Wooden Wedding Scenario


After five years of marriage, the first serious anniversary comes to the house of young spouses - a wooden wedding. The symbol of the holiday is much stronger than those that marked the previous anniversaries - chintz, paper, linen, wax. An original scenario of a wooden wedding with fun contests, interesting games, tasks, beautiful congratulations will help to celebrate the anniversary..

Celebration preparation

The organization of a wooden wedding anniversary is a responsible occupation that should be entrusted to the closest people or true professionals in their field. In order for the wooden celebration to be perfect, the guests present will remember for a long time, it is necessary to take into account all the little things, to pay attention to details. Invitation cards sent to relatives, friends, the color of the tablecloth at the banquet - everything should correspond to a single concept.

To make the wooden holiday beautiful, all guests should observe the dress code, for example, dress up in a suit or dress in brown shades, have something wooden with you - beads, beads, cufflinks, other accessories. Let the event participants be met by a druid, a forest fairy, another character associated with life in the forest - this will help the organizers create a real fairy tale at a wooden wedding.

Outfits for wooden anniversaries

Decorations for the venue

The event can be organized in a warm home environment or go outdoors if weather permits. The decoration of the place depends on where the wooden wedding will be held:

  • Outdoors. A wooden summer cottage, a manor owned by anniversaries or rented, is perfect for a jubilee. In this case, the main decoration will be nature, which perfectly matches the concept of a wooden wedding. All kinds of rustic style decor elements are suitable - rustic things. This is a rough burlap cloth, wooden, tin dishes, wildflowers, old grandmother's things. Such a celebration will be cozy and will delight everyone with its unique warm atmosphere..

See how a perfect rustic look looks like when celebrating a wedding:

  • At home or in a restaurant. Especially in winter, when the temperature reaches lower levels, it is important to organize a warm wooden celebration, which will symbolize the love of the spouses, the heat of their family hearth. Decor elements that are ideal for a wooden wedding: tables, wooden chairs, wooden walls, warm beige, cream, brown colors, which are present in all accessories. Natural decorations are also suitable - beautiful fir cones, twigs, dried flowers.

Room decoration for a wooden wedding

Musical accompaniment for the anniversary

Music for a wooden wedding is a song with folk and other wooden instruments (balalaika, guitar, violin, flute, dulcimer). You can download such compositions from sites or call a musical team that will give the holiday a fresh sound. Under the cheerful, fast folk rhythms, guests can dance properly. Musicians can also perform more calm motives that will accompany cozy conversations at the table..

Musical accompaniment of the wooden anniversary: ​​folk instruments

Scenario of a wooden wedding

The following is a wedding anniversary script. Acting as a leader can be the bride's girlfriend, her mother, other relatives, or a professional host.

Guests gather, sit in their places. Participants in the process of holding the five-year wedding anniversary hand out wooden spoons to guests; there are no husband and wife at the holiday yet. The host begins to speak:

- Hello, dear friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents! A wonderful day has come - the fifth year from the day of the marriage of the beautiful (Name of the bride) and (Name of the groom). We all sincerely love this couple, and so let's all call them together, knock on spoons!

Five year anniversary wooden spoons

The assistant host includes a cheerful folk song, guests knock on dishes, the newlyweds come out, the host continues:

- Hello, our favorite anniversaries! For the past five years, you have been for us a wonderful example of pure, beautiful love. We wish with all our hearts, a union as strong as a tree, that your souls be entwined with roots, and the century is as long as that of forest oaks. And now, dear anniversaries, it’s time for you to congratulate each other on the significant date of the fifth anniversary!


- Beloved (Name of the bride), for so many years now I can’t think of anyone but you. Days, months, years pass, and my love only grows and grows stronger. You are the most wonderful thing that happened to me in life.


- Dear (Name of the groom), I see that every day we are getting better, and our marriage is stronger. Even if there are minor quarrels, turmoil, but all this does not matter when I'm with you. I love you!

The host calls for applause, the guests scream Gorko !, the couple kiss. Then the host continues:

Five years after the wedding

- Well, the tree was not in vain a symbol of the fifth year of life of the spouses. This is the first durable material in the symbolism of wedding anniversaries, which means that your family has become really strong. Wooden objects create coziness, and you can’t find a modern house where there is no furniture made of wood: we throw firewood into the fireplace to warm them during the cold winter, and in wooden bowls the food tastes better than in glass. Our guests have prepared gifts for you, in which this unique material is present - wood.

There is a ceremonial presentation of gifts for a wooden wedding from guests. After this, a cool contest takes place that will entertain those present:

- Dear guests, we see a wonderful couple in front of us, who is only at the beginning of their long journey, despite the fact that they have already spent so much time together. Let's have an interesting competition between you that will express your attitude towards the couple! Divide into several teams, and then say the epithets that suit our wonderful spouses.

Guests are divided into two or four teams depending on the number, they call the words in turn. The condition for the competition is to come up with a compliment epithet in two seconds. A team that skips their time is excluded. The team that remains last wins. The host gives small winners prizes: natural soaps, wooden figurines or sweets.

- Congratulations to the winning team!

The host applauds and makes a toast:

- And now let's raise our glasses for wooden anniversaries, because everything the guests said about them is true!

Five year anniversary wooden goblets

Guests drink, pronounce congratulations, communicate with the heroes of the anniversary. After a long pause, the facilitator says:

–– Dear birthday people! Yes, birthdays, because we celebrate nothing more than the birthday of your family, the fifth in a row. We see how much you love each other, how you support from the very day of the wedding. Demonstrate this to us again, because it’s not a sin to learn from this once again! (Bride's name), here is a paper napkin. Need to tear it without the help of hands.

Wife tears a napkin.

“And now, dear spouse, you need to find a way to glue her.

The husband collects a napkin together, gluing parts with improvised means. As a glue for such a light material, even a small amount of dressing, which is in the salad, is suitable. The host says:

“I see that you are truly an amazingly understanding couple who will always come to help each other.” We wish you, our esteemed anniversaries, a wooden wedding, to never tear anything so that you do not have to glue it! Bitterly!

Beautiful kiss of wooden anniversaries

The couple kiss, and the facilitators bring balloons equal to the number of guests to the hall.

–The official part of the wooden wedding event is coming to an end. Here is the last gift, diviner balls. You need to burst the ball and read the contents of the note, which will determine your future! Dear anniversaries, be happy. Venerable guests, continue to delight birthday people with toasts and congratulations!

The host returns to the guests, cheerful music sounds, the guests pop the balls, and the celebration continues.

Competitions for 5 years of married life

Play some original contests while celebrating your wooden wedding:

  • Lumberjack. This competition is held outdoors. Participants need to temporarily cut the maximum number of logs. The one who managed to chop more in 5 minutes wins.

Fun wooden wedding contest: lumberjack

  • Wooden songs. The organizers need to find backing tracks for songs that mention trees, and then include 4-8 songs for each team. Those who will quickly recognize the melody, starting to sing along, win.
  • Collect the nesting doll. Competition for a wooden wedding for the time being held for bachelors or while childless men. In the basket, the leader mixes three or four sets of wooden nesting dolls, the participants stand around the basket, a start is announced: in a minute, men should try to assemble the nesting doll completely. The winner is the one who assembled the toy first, or correctly stacked more nesting dolls.
  • Men's dance competition. The host gives the male participants long skirts, scarves on the head and arm. In five minutes they need to split into two teams, change clothes, discuss what the dance moves will be. The team that managed to make the audience laugh more or surprise the guests wins this dance battle..

Separately, it is worth touching on the topic of prizes at a wooden wedding. These are small souvenirs that the presenters will give out to guests after winning competitions. Prizes can be symbolic, for example, sweets, or more expensive souvenirs - wooden figurines, medals, bottles of delicious wine.

Benefits of Celebrating a Wooden Wedding at Home and Outdoors

For those who have not decided where to hold a wooden wedding, a small list of benefits has been compiled during a celebration in nature and at home:

  • Nature. This option is ideal for summer, late spring, or early fall. Fresh air, trees around, birdsong all this creates a pleasant mood. A place near the river is good, where guests can swim. Celebrating a wooden wedding in nature fits perfectly into the context of the event. A bonfire will be built on the shore, where spouses with guests can perform a ritual of burning old things, which will be the final stage of the celebration.

Decoration of a venue for a wooden wedding: nature

  • Home holiday. The option of a home celebration of a wooden wedding is good because it does not require large investments, you do not need to rent a country house, carry tables, chairs, food, because it is sometimes difficult to cook in nature. For most guests it will be more convenient to come to the celebration of the wooden anniversary in the city, and a cozy room will relieve obsessive insects. Pros of holding a wedding anniversary at home - cleanliness, convenience, relative cheapness.

Wooden wedding is the first serious anniversary of young spouses. The organizers need to make sure that it is perfect, and the event itself remains not only in the memory of the participants, but also in the photo, video.