Scenario wedding evening at home


The debate on the issue of celebrating the marriage at home has been going on between the newlyweds for a long time, but there is no consensus on this. Some believe that it is impossible to have a wedding celebration at home, it’s interesting and it will be a regular home dinner, nothing reminiscent of a wedding. Others are of the opinion that with proper organization, creating the necessary atmosphere, mood, a wedding celebration at home will be no worse than in a restaurant. It is necessary to consider all «behind» and «against».

Celebration preparation

In order for the wedding evening at home to be original, beautiful, newlyweds need to take care of its preparation, organization, taking into account the following points:

  • Realistically assess the ability of the apartment to accommodate all guests from the guest list. Take care not only of the place for the table, but also for the dance floor, entertainment program, without which it is difficult to imagine a wedding celebration. An ideal option in some cases could be a buffet instead of a regular feast.

Reception at the wedding evening at home
  • It is better to arrange a wedding in the apartment in the cool season - in autumn or winter, during this period the newlyweds or guests will not be too hot in the apartment, and food and refreshments can be placed on the balcony.
  • To create a festive atmosphere at the wedding, you need to take care of the design of the room, its decor.

Room decoration for a wedding
  • On the eve of the wedding evening at home, newlyweds should warn their neighbors about the upcoming holiday, loud music, so that there are no quarrels, conflicts, misunderstandings.
  • The most difficult part in organizing a celebration at home is the question of purchasing food, preparing food, serving it, and cleaning dishes after a banquet. As a rule, the main concerns fall on the shoulders of the bride, the parents of the newlyweds, immediate relatives. Ask friends to help prepare simple dishes, tableware, or dishwashers..
  • In order to make the wedding evening fun, you need to think through an entertaining program..

Fun for a wedding at home

Wedding details

A wedding celebration, regardless of where it will take place, implies the presence of special details that help create the necessary atmosphere, a festive mood. The following attributes should be prepared in advance:

  • Wedding accessories, attributes for room decoration.
  • Props for a photo shoot of newlyweds, guests.
  • Required Attributes for Competitions.
  • Comic letters, medals, souvenirs for newlyweds, parents, guests participating in competitions.

Comic medals for the wedding


Permanent participants in the wedding celebration are the newlyweds - the bride and groom. Important, honored guests at the event are:

  • Parents of the newlyweds.
  • Witness.
  • Toastmaster, host or guest who will take on this role.
  • DJ - one of the guests who will be engaged in musical accompaniment of the wedding evening at home, playing music that the newlyweds have chosen.
  • Photo, video operators who capture the holiday.

Home decoration

To create a romantic atmosphere, you need to consider the decoration of the room where the wedding evening will take place. Design options that should be considered when choosing a decor:

  • Decoration should start from the porch, because the bride’s ransom will take place here, the newlyweds will meet after the wedding walk. Beautiful satin ribbons, posters, balls can be used for decoration..

Home decoration
  • The design of the room where the wedding will be held depends on the preferences of the newlyweds. Balloons are a popular, affordable way to decorate.
  • Floristry is always in fashion, so decorating a wedding with flowers is a win-win option that will help to beautifully and tastefully design a room, giving it a special charm. It is better to use buds that retain their original appearance for a long time - roses, gerberas, asters or those that were presented to the newlyweds in the registry office.

Table decoration with flowers for a wedding celebration
  • Decoration with light, flowing fabrics, such as organza, chiffon, will make the room festive, solemn. It is important to consider that decorations, tablecloths, napkins should be in the same color scheme, so that everything looks beautiful, harmonious.

Decoration of the wedding celebration with fabrics

Scenarios for a wedding evening

The wedding celebration begins with a meeting of the newlyweds. Guests line up in two parallel rows, leaving a passage for the young. At the entrance of the spouses, parents with a loaf, icons will meet. The presenter asks to greet the newlyweds, the young ones get out of the car, walk along «living» hallway to parents.


- Welcome, newlyweds! All guests gathered to congratulate you on this bright wedding day, to share your joy. But the main, most expensive at this celebration are your parents. Come, bow to them, thanking for the gift of love, affection.

The newlyweds come and bow to their parents. The mother of the bride, blessing the young icon, says the following words:

- Congratulations on the birth of a young family. May your union be strong, long, and you, so that you always live in peace, love and harmony!


- Loaf is a symbol of wealth in the family, a good tradition is connected with it, according to which we will determine who will be the main one. Break off a piece - whoever has more will be responsible in the family (the newlyweds break the loaf). Salt well each piece of it, do not spare salt! Let everyone eat their salted part of the loaf and remember - never, never salt each other in life!

Meeting of the newlyweds with a loaf near the house

Having eaten the loaf, the newlyweds and guests pass into the apartment. Here, invitees present gifts, say short congratulations, sit down at the tables. To comply with the order, it is necessary to place cards with the names of guests, so that everyone takes their place.


- Dear guests! On this beautiful day, we gathered here to celebrate a joyful event - the birth of a new family. Dear newlyweds! On this day, you entered into a union of love, creating your own family. Remember this magical moment forever, see what joy, your eyes burn with love, so maintain the fire of love all your life, give each other tenderness, warmth and affection.

Opening remarks by the host during a feast

Sounds quiet background music. After a busy day, guests are tasting treats. Parents must rightfully say the first congratulatory words.


- We have lived together for so many years, so give young advice!

Parents of the bride and groom take turns saying wishes to the newlyweds.


- On this day, parents received their new ranks - mother-in-law, father-in-law, father-in-law and mother-in-law, so I solemnly present you with new certificates!

The presenter gives comic certificates, orders with funny descriptions «new posts» of parents.

Comic certificates for newlywed parents

During the feast, the host provides an opportunity for all guests to express the words of wishes for the couple in love. When she sees that the guests have eaten, she announces the first dance of the newlyweds, after which all the guests go to the dance floor to unwind and have fun. After a short musical pause, the host again invites everyone to the table to make another toast to a young family. To raise the mood, the host host holds a competition for newlyweds for the distribution of duties, after which she issues medals to the best groom and beautiful bride.

Medals for newlyweds at a wedding party at home


- Dear guests, we have gathered here for the sake of two wonderful, charming people who decided to unite their life paths. But they became so beautiful only thanks to the efforts of their parents, so young, thank them for a happy, carefree childhood, for moments of joy, for the help and support provided.

Newlyweds get up, thank parents and kiss them.

Beautiful wedding toast for parents


- The truly happy family is the one where the family hearth burns. Dear parents, take lighted candles and light the hearth of a new young family, sharing a piece of your warmth, love, experience. The bride is your task to preserve and protect the family hearth. And you, the groom, should in every way help your wife.

The hearth (candles) is lit.

Burning a family hearth

At the end of the evening they make a beautiful birthday cake.


- Cutting the wedding cake, the newlyweds share their happiness with the guests, because they cannot be enjoyed alone, therefore, guests, accept this delicious treat from the young spouses, share their joy with them!

After the sweet table, the bride throws a bouquet, and the groom garter to determine which of the next friends will enter into a family union. The newlyweds thank the guests who visited their wedding evening at home and shared with them the joy of this important event. Guests head home.

Wedding Cake Cutting

Competitions and games for honeymooners and guests

  • Distribution of duties

The presenter prepares pieces of paper in advance with duties that, as a rule, need to be performed at home. She neatly collapses, and provide the newlyweds with a choice. They are not looking, they select by leaflet and pronouncing the phrase «I will…» read out the duty that fell to their lot. A variation of such a competition may be balloons with notes inside, the newlyweds burst the balloons and read what fell on their lot.

Competition distribution of responsibilities at a wedding at home
  • Get to know me darling

Several girls and a bride sit on a chair. The groom is shown that among the participants is his lover, after which they blindfolded him. At this time, the bride and several other girls are replaced by men. It is necessary to expose the leg to the knee, and the groom must touch, determine from it where his beloved is. To hide the undepiled legs of men, they should wear stockings. Guests and newlyweds will have fun from the heart during such a contest.

Wedding contest, recognize me darling
  • Talking hat

An original and very funny competition for a wedding celebration, which will give guests and newlyweds a lot of pleasure and good mood. It is worth preparing in advance some hat or panama, cutting musical compositions. The presenter approaches the guests in turn, puts on a hat, asks a question «what is the guest thinking?» and at that moment a funny phrase from the musical composition sounds. An excellent mood and a lot of positive after such a competition is guaranteed. Watch the video with this contest:

A unique, fun wedding celebration can be held in the home environment. Beautifully decorated room, delicious snacks, happy newlyweds and guests in a good mood, thoughtful entertainment program - these are the necessary components of a wedding that will make the day truly festive, solemn and it’s not at all necessary to go to an expensive restaurant.