Fruit Wedding Scenario


Among the wedding theme areas, a place of honor is occupied by fruit-style weddings. When organizing such celebrations, ideas and colors are used, which nature suggests - juicy, vibrant colors, fruits, berries in the design of the banquet table, the selection of dresses, accessories for the groom, bride, friends of the newlyweds. This will make the banquet not only beautiful, but also very tasty, healthy. The entertaining part of the event should be appropriate, the scenario and fruit contests that are suitable for such a wedding are presented below.

Celebration preparation

Choosing a fruit line for organizing a wedding celebration, you must first determine for yourself the general concept of the wedding, whether it will take place under the inspiration of any one fruit or in a common theme. The first will tie you to a specific color scheme, the second will be based on brightness, richness of colors and cheerfulness of design. This scenario is designed for a universal fruit wedding without any fruit..

Fruit Wedding

Having decided on the direction, it is worth deciding where the celebration will take place - outdoors or indoors. It is better to hold a fruit wedding in summer or spring in nature, in order to emphasize the lightness, cheerfulness, brightness and natural charm of a fruit theme. For this, the service of an exit registry office is requested, spectator seats for guests are established (benches or chairs), tables with food, a dance area, a wedding tent are organized, a large number of fruits are bought.

It is necessary to decide who will be involved in the design, to conduct an entertainment program. If you carefully think through the scenario, a fruit wedding in nature can be organized without the involvement of specialists. According to this scenario, the event should be led by:

  1. A woman corresponding to the role of Mother Nature (beautiful, slim, charming).
  2. Two female assistants who will prepare inventory for fruit contests, bring guests out (young, pretty, modest).


For an entertainment program according to the scenario, the following attributes will be needed:

  • Large floral wreath for the presenter.
  • A long, slightly loose dress, white or pastel pink shades in tone with the wreath for the host (the image of Mother Nature).
  • 2 smaller wreaths for presenters.

The image of a presenter at a fruit wedding

For contests:

  • coxae 2-5 pcs.;
  • apples - 3-5 kg;
  • pears - 2-5 pcs.;
  • knives - 2-5 pcs.;
  • sheets of large paper 3-5 pcs.;
  • coconuts 2-5 pcs.;
  • any fruits, berries;
  • ribbons, threads, decorative ropes, invisibility, pins;
  • souvenirs to bidders.

Party Decoration

The whole space should be decorated with the gifts of nature, to express splendor, juiciness, colorfulness. An abundance of fruits (apples, pears) originally spread out on light tablecloths (for contrast) should be set on tables. All kitchen attributes (napkins, plates, glasses) should be selected in a bright, but consonant with fruit treats, tonality. Flowers can be used for decoration, better - reminiscent of the theme of the wedding (cherry tree flowers, palm leaves). They are used in combination with fruits, adding splendor, volume to the design.

Fruit Wedding Decor

Based on this scenario, there can be any fruit on the tables - the main thing is to lay them out expressively, emphasizing the juiciness of color shades. Flowers should be present in the decor elements (in the attire of the hosts, in the decoration of the tent, in the form of bouquets on the tables), it is better to give preference to neutral tones, for example, light pink, so that they do not stand out against the background of fruits, but emphasize the splendor, beauty, and generosity of nature.

Fruit Wedding Scenario

Fruit wedding takes place in nature, guests gathered, waiting for the newlyweds. Newlyweds come in bright cars (green, red, yellow). All those present greet them with congratulations, after which they sit down at the table. Leading out of the tent, dressed in personification of nature, and her two assistants.


- How magnificent in your gardens, how much vitality, joy, love reigns here! Mother Nature attracted me here, and I came to share with you this wonderful celebration of happiness, fertility and the creation of a new family!


- The union of two hearts is always the birth of a new family in which you are in a completely different state. In it you are ready to give, not receive; take care of your neighbor, not yourself. By this, the bride and groom became similar to Nature itself. Let’s fill our glasses to drink for the beautiful newlyweds, whose love on this special day has strengthened and illuminated a single path for them - on a joyful and bright path!

All drink for the happiness of the newlyweds.


- Oh, what a riot of colors! How much juiciness around, berries, fragrance! And after all, all these fruits lie here for a reason. They are also ready to share with the newlyweds their good parting words..

May love be sweet like raspberries,

Your family always evokes the same joyful emotions as strawberries,

Living together will be as healthy as apples,

It always makes you feel like oranges,

It quenches the thirst for self-expression, the need for understanding, acceptance, support, like a watermelon,

Passion will be as sensual as the taste of melon,

And kisses are as hot as lips after a slice of lemon! Bitterly! Bitterly!

The couple kiss, everyone raises their glasses. Further, guest artist numbers may be included (e.g. song).


- Like ripe cherries in the sun, everyone has the words of sincere congratulations for our heroes. I will not hold you back!

Guests congratulate the newlyweds, their numbers can also be included here.


- Ah, what a beautiful day! Do you feel joy warming your body and seething in your veins? It is impossible to sit still when happiness, grace fills the air around. I invite everyone to fruit contests.

Fruit competitions are held, the rules of which are set out below.


The aroma of flowers spun in a dance,

The juiciness of fruit intoxicates the head ...

Here came the young turn,

May a magnet draw their love,

And swirl in the dance of petals,

And let the feelings overcome!

Dance - the first joint flight,

We ask you to climb the floor!

The first dance of the newlyweds, during which fireworks from the petals are triggered.


- Let’s join in the fun dance, may the love of the newlyweds inspire us all!

The dance part, after which a cake decorated with fruits is taken out and the wedding evening ends.

Fruit Wedding Cake

Contests and games

  • Fruit contest for men «Catch the bullseye».

In basins with water, apples are launched (5-10 pcs. In each). The task of the participants of the fruit contest is to catch the fruits from the container without the help of hands. The game must be attended by men (groom, witness, fathers of the newlyweds, guests), because Due to contact with water, makeup may deteriorate in women. The winner is the one who gets the most fruits in a certain time.

  • Fruit contest for couples «Hold coconut».

Couples participate in the competition (witnesses, the bride and groom may also be involved). Vapors become face to face, between them, in the abdomen, is placed coconut, which they hold in this way. The task of the fruit contest is to move the fruit without the help of hands to the level of the mouth so that the coconut is held not by the bellies, but by the lips of the contestants. The couple that makes it first will win.

  • Honeymoon Fruit Contest «Pear skin».

Newlyweds and other participants are dealt a punch and a knife. The task of the competition is to peel it off in one cut (it is allowed to peel only one but a very long fruit skin). He who has a large area of ​​fruit will be cleared will win. It is more expedient to take a pear than, for example, an apple, because it is harder to clean with one peel.

Pears for the fruit wedding contest
  • Fruit contest for guests «Guess the drink».

To complete this fruit contest, you will need a watermelon, a blindfold and various alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Participants are seated on chairs, blindfolded and offered to try a piece of watermelon, previously watered with some drink (vodka, whiskey, cognac, wine, milk, water, fruit or vegetable juice). Their task is to guess what the watermelon is watered with. They play this game for points, whoever first reaches the agreed level (for example, 5 points - guesses 5 drinks), he will win the fruit contest.

  • Competition for women «Fruit lady».

The competition involves women. Different fruits are laid out in front of them, preferably artificial ones. The task is to include as many of them in your outfit as possible. Fruits in the image should look organic. To facilitate the task, in addition to fruit attributes, you can use ribbons, ropes, threads, invisibility, but their number should be limited (for example, one of all of the above) - so the girls will have to show all their resourcefulness and ingenuity to place the fruits on their outfit.

When determining the winner, both the number of fruits and the resulting fruit image can be taken into account, and in addition to the main winner, nominations for the original solution, elegant outfit, and the brightest colors are established. Insignia (ribbons, letters, brooches with inscriptions, medals) in this case must be ordered or made in advance.

  • Drawing competition «Fruit picture».

Everyone can be invited to participate in the fruit contest, including children. Each participant is given a large sheet of paper, and instead of pencils - berries and fruits of different colors (apples, pears, raspberries, strawberries). The task of the fruit contest is to draw a picture in a certain time using these attributes. Drawings can be created on a free or declared topic (for example, «World of happiness», «Fruit world», «Wish to the newlyweds»).

Fruits for the fruit wedding contest

Themed Prizes for Guests

For victory and participation in fruit games, contestants are awarded with traditional prizes. These can be small souvenirs that will delight guests and motivate them to continue participating in contests. At a fruit wedding, such gifts can be either edible or not, but their character must necessarily correspond to the theme of the celebration. So, small bonbonnieres with a fruit delicacy inside, edible crafts made from nature's gifts, magnets, originally decorated jars of jam, fruit baskets can become wonderful souvenirs..

Fruit Wedding Favors

Fruit weddings are filled with natural beauty, naturalness, optimism - this is a great start for the life of two loving people. The course of the entertainment part should realize this idea. Use the proposed script and contests that will help you make the celebration magical and holistic, and a fruit wedding will be a bright, happy day to start a new, family life..