Original wedding toasts


No wedding celebration can do without sincere and sincere congratulations. During the festive banquet, all guests present try to express cheerful, cordial and memorable wishes. If you choose the right toast for the wedding, then you can convey all the positive emotions that you planned to devote to your dear and close people. In order for your congratulations to become an adornment for the upcoming holiday, you must select the right words in advance.

Options for Original Wedding Toasts

During the wedding, the guests present try to congratulate the young couple with eloquent, witty, original toasts. Pronounced wishes are filled with sincere, sincere words and wise, life-giving advice. Before you say congratulations, be sure to pre-practice so that the fear of public speaking, and with it the usual hitch, will not spoil your unusual wedding toast.

At the wedding, most wishes are addressed to the bride and groom, but in order to stand out among the guests, a toast can be pronounced for the parents or friends of the newlyweds. It would be right a few days before the wedding to prepare the perfect speech that touches the hearts of all those present. If you cannot determine which toast will cause a sensation at the upcoming celebration, then we suggest you use examples of original congratulations.

Original toast from friends for young people

Once the young spouse had to go on a business trip for two months. After this period he returned home. At that moment, when he saw his wife, he said only one word: «Hello!». The woman was offended, and then asked: «Why didn't you kiss me?». The husband, without thinking twice, answered: «You and I have been married for five years. Now I do not consider these preludes to be appropriate.». So let's drink to ensure that our bride and groom do not lose kisses even after celebrating a golden wedding! Bitterly!

An original wedding toast for friends on a wedding day

We want to wish the newlyweds that their memory never leaves them. It is important to constantly remember the days when you first saw each other, when you first embraced, giving a mutual kiss, and the day when all your relatives and close friends gathered for your sake and loudly shouted the cherished word «Bitterly!». Do not forget this happy moment, and you will be rewarded with incredible gifts of fate..

A wedding toast from Uncle Bride

On September 1, the son of a young couple went to first grade. After the lessons, the newly made student ran home, and then, with fists, attacked his parents. The boy was full of tears, shouting: «Why didn’t you warn me that these duties are ten years old??!». In order to avoid misunderstandings, we must warn the newlyweds that the responsibilities, the beginning of which we are now celebrating, are not for ten years, but for a lifetime! Let's raise our glasses so that they always enjoy these responsibilities! Let's drink for your happiness, love, loyalty!

Wedding toast from brother of the bride

As the Empress Alexandra Romanova said, selfless love is a duty in the family. According to her, every member of the family must forget the selfish «I AM», fully devote yourself to your loved one. If failures occur, then everyone should blame himself, not the other. For harmony in the family requires endurance, as well as patience. Both sides should have a desire to create a happy marriage, to overcome obstacles that may hinder this. I wish the couple to take advantage of these instructions, and then your marriage union will receive the blessing of the angels!

Original toast from the witness for a wedding

On this important joyful day, I want to wish our newlyweds that they always have three habits: the first habit is the desire to work constantly, the second is the desire for excellent health, and the third is to regularly improve in learning. Thanks to these wonderful habits, you can reach the heights of harmony, happiness. Then at this peak with you will always be your mutual and eternal love. So let’s drink for this wonderful feeling that united the hearts of our newlyweds! For love!

A toast from a witness for a wedding

Our dear newlyweds! Your first meeting took place a long time ago, and on this day you have already married, having entered into a family union of eternal love and friendship. The long-awaited event has arrived, you decided to become family. You have forever secured your mutual love, respect and predilection for each other by the bonds of a legal marriage. From this day you begin to build a strong and friendly family, embarking on a new path. This work is creative, interesting, but also difficult. I wish you with dignity to overcome all obstacles in life and always be happy together! Health, love and wealth! Bitterly!

An original toast for a young family on their wedding day from a girlfriend

If you build a house and save on the foundation, then the building will soon collapse. But if you now look into the eyes of the newlyweds, then we can easily see that your family hearth is built on a strong foundation of love. Therefore, I wish that the created hearth forever stood on this solid foundation, holding the walls of prosperity, the roof of prosperity and the windows of joy. So that no event will cause you sadness and sadness. Happy wedding! Bitterly!

Video: original wedding toast from parents

If the parents of the newlyweds plan to originally congratulate their children on their wedding day, we suggest using a toast in the style of rap. Such a wish in the form of a song will surprise all the guests present and will become the decoration of a gala banquet. You can appreciate the benefits of the original repost to watch the video below. Using the presented plot, you can, by analogy, write your congratulation and address to the newlyweds:

Original wedding greetings will help you surprise the guests present, and most importantly - the bride and groom. Pronounced from the heart, sincere, bright and cheerful wishes will cheer you up, move them, or make you think about the future. If you plan to make a congratulation in rhyme form, we suggest learning toasts in verse. Remember that a beautiful and original wedding greetings is a way to make a soulful contribution to the happy fate of the newlyweds, so the best toast at a gala banquet will be the one that is pronounced sincerely and with love.