Tin Wedding Scenario - Wedding Tips


After eight years from the date of marriage, the couple celebrate a tin wedding. Tin is a material that has not in vain become a symbol of the anniversary. This metal is useful in everyday life, and the strength of the tin used during construction helps to protect houses from destruction. The wedding anniversary scenario will help those who celebrate the celebration to spend their eighth anniversary in a fun and original way..

Celebration preparation

For the anniversary to go perfectly, the organizers of the celebration will have to do serious preparation. Depending on what the spouses want, it can be small cozy gatherings with parents, brothers, sisters and close friends or a large-scale banquet, where spouses will invite many guests.

A beautiful anniversary implies careful attention to detail: for the holiday, you should prepare invitation cards, seating cards made in the same style, provide a beautiful decor of the room, do music, paint the competition program. It is also necessary to take care of the invitation of the leader who implements the scenario of the celebration.

Original invitation cards for tin anniversary.

Decoration of the venue

There are no special rules for decorating a room for a tin celebration - it all depends on the wishes of the husband and wife. An old tradition may become an interesting solution: earlier, during a tin wedding, the couple put up a bucket near the house, which was filled with alcohol, and put a cup next to it. Everyone could drink from it for the happiness and long life of anniversaries. Such a bucket can be arranged in the banquet hall, but it is better to fill it with not too strong alcohol (beer, wine, cider).

The theme of the wedding is well reflected in the metallic shades of the interior - gray, silver. For decor, silver appliances, candlesticks, plates, dishes can be used. Tablecloths and draperies for roofing, as well as chairs are proposed to be made of silver satin or other fabrics with a metallic sheen.

Metal decor for the 8th wedding anniversary

Musical accompaniment for the anniversary

Spouses can make a selection of their favorite songs to accompany the celebration or invite a local musical group. Live music is ideal for large-scale tin celebration. Since 8 years is not such a long time for marriage, musical preferences will have something in common with today's stage.

If not only people close to the family are invited to the anniversary celebration, then it is mandatory to plan the dance part of the music. Dancing is a break between tables, the opportunity to get to know the guests better, and just a pleasure that is not often seen in modern times.

Scenario of a tin wedding

A tin wedding script will help organizers have a fun event. An example of an anniversary will be presented below..

When the guests are seated, the leader gets up, he says:

- Hello, dear guests, thank you for coming to congratulate our anniversaries! Eight years have passed unnoticed since the day we saw the bride and groom walking down the aisle. Now it’s hard to call them newlyweds, because they have passed together a huge period of time. Anna (Name of the wife) and Ivan (Name of the husband) - a strong family, which is an example of bright, beautiful relationships. Let's greet them!

The host applauds, guests are connected to it. Newly married spouses.

- Our beautiful anniversaries! On behalf of all those present and on my own behalf, I congratulate you on the eighth anniversary. After so many years near you, you must have become very close, got to know each other, but there is still a fascinating, long way ahead ahead of you! The inverted figure eight symbolizes infinity: we wish you endless love! Bitterly!

Scenario of a tin wedding

The culprits of the tin celebration kiss, the guests drink.

- After many years of living together, it is clear that your love is still strong and becomes stronger every day. No wonder the symbol of tin celebration is metal. Our guests have prepared gifts for you that will be the perfect start to the holiday.!

Presenter with guests give presents to anniversaries. It can be gold jewelry, useful household items, souvenirs (caskets, candlesticks), a set of tin cutlery.

- There is one more gift for you! In ancient times, before a tin celebration, the couple carried the tin plate to the stable and left there until the morning. If in the morning an imprint of a horseshoe was found on the plate, it means that the young people had to celebrate a golden wedding! It is problematic to find a stable in an urban environment, but we have prepared for you a tin horseshoe that will protect your marriage for many years and bring good luck!

The presenter gives the jubilee a horseshoe, on it is an engraving of the date with the names of the spouses.


- And now I offer dear guests to get up and drink to the bottom so that even after fifty years of marriage, the love of the perpetrators of the tin celebration will not cool down!

The guests get up from the table and drink while standing, after this congratulation the host takes a short pause so that all the participants in the tin celebration will have dinner. When the meal break ends, the speaker stands up again:

- Our guests ate well, so it was time to engage in vigorous activity - we will hold a contest! The main characters of this contest are spouses, each of them will bring together a female and male team. Anniversaries, choose participants!

The culprits of the tin wedding gather teams, the leader takes out two bags.

“These bags contain a lot of empty cans.” The task of each team is to build a stylish image element for the beautiful spouses. For example, a handbag or a tie, but this is up to you. Whoever manages faster wins. Time has gone!

In a hurry, the participants in the tin celebration contest are trying to make an accessory using cans. When one team finishes playing, the host says:

Tin Wedding Scenario

- We have winners, the second team, you can stop! Congratulations on how this worked out? Yeah! Yes, your piece of clothing looks amazing, it will become a favorite part of the wardrobe of the winner team leader! We give small prizes!

The participants of the game are given canned goods in tin cans - sprats, sardines, paste.

- Well, after such a hot contest, you can’t help but drink! For anniversaries!

Guests drink, host continues.

“I see, dear guests, you yourself want to say a few words to our beautiful spouses!” I give you my word.

Those present congratulate the heroes of the tin celebration. Leading:

- Much has already been said about our wonderful anniversaries, and now I would like to say something to their parents, without which this wedding could not take place. Dear Irina and Vladimir (parents' names), we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving a wonderful upbringing to the anniversaries and for teaching them to appreciate understanding, love and care. We wish you long years and immensely happy life.!

Host with guests applaud the parents of the heroes of the tin celebration.

- And finally, the official part of the tin celebration, we will hold a dance competition! Those who wish, go to the site!

Tin Wedding Scenario

Contest participants gather in a circle.

- Your task is to dance to the text of the music: with gestures you must depict the words. According to the results of the competition, the one whose acting skills will be at the highest level will win! The winner will be determined by the applause of the guests!

A dance competition is being held. Lead determines the winner by applause.

- Congratulations! For such a gorgeous gift and excellent acting, I give you an energizer that will let you dance the hottest dances all night long!

The host gives the winning participant a bottle of expensive alcohol. Others also do not go unnoticed - they are given tasty wine.

- Well, here comes our official part. We really warmed up those present with cheerful dances, it was time to relax and talk. Anniversaries, may your life be as bright, cheerful, unpredictable as our, in my opinion, successful holiday! Guests, do not cease to please them with congratulations. Bitterly! Bitterly! Bitterly!

Spouses kiss.

8th Anniversary Kiss of Anniversaries

Competitions for 8 years of married life

A few additional games and contests that will help make the atmosphere of a tin anniversary even more fun:

  • Sign language. Anniversaries and all guests participate. The task of the heroes of the occasion is to show with gestures the event that has become the most memorable for them since the day of the official marriage. The hero of the day wins whose pantomime the guests will guess faster.
  • Love chain. It will take two long ropes and two teams of participants. The task of the contestants is to take turns tying the rope around themselves once, then pass its end to the next one until everyone connects. The faster team wins.
  • Bad sign. Participants are divided into two teams, each issued a packet of salt. The essence of the competition is that guests pass each other a package using only their knees or elbows. Faster team wins the competition.

Watch a fun video selection of wedding anniversary contests:

The organizers of the tin anniversary should carefully consider the details of the preparation, pick up interesting contests, and take into account the wishes of the heroes of the occasion. In this case, the holiday will be perfect, all participants will remember for a long time. You should also capture the event in the photo: the pictures will be a great addition to the family album.