Berry Wedding Scenario


What modern wedding organizers can’t come up with in order to achieve their goal and organize a colorfully fun and extraordinary celebration. In this regard, berry wedding deserves special attention, which is increasingly attracted by its name and causes sincere curiosity. This wedding celebration is a summer version of the holiday, the main theme of which is selected any berry: whether it be cherry, raspberry, strawberry or blackberry, blueberry. It’s intriguing to find out how interesting it is to organize such a wedding using a pre-prepared script.

Celebration preparation

For the successful organization of a berry wedding, you should think about every little thing and carefully approach the thematic details. Use and consider each idea to write a holiday script. Some good tips to help coordinate actions and step by step to organize a berry wedding:

Wedding invitations for guests with berry motifs
  1. Fill out invitations for guests with elements of berry motifs: drawings of raspberries, blackberries, currants, cherries
  2. The bride’s outfit must have appropriate decorations. For example, a belt for a dress on which berries of raspberry, strawberry or cherry are embroidered. Bright accessories to match the holiday - berry necklace, earrings, bracelet, bright handbag or shoes.
  3. The groom's outfit must also comply with the berry style. Perhaps he will like the fun idea of ​​wearing a bright tie with strawberries under the executive wedding suit. However, not every man will go to such an experiment, so add the boutonniere with cherry blossoms or other berries.
  4. In a berry wedding, you should consider the menu corresponding to the chosen style. The presentation of dishes should also be framed in accordance with the main motives with berries.
  5. The decor of the banquet hall must be consistent with the style of a berry wedding.
  6. Decorate the wedding cake with colorful berries.
  7. Drawing up an interesting wedding scenario for the berry celebration of the bride and groom.

Berry Wedding Cake Decor

Details for a berry wedding

Without a good set of details for all occasions, it’s impossible to realize a single skillfully prepared script. Therefore, it is important to think in advance what you will need to implement a particular contest at a thematic wedding. Detailed list of details for the scenario of the berry festival:

  1. Ripe berries. It can be: cherries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. Decorate the entrance or bride’s yard for redemption with them, attach to the walls, hang from various surfaces or trees.
  2. Fruit basket for berries.
  3. Strawberry Balloons.
  4. Chupa-chupsy with berry tastes.

Details for a berry wedding

Wedding Place Decoration

The decoration of the banquet hall where the festive feast of the berry wedding will take place should also correspond to the chosen theme of the celebration. Therefore, it is beautiful to arrange tables and chairs for which guests will sit, the table of the newlyweds and the interior around will be a perfectly appropriate activity during the preparation. Next, check out a few ideas that will help you match the style of a berry wedding:

  • The restaurant's hall can be decorated in the form of a spring blooming garden with cherries. Use artificial sakura branches of white and pink color (Japanese name for cherry). So you will achieve a gentle atmosphere that creates a spring mood and matches the theme of berry wedding.
  • Use the following artificial berry decor at the wedding: currant branches that hold massive white curtains, small cherries and strawberries placed here and there, the newlyweds' wedding table decorated with a tablecloth depicting a thematic berry.
  • Put a beautiful berry cut with cream on a plate for each guest.
  • Perhaps the restaurant will be able to provide you for the wedding banquet dishes with berry drawings.
  • Instead of fresh flowers decorating a wedding banquet table, use tall narrow vases filled with delicious summer berries.

Berry decoration of a wedding party

Berry Wedding Scenario

  • Redemption of the bride for a berry wedding.

Bridesmaids, according to the script, meet the groom. On the head of each wearing a mask in the form of a berry: strawberries, currants, cherries, raspberries. Friends words:

- Welcome to the berry garden, dear guests! I am the main gardener here. How can I be of service to you?


- Let us, girls, lead us through your beautiful garden: the path we take is important!


- Doesn’t your path to our bride-berry?


- To the bride-berry!


- Just because no one will pass! You see, the harvest period is now, the berry garden is crowded, so come another time.

Witness puts a few banknotes in a berry basket.


- The berry garden is expensive, so don't skimp!

Witness puts money in basket again.


- Well, persuaded! Let’s go look for a sweet berry, however, before you have to go through many tests that will prove whether you are worthy of our bride. You see, the girls are standing in front of you, sweet berries. Guess which of these fruits your beloved loves to eat. If you are mistaken, you will have to pay a fine and eat a portion of the incorrectly named fruit.

If the groom guesses, he immediately passes on according to the scenario. And if not, then he fulfills the requirements, the witness helps him.


- Well done, groom! Your trust is growing in the mistress of the berry garden! Well, now a few field tasks: Narva strawberries and you will become closer to the bride.

The witness in advance hangs balloons at the entrance, some have a picture with strawberries. Groom with a friend must burst the balls with his hands according to the scenario, since in one of them a piece of paper with kisses is hidden.

The witness's words when the groom reaches the goal:

- These are the sweet sponges of the berries of our garden. You can guess where the kiss of the bride is - you can freely take your sweetheart. But no - you pay the ransom, and you still have a berry test on.

If the groom did not guess, then the next test, according to the scenario - lay out the bride’s name from the money and sing a serenade.


- Now lay out all your wealth to write the name of the red berry. The more money, the faster you will see the bride!

- The name is already there, only a beautiful song remains about your faithful and strong love for the married.

The script does not provide for specific songs, so the groom can sing a chorus or verse of any song he knows. His friend can help.

Further, the future spouse enters the bride’s house, finds her and takes her with her for the solemn painting in the registry office.

  • Meeting the newlyweds at the berry wedding.

At the restaurant, parents, together with all the guests, are waiting for the newlyweds. A wedding car arrives, from which the bride and groom come out solemnly, to the whistle and loud greeting of the guests. They must go through a living corridor, at this time guests will shower the newlyweds with sweets, coins, confetti, rose petals, etc. Parents meet their children at the doorstep. According to the scenario, the mother-in-law holds in her hands a huge berry loaf on a rushnyk. Her words:

- So this long-awaited moment took place when you can safely call yourself a husband and wife. A difficult path awaits you ahead, so the parents will part as you are: son, take care of your wife like the apple of an eye, because she is your quiet haven, your well with life-giving moisture in the middle of the desert and a true friend for all the remaining days of a bright life. And you, daughter, know how to listen to your husband, be a loving, patient and wise woman who is always there. Now break off a piece of berry pie and we will find out who will be the head of this newly created family?

Meeting the newlyweds at the berry wedding

The newlyweds break off a piece from the loaf, dip in salt and feed each other. After they take it over strawberries, dip it in cream and eat it too. All together go to the solemnly decorated banquet hall. Here the newlyweds dance their first wedding dance and invite guests to take seats.

Games and contests for honeymooners and guests

  • Wedding contest «Strawberry jam».

According to the wedding scenario, the host chooses four guests. Newlyweds can also participate. They are blindfolded and seated on chairs. Everyone is given the taste to try ice cream with different toppings; they need to guess where the strawberry jam is. Who is wrong - is eliminated.

The next tasting under the scenario is four types of jelly, from which it is necessary to guess strawberry, well, and the last stage is four plates with mustard, where one of the toppings is strawberry jam. At the end, the winner must find strawberries from the four types of jam to the touch, which he will then receive as a gift.

Competition with strawberry jam for a berry wedding
  • Wedding contest «Hit the bottle».

In advance, long ropes (at least 70 cm) are tied to the cherries' legs, bottles are placed for each participant in the contest. The diameter of the neck of the bottle should be slightly larger than the cherry so that the berry enters. Participants hands are given on a cherry on a string. Everyone’s task, according to the wedding scenario, is to collect the greatest number of cherries in their bottle for a while.

The complexity of the wedding competition lies in the length of the rope to which the cherry is tied (the longer, the more difficult it is to rush into the bottle in a hurry). The one who has the least berries after the first minute leaves. The competition lasts up to five approaches in a minute each. The winner receives an incentive berry prize (for example, a magnet with cherries).

Competition hit the bottle at the berry wedding
  • Wedding contest «Cherry kiss».

Witnesses are invited to attend. They are taken to a separate room for a minute, and at this time the guests are given a sakura branch. Their task is to kiss all the men (for the girl) and all the women (for the guy) who also hold cherries. Competition on time. According to the wedding scenario, this game is best played as a punishment for witnesses who missed the stolen bride or slipper.

Commemorative prizes for guests

To make the berry wedding entertainment program even more fun and your scenario to be justified, be sure to think about the incentive berry prizes that will need to be awarded to winners of wedding contests. These should be symbolic inexpensive souvenirs that will be pleasant to receive for a long memory of your triumph. Some ideas for memorable prizes to guests for a berry wedding:

  • Small beautiful jars of berry jam.
  • Magnets with the image of strawberries, raspberries and other fruits.
  • Berry lighters.
  • Ballpoint pens with berry pattern.
  • Japanese sushi sticks with cherry.
  • Berry Pattern Key Chains.
  • Small Notebooks.

Souvenirs for guests berry wedding

End of the evening

Let the beautiful ceremony of removing the veil from the bride serve as a symbol of the completion of the wedding evening in your script. The mother-in-law should carefully remove this headdress from the girl’s hairstyle and put on her a beautiful white scarf. This is a wonderful tradition of a Slavic wedding, thanks to which modern newlyweds pay tribute to their ancestors, and it leaves a very touching moment at the wedding celebration. At the end of this custom, the guests, together with the young, go out to the street, where everyone enjoys a picturesque firework.

The ceremony of removing the veil at the end of the berry wedding

The originality of the berry wedding is that you can show imagination in everything and bring something of your own to such a scenario. For example, come up with various wedding decorations, interesting contests for guests or other original details. Therefore, do not hesitate to translate your interesting ideas into life, especially if this is such a special occasion, like a wedding. An example of a berry wedding, see the video below: