Green Wedding Scenario


Green wedding is a long-awaited celebration of a young couple entering into family life. This fabulous day will be the beginning of a long joint journey of the newly-made spouses, therefore it is necessary to meet the beginning with joy, solemnly and interestingly. To hold a green wedding is unforgettable, leave a pleasant impression on the guests of the holiday, the original script will help.

Celebration preparation

Preparations for the green wedding are held on a large-scale - after all, this is the wedding day of two loving people. To begin with, future spouses will have to submit an application to the registry office - this must be done long before the day of celebration (preferably in a few months), otherwise there is a chance that there will be no free time. The groom and the bride should buy wedding rings, choose holiday dresses, shoes, stock up on all the necessary things. In addition, you need to order a photographer, wedding procession, host-host.

Also, the newlyweds should make a list of guests, which can include only the closest people or all good friends, friends, acquaintances, distant relatives - it all depends on the scale of the event and financial capabilities. When the main things are finished, future spouses need to think through the scenario of the upcoming green wedding. The wedding day is full of worries and surprises, so everything should be subordinate to a clearly defined plan.

Scenario preparation

Parents of newlyweds can help in planning, having undertaken the decision of a part of organizational and financial issues, as well as friends of future spouses. Witnesses chosen by the culprits of the green wedding will be loyal helpers - they should be warned and several simple preparation tasks should be entrusted..

Decoration of the venue

Initially, the perpetrators of the green celebration should choose the venue for the upcoming holiday. It can be a cozy banquet room of a restaurant or a beautiful tent in nature, under which a magnificent wedding will take place in the summertime. Room decoration options:

  • A restaurant. To decorate the venue, one should prefer a pleasant green color scheme, in the color of emerald. It will turn out to decorate the banquet hall with draperies of pale green fabrics, decorators can tie huge bows on chairs, use contrasting green details (napkins on a white tablecloth). Bright bouquets will become a good decoration. The background for a green celebration is better to choose soft, calm - white, lemon, beige, golden is ideal.


  • The tent. In the warmer months, there is nothing better than celebrating a green wedding in nature, where lush greens bloom and lush summer grass pleases the eye. It will be easy to decorate the tent if there is a forest zone around: decorators can go for a walk to collect green twigs, living plants. If an exit ceremony is held, care should be taken to bring a wedding arch, reception desk, carpet.

The perpetrators of the green celebration can make the wedding itself in a rustic (rustic) style - natural details, natural fabrics and the surrounding nature will delight those present. Watch a video about organizing a wedding in a tent:

Musical accompaniment for the anniversary

To make the green celebration truly significant, the young couple invites a musical group that will play cheerful live music. This will be the perfect accompaniment for all kinds of contests and competitions. Newlyweds can independently choose the soundtracks for the event, if there is not enough financial means to invite the group.

Green Wedding Scenario

The scenario of the green celebration will help the wedding go perfectly. For guests to be interested during the event, the bride and groom should hire a professional toastmaster - the host will take responsibility for the celebration.

Guests gather at a banquet hall or other venue where a green wedding is held. There are no spouses yet. The host tells the guests:

- Hello, dear guests, and thank you for coming! Now we will create a corridor of love to congratulate the newlyweds, they are waiting nearby. Take these bowls.

Guests stand in two lines on either side of the door, in their hands are bowls with green leaves. Instrumental music sounds, newlyweds come in. Guests showered with leaves, applaud.

Green Wedding Scenario

- Welcome, our beautiful (Name of husband) and (Name of wife)! Today will be a memorable event in your life - it is the birthday of a new family. You have just walked down the green corridor of love, which promises you happiness, prosperity and abundance! This love will help you go through all the difficulties of life, will warm you two, and then your child, in the coldest winter, as the mutual love and respect of your parents once warmed you.

Addressing the parents of the culprits of the green celebration:

- I ask you, dear (parents' names), to bless the children with further family happiness.

Parents bless spouses:

- That your life, (names of spouses) always be comfortable, happy and healthy, bless you!

Parents hold out the heroes of the green celebration «bread and salt» - loaf and salt shaker. Spouses tear a piece from the loaf, dip it in salt and eat it. Guests give newlyweds gifts, witnesses help to accept them, they put everything in one place. Then everyone takes a seat, the leader gets up.

Green Wedding Scenario

- Each wedding, from the very first, today, has its own name. Someday, dear spouses, you will celebrate both the silver and the golden anniversary, but now is only the beginning of your journey together - the green wedding day. Why green? Because green is a symbol of life, youth. Your born family, like a sprout, breaking through the earth to the sun. While it is very small, but if it is fertilized, watered, cared for, gifted with affectionate words, the sprout will turn into a mighty tree!

Presenter raises a glass.

- I want to drink for your sprout to be strong, firmly opposed to the vicissitudes of fate, because even the weakest blade of grass can break through stones, asphalt. For a family tree that will become a centenary oak!

Guests with the culprits of the green celebration drink, the host sits down, there is a short pause.

- After everyone had a little rest, I want to ask you: what do you think is the most important thing in a tree?

Guests are guessing, someone gives the correct answer: «Roots!»

Green Wedding Scenario

- That's right, the roots thanks to which the plant lives. The stronger the roots dug into the ground, the stronger, more powerful the green tree will be. Our newlyweds have wonderful roots - their mothers and fathers. Let's drink for a warm hearth, the life experience of parents, as well as their attention to children who have become wonderful people!

The culprits of the green celebration, along with the guests, drink for their parents.

- Dear spouses, green wedding day is your first day together as a married couple. You will do many more common things, but now the very first thing will happen.

The facilitator brings a pot of earth, gloves and a small green tree.

- Plant this tree together so that your love becomes even stronger. Looking at how this plant grows, develops, this plant gives new branches, you will remember that in the same way your love grows, rises, reaches out to the sun every day. For her to live for many years, all she needs to do is let her!

Culprits of a green celebration plant a tree together.

- And now, dear bridesmaids, tie colorful ribbons to this tree, but first write your wishes to your friend, who just became a wife. Let these ribbons for a long time remind about this wonderful, bright wedding day! I propose a drink for a young plant that has become a symbol of pure love!

Green Wedding Scenario

Guests drink with the culprits of the green celebration. The host pauses, everyone is eating.

- Let's have a fortune-telling! I have in my hands a torn branch with fresh green leaves. Let each guest sitting at the table tear from one to three leaves, and then pass them on to the next. What gender will be the person who will get the last, this gender will have a baby!

Leading gives a twig to one of the guests, passes fortune-telling.

“I see some of them ripping off a lot of leaves, but it was all in vain.” Now, dear guests, you must give the newlyweds promises - as many as you have torn sheets.

Guests promise something to the newlyweds - it can be things, gifts, the return of old debt, going to the movies. The presenter takes the calendar for next year, randomly opening sheets and writing down wishes.

- Well, let's drink today for the generosity of the guests who attended this wonderful event!

Presenter with guests and those responsible for the green celebration drinks for guests.

- After so many conversations, dear spouses, I want to move on to the wonderful event that will beautify tonight - your first dance as a husband and wife! Applause!

Guests applaud the culprits of the green triumph, they dance.

Green Wedding Scenario

- Dear (spouse names), your dance was a wonderful, magical act! I want to wish that every step you take holding hands with your partner is as easy and beautiful as the steps of this dance! You are only on the first step of family life, but the stairs are so long that you can’t see the end. So let's drink so your legs never get tired!

Everyone drinks for the newlyweds. There is a musical pause, guests are dancing with spouses.

- Our guests are already full of wonderful dishes prepared by cooks. It's time to go to the highlight of the culinary program - a wedding cake!

Presenters or cook assistants make a cake.

- I ask you, our lovely, wonderful spouses, to solemnly cut the cake.

The culprits of the green celebration cut the cake. Host facilitates handing out pieces to guests.


“Well, let’s drink so that you will always be sweet, but not now!” Bitterly!

Guests with the host shout: «Bitterly!», culprits of the wedding kiss. Leading:

- According to Russian legends, on Ivan Kupala you can find a fern flower, promising happiness and luck to those who have found. However, we know that the fireflower appears when the heat of love of two, whose hearts are joined, becomes one, it grows strong, grows until it bursts into a beautiful fiery flower - a miracle of true love!

Helpers take out a pot of twined fern with «fire flower», which the culprits of the green celebration light candles. While this happens, guests are given out candles.

- This flower is a symbol of your warm family hearth. Share the heat with the guests, light the fire of their souls with your love too!

The culprits of the green celebration are lighting guests' candles, turning off the lights, everyone is slowly dancing with candles in the dark. When the rite ends, the facilitator enters again:

- Finally, dear spouses, I want to wish you understanding, unity, peace of mind and heart. You are books in which new pages are written every day. Read each other, be faithful to yourself, your love, and then you will succeed! Bitterly!

The culprits of the green celebration kiss, everyone drinks, the celebration continues.


Marriage Anniversary Green Contests

Fun games, contests will help diversify the green wedding program, make the wedding more fun and interesting. Examples of suitable activities:

  • Portrait. The game is held in the center of the room. Bridesmaids and friends of the groom bring baskets of fruits, vegetables. The presenter says that for a certain time they have to make green «portrait of a married couple». A fun game ends in five minutes, everyone with a laugh admires the resulting portrait.
  • Who is the bride? A game with a wreath, where it is determined who will marry next. Girlfriends dance around the bride with a wreath, dance, a bride puts a wreath on one of them. This girl will be the next bride. Then the girlfriend goes to dance with unmarried men, but closes her eyes. Blindly, the girl chooses one of them, kisses. Who kissed - the next groom.
  • Rope It will take: two clothesline, spoons tied to one end of both ropes. It is necessary to assemble two teams of participants. Guests participating in teams become a line, the task of the contestants is to string themselves on a rope by passing a spoon with it through clothes. The most agile team wins faster than itself «hang up».

Possible Wedding Anniversary Venues

Newlyweds dreaming of having an original green wedding might like other celebration options:

Motor ship. The noise of the river, beautiful picturesque nature, delicious cuisine - all this is offered by modern river ships and restaurants.


Country estates. Connoisseurs of rich ancient architecture will like to hold a green celebration in the territory of one of the chic suburban estates surrounded by a beautiful park area.


Travel. If the green newlyweds do not like the idea of ​​registering at a restaurant, it’s a great idea to go on a honeymoon right away..


A green wedding is a great event connecting two hearts. This event will forever be remembered by the newlyweds, because it will usher in a new happy family. The organization of the holiday, the creation of the script should be approached responsibly - only then will it be possible to make the wedding unforgettable. After a successful event, the couple will continue to review beautiful photos for a long time.