Jade Wedding Scenario


The 26th wedding anniversary is held under the symbol of a very strong gem - jade, which symbolizes the solid family life of spouses who managed to live together for so long. This holiday should take place in a special atmosphere filled with magic, beauty, style and fun. To make your preparations a little easier, use the proposed scenario and competitions for a jade wedding.

Jade as a symbol of the 26th wedding anniversary

Celebration preparation

Preparing for the celebration of the 26th wedding anniversary is a pleasant undertaking, as its main symbol is a beautiful gem of green color - jade. On this day, anniversaries exchange gifts made from it (for example, medallions or household items), guests also give jade objects to the heroes of the occasion - they not only have a beautiful appearance and great value, but also positively affect human health.

The image of the wife on the 26th wedding anniversary

In preparation for the celebration, the spouses choose the venue of the anniversary: ​​if it is a cafe or restaurant, its decor should be done in green tones, if the event will be held at home, then it will be decorated in the appropriate tone. The room should have an arch or a mistletoe garland, under which the jade spouses will exchange vows, updating them.

Green Cafe for Jade Weddings

The hostess orders a cake with green decoration, bakes delicious stylized desserts. The host is invited, or the honorable duty to conduct a jade wedding rests with one of the invited. A list of guests is compiled: these must be good, trusted friends, friendship with whom is also strong, like jade - therefore, a jade wedding can be absolutely justifiably celebrated in a narrow circle.

Desserts on the 26th wedding anniversary

Decorating a place to celebrate a celebration.

The venue of the celebration can be decorated in any style, the main rule is that any shade of green should be the predominant color. The main symbol of the anniversary - jade - should also participate in the decor. This stone is used to make dishes, vases, figurines, bonsai trees, and decorations. The hall can be furnished with these items, the table can be served by them. A set of jade utensils of a saturated shade with a tablecloth of a similar tone will look great - this will favorably emphasize the texture of the stone.

Wedding decor in green shades

Saturated green goes well with dark colors and the shaded atmosphere of the hall, illuminated by indirect sources of light (lamps, candles, lampshades, sconces, lights), lighter shades - with white and other light colors (in this case, it is better to brighten the room, for example, with natural light). A jade wedding, which takes place in the summer, can be held outdoors - the green color of the foliage will be very appropriate.

Musical accompaniment of the anniversary

The musical accompaniment of a jade wedding should harmoniously suit the theme of the celebration and the design of the room. Depending on the style in which the room was decorated, the choice of compositions will also depend on:

  • If the decor of the anniversary was made in the style of Empire, Baroque or Rococo, the atmosphere of aristocratic luxury will complement classical music.
  • If the design of the hall is made in the Art Nouveau, Gothic or Constructivism style, the works of modern composers and more expressive music are appropriate.
  • If the room is decorated in the style of romanticism, the musical accompaniment can be easier and more direct (for example, pop, or any other).
  • Country style or celebration in nature goes well with melodies that imitate natural motifs or any fun music.
  • Ethnic style (most suitable for Chinese music) with national Chinese or any neutral tunes.

Jade Musical Instruments for 26th Wedding Anniversary

Jade Wedding Scenario

Words from the host of the script (in her role as host or one of the guests):

- We gathered in this place not just like that, but in order to witness the renewal of the oaths of our dear friends, to be reliable companions on this important day for them! 26 years is not a moment, but a whole small life spent hand in hand with a faithful person. Together in joy, together in difficulties, together in the fate of the child, in love, which, being held together 26 years ago, will never fade! Let us give an opportunity to anniversaries to pronounce marriage vows to each other!

The culprits of the celebration pronounce oaths. Guests scream «Bitterly!», say toasts, congratulate anniversaries.

Jade Wedding Invitations

Words from the host of the script:

- 26th wedding anniversary - jade! This stone perfectly symbolizes the nature of the marriage of our comrades: the same durable, precious, beautiful, able only to decorate the life of this couple. So let a memorial made of this material remind you every day of the strength of your love, the strength of your family. But to get this treasure, you have to go through exciting trials!

Anniversaries are invited to participate in the game. «Jade Treasure Hunt».

Words from the host of the script:

“But this is not the whole treasure hidden in this room!” Our hostess is waiting for a beautiful decoration, however, to get it, you will have to go through several more tests, and we will help you with this!

Game is being played «Jade bracelet», after which, those present are invited to the dance floor. Jade spouses open the first part of the dance evening.

Words from the host of the script:

- While the heroes of the day were dancing, a jade tree grew near our table! This plant is not simple, but bewitched: it bears fruit - precious jade gizmos, but only to those who break all the leaves with the tasks and complete them! Let's do it!

All present play a game «Jade tree», if the spouses have a task «Make a wish to the anniversaries» and similar, they can pass them on to any guest. Next, the second part of the dance evening opens..

Words from the host of the script:

- Our dear anniversaries, we have no doubt that after 26 years we will meet together to mark the 52nd anniversary of your wedding, and you will be as friendly as now, your love will only grow stronger! Let's raise our glasses for jade spouses, may happiness always accompany them, holding and lighting this marriage!

Solemn part ends.

Competitions for anniversaries and guests

  • Wedding Anniversary Game «Jade bracelet».

For the competition you will need a bunch (bracelet or beads) of jade stones. It is disassembled, the beads are placed in a deep basin, and other precious and semiprecious stones are placed there, similar to the touch of jade. The contents are mixed and poured with water clouded with detergent or bath foam. Anniversaries and guests must collect a jade bracelet, getting the right stones out of the water. Participants in a circle take out beads, if they get the right one - string it on a string, if the other - perform a penalty task (any number of amateur performances).

Jade Beads for 26th Anniversary Contest
  • Wedding Anniversary Game «Jade Treasure Hunt».

Before the celebration, in the room where the 26th wedding anniversary will be celebrated, guests should hide a gift for the anniversaries - a memorial jade item (dishes, glasses, a massager, a vase, decor items). They draw a treasure map on which, in the form of riddles, allegories, rebuses, indicate the treasure search route. Spouses participating must guess where the gift is hidden, if any stage of the search makes them difficult, they can ask for a hint, for which they must show the number of amateur performances.

Gifts from guests for a jade wedding
  • Wedding Anniversary Game «Jade tree».

On the back of each sheet of jade bonsai tree are attached small folded pieces of paper with different tasks. Guests and anniversaries must «cut off» all leaflets (pull out and follow all the requirements of the phantoms in turn). Among the tasks can be placed, for example, the following: to say congratulations to the anniversaries in the form of a verse, a song, dance a dance, drink a glass, guess a riddle, etc. For successful completion, participants can be awarded memorable prizes, it is desirable that they be made of jade. You can see examples of such jade souvenirs in this video:

A jade wedding is a great opportunity for spouses and their guests to plunge into the magical atmosphere of a jade stone, which has been valued by civilizations for many centuries. As a symbol of a strong marriage, it will be a wonderful reminder of the strength of love and bonds in your family. We hope that the 26th anniversary of your marriage will be successful, fun, interesting, and the proposed scenario will contribute to this at least a little!