Nickel Wedding Scenario


12.5 years have passed since your wedding? It's time to script a nickel wedding. Let's try to figure out how this tradition came about and why the wedding is called nickel.

Nickel is a plastic metal of silver-white color. In ancient times, it was equated with precious natural resources, valued on a par with gold, silver for rarity, the difficulty of mining. Nickel is used for the manufacture of dishes, many interior items, jewelry, coins, see photo.

Nickel products for the wedding anniversary

In marriage, nickel symbolizes strength, reliability, relations of spouses. As is customary for this wedding anniversary, every housewife should have nickel products in the house, candlesticks, table sets, tea / coffee sets, the presence of which was an indicator of the wealth of the family. Without special care, care items made of nickel fade, so a wedding tradition arose: to judge friendship between spouses, joint homework, good relations of spouses by the splendor of nickel dishes.

How to celebrate a nickel wedding anniversary so that the holiday will be remembered for a long time, and besides, everyone had fun? It is necessary to draw up a scenario of the event, choose a wedding venue, thematically arrange a room, write a presenter's speech, think through wedding competitions, games for guests.

Celebration preparation

Nickel wedding anniversary is not a round date; it is customary to celebrate it in a close circle of relatives, close friends. In the summer, to celebrate the anniversary, a boat trip or a picnic in the fresh air is suitable, and in winter a wedding feast in the cozy banquet hall of the restaurant or warm friendly gatherings at your place. The main thing is that the couple liked the place, you feel comfortable. The photo below shows interesting places to celebrate..

Nickel Wedding Venues Options

Decoration of the venue

Decorate your chosen place to celebrate a nickel wedding with balloons in the shape of hearts, posters with wishes for spouses. Use the symbolic number 12, which means the number of years lived, and in addition to it, the dial hints that time does not stand still, but goes forward.

Serve the wedding table in silver-white colors of nickel colors: silver candlesticks with white candles, linen napkins with silver rings, as in the photo, salad bowls, as well as glasses, cutlery with silver monograms. At the end of the wedding, serve hot drinks in a nickel tea (coffee) set.

Nickel Wedding Table Setting Examples

Musical accompaniment for the anniversary

Choose your music for the nickel anniversary carefully, based on the taste of the spouses. To create the appropriate mood for the holiday, open the celebration with classic wedding tracks, for example, a Mendelssohn march. During a nickel feast, pleasant background music is needed that does not interfere with the communication of the wedding guests.

The active part of the nickel wedding is the time of competitions, quizzes require moving music that is suitable for tasks. For the dance part of the nickel anniversary, pick up funny musical tunes so that guests feel like dancing from the heart.

Nickel Wedding Scenario

According to the traditions of a nickel wedding, before the feast, the couple should take a walk through the places that are memorable for the couple: the church where the wedding or christening of the child took place, the place for the lovers to meet, favorite places of the city. A married couple can walk alone or with wedding guests. A walk is a great occasion to organize a love-story thematic photo shoot, as in the photo below.

Nickel anniversary love-story photoshoot

According to the customs of a nickel wedding, guests meet a married couple in the banquet hall, showering them with coins, rose petals.

The presenter opens the nickel anniversary with words: - We gathered this wonderful evening to celebrate the strong union of the two hearts of Ivan and Maria (spouses' names)! For 12.5 years, they go hand in hand, supporting each other, coping with the difficulties of life! Meet a loving couple .

Mendelssohn's march sounds, spouses enter the banquet hall.

Wedding host: - I propose to open this wonderful evening with a romantic dance, symbolizing the married love of this married couple.

The musical composition sounds, the married couple is dancing, see photo below.

Dancing couple on nickel wedding anniversary.

Presenter: - A wonderful wedding dance convinced us that the feelings of lovers are not forgotten. I invite everyone to the table and invite parents to pronounce the first toast for fidelity, strength of feelings of spouses to each other.

Those present are seated at the banquet table, champagne is being poured.

Spouse's parents: - Our beloved children, 12.5 years ago your hearts joined together, before our eyes the connection is growing stronger from year to year. We wish you to be friendly, respect each other, take care of your home, children, protect your love from adversity. May your union grow stronger, as wine grows stronger over time. Bitterly! .

After the first toast, the wedding banquet continues, guests have a meal. After about 15-20 minutes the presenter continues: - And what would our close friends like to wish our lovers? We ask! .

Friends Nickel Anniversary Wedding Greetings:

  1. Your relationship is an example of a strong family for us. Living together for 12.5 years is no joke. We wish you long years of life together, wealth, prosperity, so that the marital bonds are flexible, strong, like nickel. I wish you happiness!
  2. Our life is unpredictable, sometimes it looks like a wide track along which we rush at high speed, and sometimes like a winding mountain path along which we walk slowly, with difficulty making our way through the thickets. I wish you that your joint journey, which has been going on for 12.5 years, was easy, full of interesting events, and no matter how difficult the road, you remain loyal companions to each other. Let's drink for trust, loyalty to the marital union. Bitterly!
  3. Friends! You have an important anniversary, a 12.5 year nickel wedding. So let’s drink for your relationship to be strong and shiny like nickel. Happy Anniversary!

During toasts, wishes gifts are given to spouses, the festive feast continues.

Wedding host: - Thank you all for your kind words. let's play! .

Competitions are held.

Leading continues the wedding: - As a sign of the fortress of the union of two hearts, make a wish and launch magic lanterns. I ask everyone to go out.

Everyone goes out, make wishes, launch magic lanterns (balloons), see photo. Leading announces the dance part of the nickel wedding.

Nickel Wedding Lantern Launch

Competitions for 12 years of married life

  • Seasons Competition. A married couple is participating. Spouses stand with their backs to each other, the husband turns his face to the audience. The host arbitrarily names the month, the spouse shows her favorite pastime at this time of the year, and the wife tries to guess without seeing his actions. Then the answers of the spouses are compared. If the wife guessed, then she is awarded a prize point, if not, then her husband. Then they change places. Whoever gets the most points receives a memorable prize.
  • Competition 12. Dance competition for couples. Music sounds, couples spin in dance. As soon as the music stops under the chiming clock (12 times), the pair must display the number 12. The last pair is eliminated. After each round of the competition, the number of chimes is reduced by 1 unit. The last pair to win.
  • Competition of 12 declarations of love. Break the participants into two teams, select captains. Each team must come up with twelve declarations of love in 5 minutes, and then the captains compete with each other. The winners of the wedding contest are chosen by the audience.
  • Competition Artist. For 12 minutes, the participant must draw a group portrait of the spouses, and then describe the work with words. For testing, you will need brushes, paints, large-format paper (whatman sheets are suitable). The competition is held among relatives, friends of the spouses, and the winner is determined by the couple.
  • Competition Auction. To conduct the competition, prepare in advance souvenirs related to the history of the couple, symbols of their love, talismans for happiness. For example, pendants, brooches, souvenirs brought from a honeymoon, items made of nickel. Give each lot a name, attach instructions for use, determine the initial price. Organize a talisman sale during a nickel wedding. The bidder wins the bidder.

A wedding anniversary of 12.5 years is an excellent occasion to arrange a cheerful celebration of love. The wedding celebration will bring new impressions to family relationships, refresh the memories of the spouses, as in the video below, allow the feelings of lovers to break out with renewed vigor..

Watch the beautiful story of a married couple at a nickel wedding in a video: