Sapphire Wedding Scenario


Forty-five life together after marriage marks a beautiful anniversary - a sapphire wedding. Sapphire is a wonderful gem of a pure heavenly hue. It was not for nothing that he became a symbol of the forty-fifth anniversary, because such a long relationship is a real jewel. An original script will help to celebrate a sapphire wedding well..

Celebration preparation

As a rule, children and grandchildren help prepare anniversaries. Sapphire spouses are probably more than sixty years old, so the difficult moments of the organization fall on the shoulders of younger relatives. Children of anniversaries should clarify the list of guests with them - after so many years, the heroes of the occasion made loyal, good friends. If the couple is still involved in the work, the organizers can call good colleagues anniversaries.

If desired, it is possible to have a theme party where there will be an appropriate dress code - blue, blue shades of clothing. This should be warned in advance by invitation cards. A good solution would be to invite a professional photographer to complement the big family album of the heroes of the occasion with new pictures.

Watch an interesting video that will help you create invitation cards for guests of a sapphire wedding:

Decoration of the venue

Decorate the wedding venue will be according to the symbolism of the forty-fifth anniversary. You need to use shades of blue on a contrasting delicate background. A beautiful solution is fabric draperies of a beautiful sapphire color, blue curtains, napkins or a tablecloth. Decorate the table with bouquets of blue plants. The organizers can also arrange a holiday in a marine style - there will be many new options for a beautiful decor in blue and blue..

Sapphire wedding venue decoration

Musical accompaniment for the anniversary

If the organizers have the financial means, you should definitely hire a musical group that will play beautiful instrumental melodies during the celebration of the sapphire wedding. Otherwise, children can make a playlist that anniversaries will like - you need to include their old favorite songs in it.

Sapphire Wedding Scenario

An interesting scenario for holding a wedding anniversary will help to celebrate the celebration merrily, will give the jubilee a charge of positive emotions. Take someone you know as the lead, or hire a professional who can do everything in the best possible way..

Guests of sapphire anniversaries are seated in places. The host takes the microphone:

- Welcome to our beautiful holiday, dear guests! We had the great honor to attend the event dedicated to the forty-fifth anniversary of the life of the spouses. Forty-five years together - this is a huge period that causes genuine admiration! Just think - after so many years the heroes of the occasion remained together, no matter what. Now they are waiting outside the door. I want you to call them with your loud applause!

A meeting of sapphire anniversaries with applause

The host begins to applaud, the guests also give applause to the incoming spouses.

- Dear (names of spouses)! For forty-five years now you have been living together, maintaining love. To spend so much time remaining a couple, you need a huge mutual respect, love, endurance! So many things have happened over the years - there were quarrels and reconciliations, your children were born, then beautiful grandchildren appeared who celebrate your beautiful anniversary with us. I still have time to wish you a lot, but first I want to convey the floor to children who can’t wait to congratulate their beloved parents with a toast!

The word takes the child of the sapphire wedding culprits.

- Beloved parents! I would like to wish you so much that I lose words. You are an example of fidelity and love for me. I was lucky enough to grow up with such wonderful, caring people, and I still do not believe my happiness. I want you to remain always young, as before, take care of each other, sincerely loved! Let your life be filled with laughter, fun, carefree joy. Thanks you!

The child of the heroes of the day ends the toast, everyone drinks, the host pauses so that the guests of the wedding have time to eat.

- Yes, I would like to wish you a lot, anniversaries! But all of you already have a wonderful family, good friends, true love ... I would like to add that you are always healthy and happy! The symbol of today's anniversary is sapphire - a magnificent stone with a bright heavenly hue. In addition to the fabulous look, sapphire has healing properties - it is able to relieve stress, tension, give calm. I know that you were going to hold a small ceremony, so we will support the sapphire wedding anniversaries!

Anniversary sapphire stone rings

Leading with guests applaud, the heroes of the anniversary get out the rings with blue stone. Husband:

- I congratulate you, my beloved (name of the spouse), on the day when our hearts are united! I thank you with all my heart. I promise that I will try my best to please you every day..

The husband puts a ring on his wife. Spouse:

- Mutually I congratulate you, dear (spouse's name). I am happy to live life with you. Thank you for being there, supporting and taking care of me. I love you!

The wife puts the ring on her husband. Guests applaud.

- After your touching exchange of rings, I wanted to recall another beautiful wedding tradition ... Then, forty-five years ago, you first danced together as a married couple. I ask you to repeat this dance now.

There is a song playing during the green wedding of the culprits of the sapphire wedding, they are dancing. Leading:

Dance of Sapphire Anniversaries

- It is amazing how after so many years you did not lose this tenderness with which you looked at each other many years ago ... I don’t remember the details of that very first wedding, a golden one is approaching, but you are still a wonderful couple, setting a good example for posterity! Now I want to give the floor to guests waiting in line to congratulate you.

The host passes the microphone to the guest, he says a toast, then other congratulations to the perpetrators of the sapphire wedding are heard, invited people give gifts. As a gift for the anniversary of the spouses, household items, jewelry, interior decoration details - paintings, souvenirs are suitable. After a pause, the presenter takes the words again.

- So many wonderful, wonderful words have been said to you! Your pure, beautiful love gives an example not only to relatives, but also to friends, and this is a great achievement. Many days have been spent together, many years, and you are still there. I wish that in as many years we meet at a large-scale feast in honor of your anniversary!

The culprits of the sapphire wedding drink with the guests for this..

- Surely during a married life it was hard. But now the anniversary has come, symbolizing the forty-five years of your love - and this means that you have overcome everything! Those minor first quarrels became unimportant, everything was forgotten, calmed down. There was love and constant support. Let only sweet moments await you further, like a beautiful cake that is now being brought here!

Forty-fifth Anniversary Cake

Assistant presenters make a beautiful sapphire cake.

- Well, anniversaries, I want to once again congratulate you with all my heart and ask you to cut this masterpiece!

The culprits of the sapphire wedding cut the cake together. Presenter with assistants hand out pieces to guests.

- So the official part of our wedding has come to an end, but the holiday is not over yet. Dear guests, continue to congratulate the culprits of the sapphire wedding, and you, dear spouses, follow each other, love and be happy! Bitterly!

The culprits of the sapphire celebration kiss, the official part of the wedding is coming to an end.

Competitions for 45 years of married life

Sapphire wedding contests should not be too active, because the heroes of the anniversary together with the guests are probably not young anymore. Some examples of calm competitions, games that will decorate a sapphire wedding:

  • Love song. The competition is held at a table where guests are divided into two teams. The task of each team is to take turns recalling and humming love songs. The participants who are the first to remember the song win. Confused team loses.
  • Dressing room. Game for a feast. The presenter collects a lot of funny things into the box - a clown’s wig, a children's cap, a color boa, etc. At the signal, music starts to sound, guests at the table quickly pass the box to each other. On whom the music stops, he must take any thing and wear it for half an hour after playing.

Attributes for the dressing contest

  • Without words. The culprits of the sapphire wedding are playing. The task of the spouses is to show with gestures the most memorable thing that happened to them during their married life together. The leader records the time of each charade. The participant whose pantomime was solved faster wins.

Sapphire wedding is a great event that will help spouses to enjoy each other again, to see good friends, close relatives, children, grandchildren. Such a holiday will be remembered for a long time by everyone present.