Wedding toasts from a witness. Original ideas


If you were invited to a wedding in the honorable role of a witness, then remember that in addition to all the duties, you will have to prepare a wedding speech. She is not only a beautiful wish to the newlyweds who decided to become a married couple, but also a toast for their love, strong marriage bonds. Your best friends will await the words of support from you with trepidation, and therefore it is worth preparing responsibly for pronouncing the toast.

Wedding toasts from a witness differ from the others in that, in addition to the sincere words of wishes, wisdom, there is humor in them. However, it is necessary to ensure that he does not turn into a satire, is not obscene or hurts the feelings of one or both of the newlyweds. A toast of a witness is a kind of masterpiece of the expression of thought, which everyone can invent and pronounce.

Wedding toast options from a witness

  • Wedding toast about glasses of love

Dear newlyweds and guests, I want to make a toast! Among other gifts, on this beautiful day I would like to give you one more - these glasses of love (the groom’s friend takes out two metal mugs or goblets). I wish the family life was as strong as these «wine glasses», who are not afraid of either falling, or the heat of family quarrels, or changes in external conditions. No matter what happens to them, they will never break!

Let the relationship between you (calls the names of the bride and groom) be just as strong, and your family, in spite of all the vicissitudes of life, remain as strong, indestructible! Vivat!

  • Wedding toast about «Sweetly»

At the wedding, we often hear «Bitterly, bitterly!», but the newlyweds may interpret this incorrectly. Everyone wants only good for them, and they cry the opposite. However, it is not! Personally, I wish you - and I think everyone will support me - so that there are no bad moments in life at all. May there be a continuous honeymoon and eternal love! So, you have to get used to showing your feelings, caring for each other, in joy, when «sweetly», but not «bitterly»! I suggest the newlyweds start training right now: «Sweet Sweet Sweetly!»

  • Wine Wedding Toast

I invite the guests present at this wedding, especially to my esteemed friends (the witness gives the names of the bride and groom), pour wine into the glasses, because this will be discussed later. Poured? Then look at the wine - extraordinary, sweet and bitter at the same time. It intoxicates and dizzy even the boldest, and over the years it only gets better, stronger, more valuable!

I want your love to be like good wine, to make you drunk more and stronger each year. I congratulate you (names the bride and groom) on your wedding day, I want to wish you happiness, strong love!

  • Wedding Toast on Doors and Destination

We were born in order to become one with the person who is intended for us. He alone is perfect for us. But the thing is, until we meet with him, we can’t find out if this is our man, because the feeling of true love is not like any kind of love excitement. And we walk along the corridors of our lives, we go through different doors to meet our soul mate, this or that one that we are destined.

And some, entering the next door, think that that chosen person is waiting for them, that there are no other rooms ahead, and therefore remain there. Others continue their journey by entering other doors. Happy is he who has reached the right room. I see and believe that your newlyweds have such love! I wish that everything in life was wonderful, that there was joy, fun! And so that nothing breaks these sacred bonds! Take care of yourself (he names the bride and groom), your health, your way in the family, live long, happily, pass on love to your unborn child!

  • Toast parable for a wedding «About Lake, River and Change»

I want to tell you a parable about the Lake and the daring River, which was always half empty, half-full and located behind low hills. The lake was more like a pond, the water of which was settled and rested. But the unexpected happened - heavy rain made the River full of water, so much so that it easily jumped over small hills and fell into the lake basin.

The lake was not happy with such a neighborhood, because the River broke the rest with its fresh currents. And therefore, in every possible way resisted changes, reluctantly noting that the water in it also became cleaner and fresher. The lake dreamed that life would return to normal, and these dreams came true: the River lost its full flow and returned to its channel. The lake rejoiced at first, but then it began to notice that the silence no longer brings joy, and the water becomes more stale. It already missed the rampant streams of the River, but could do nothing.

So couples - change each other's life, but these changes only seem to be an obstacle in the flow of formation. Truly, this is a breath of fresh wind, a fresh breath of air, a ray of light! I want you (the name of the groom) to remember this when the young wife takes all the shelves in your closet, and you (the name of the bride) perceived the husband’s bachelor den as a place for creativity. Your unity is your strength!

Video: short wedding toasts in your own words

Speaking beautiful wishes in his own words, the witness can say a lot of important things to the newlyweds, because these congratulations are expressed sincerely from the heart, from the heart, and this is more expensive than beautiful memorized phrases, poetic lines. In order to express a good attitude to his newlywed friends through a toast, the groom's friend must feel the meaning of the moment, the importance of the event for these two relatives, remember what they lack for complete happiness. See how beautifully in the video the wedding toasts from the witness and friends of the groom, pronounced in their own words, sound.

Video: a beautiful wedding toast from a witness

Wedding toasts from a witness are always spectacular, witty, friendly, beautiful wishes to both newlyweds, which are a special pleasure to listen to. Each friend turns his wedding speech into a special, original, memorable performance, therefore in a congratulatory speech there should be no platitudes and uncertainty. An ideal congratulation from a witness combines humor, dialogue with the public, optimism, sincere wishes expressed briefly and beautifully. This beautiful wish from a friend of the newlyweds in the video can be considered indicative:

If the witness is the best friend of the couple, then his toast will always be valuable for her, and beautiful words will only complement the impression, add originality and color. On this site you can not only find interesting wishes from a friend of the groom, but also toasts for the wedding in your own words, which will help to make a congratulatory speech easy, memorable.