so that their trials,

So that they can quickly forget -

Pain and resentment, empty suffering,

Not forgotten how to love with all my heart.

To give birth to healthy babies,

Continued through life to walk firmly,

And they would fill less cones

On a very difficult life path.

Wedding toasts in verses from witnesses (from a friend)

Newlyweds, congratulations!

I wish you more good luck,

Stamina, wisdom, patience,

Happiness is huge - to come without edge.

Strong, preferably steel health.

Love big, insane and without measure,

And the rain, to be sure of gold,

And never in good, so as not to lose faith.

Would you give birth to lovely kids,

Raised a garden, built a beautiful house.

And life lived excitingly, as in a book,

And the sun above you to shine clearly.

  • Family toasts for the bride and groom

Congratulations to the newlyweds.!

On a long journey we bless you!

To live a happy and friendly life,

All new peaks conquered.

Let your life be full of discoveries,

The happiest, most joyful events.

Let your every day be successful,

And let your faces not sadden the shadow

Doubt, sadness, disappointment.

May God not send you severe trials,

And only good health, grace -

So that you can bloom every day

Marvelous flowers among native people.

So that your souls sing like a nightingale!

Have fun, happiness, peace and luck,

Lovely kids, fulfillment desires!

Greeting toasts from friends

Congratulations to the newlyweds.!

We wish you love, tenderness,

Health, happiness, mood,

All wish fulfillment.

Concerns of loved ones, all relatives,

Glorious kids, «gold».

Family let your be friendly

Our dear people!

  • Toasts in honor of the newlyweds from colleagues

Be healthy, get rich!

Be lucky, if not once,

Now, may you have luck.

May the mood always be cheerful,

Don't bother letting you care,

Salary let work pleases more often,

To always love each other,

But in general - to be happy.

Wedding toasts from Kumoviev

Raise a glass for the bride and groom,

And, like godfather, we sincerely wish them:

Eternal love and short disputes,

Healthy kids, less reproaches,

A lot of fun, happy chores,

Tenderness, happiness, kindness all year round!

  • Toast from the mother of the bride - daughter

My daughter dear!

Now you’re getting married ...

On a long journey without edge

You are leaving your parents.

I wish you happiness,

Love and life without sorrow.

I never knew bad weather with my husband,

My father and I were not forgotten.

To live in friendship you are in abundance,

To each other were the rear,

Life has always been easy for you.,

AND «Bitterly!» only at the wedding was!

  • Toast from the newlywed dad for the newlyweds

My daughter has a marriage now!

She and her young husband are in the spotlight.

I wish you young: happiness, eternal love,

May their journey be endless.

And so that my son-in-law does not offend his half,

He cherished, cherished, he respected my blood.

Wedding toast in verses from the groom's mom

Son, my beloved boy!

I congratulate you on your wedding day!

Wife to be indispensable,

And the most necessary - I wish!

So that the sun always shines for you,

That happiness was endless,

So that you have enough wisdom

Together to overcome bad weather.

  • A wedding toast from the father of the groom in honor of his son

You are my pride, my beloved son!

I sincerely congratulate you on getting married!

After all, today you are not alone in this life,

And with the wonderful wife. I wish you:

Live together for many years,

Pretty grandchildren to us people,

Do not part and never quarrel,

And visit us more often.

Lyrical toasts from friends, parting words from parents - any wishes, congratulations from the heart will warm the hearts of young people. Let the worries and problems not sadden the newlyweds, and love helps to overcome any obstacles on the thorny path of life. And comic wedding toasts presented on our website will cheer you up, make you happy, cheer.