Wedding Scenario


Wedding organization is a very important event, requiring a global approach, careful attention to detail, a lot of time. Everything is important here: how the newlyweds look, what they treat the guests with, how interesting the entertainment program is. The success and the right atmosphere of the wedding directly depend on how you make up the scenario of the wedding celebration. Therefore, it will not be superfluous for the bride and groom to take care in advance of preparing an event plan for their holiday.

Preparing for the wedding

Each wedding celebration begins with preparation: in advance it is necessary to determine in what format your wedding will be held, what competitions you would like to see. Learn an example scenario of how, according to tradition, preparations should be made for a wedding celebration before a trip to the registry office:

  1. The bride and groom spend the night separately from each other. The future spouse should not see his bride just before the wedding.
  2. At this time, the bride takes the finishing touches to restore beauty, tidy the wedding dress.
    Preparing the bride before the wedding
  3. The morning on the wedding day of the newlyweds begins early to bring their appearance in perfect view before the celebration.
  4. As a rule, already at this early hour a wedding photographer is invited. He holds a morning photo shoot with the bride. Then begins the first wedding ceremony - the ransom.

Wedding details

To colorfully design an invented scenario for a wedding, you will need props. This is important because a little theatricality is designed to produce the desired effect on guests during the holiday..

  • To implement the conceived part of the wedding scenario and save money, look for the props among your old things. You may be able to find a samovar, an old chest or a basin that is deformed from time to time. All this will come in handy for fun wedding contests in the script with the mother-in-law, trials of the groom during the bride redemption, other games at the wedding with guests.
  • For competitions props must be prepared independently. Draw posters in the wedding style for the design of the entrance, create drawings for the implementation of various competitions for the redemption of the bride according to the scenario of the holiday. You should also think about costumes that come in handy for funny contests, according to the scenario, with dressing men to women.

Wedding Scenarios

Ransom bride

Guests of the bride gathered at the entrance to the house to meet the groom. The groom arrives with his surroundings, comes to meet. A friend (witness) says:

- Good fellow granted. They say that you have a good product here. Our merchant is excellent: handsome, young, smart, generous, rich, almost military.

Friend (witness):

- The goods may be found, however, how much do we know that your merchant is as you describe. They did not hear, did not see, did not have the honor to be convinced. Therefore, let your merchant prove himself in practice and pass several tests..


- Well, in men it’s written on the family, to pass the tests - we are ready!

Redemption of the bride at a wedding celebration
  • Wedding Test No. 1: «Love is strong». Give the groom a wet towel with the words:

- Show, groom, the strength of your love for the bride: tie a towel as tight as you love her.

The groom is struggling to tie. All guests should encourage him, forcing him to tie more tightly. After that, the witness says:

- I see love is strong! Now untie it to show how fast you'll sweep all the squabbles out of the house.

  • Wedding Test No. 2: «Gift for the bride». A basin is placed in front of the groom. Friends words:

- You boast that you are generous - so show what the biggest gift you are ready to give your lover, but keep in mind: this should be a gift of her dreams.

The groom must guess that it is he himself and sit in the basin. And if not, then ask for money for a hint.

Competition: groom in a basin at a wedding celebration
  • Wedding Test No. 3: «Footprints». Lay out various painted footprints on paper at the doorstep. Friends words:

- A lot of girls live here, so they trampled on. Find one trace and take your beloved.

The groom must find the trail of the bride. For every misfire - a cash redemption.

  • Wedding Test No. 4: «Almost rich». Friends words:

- If the rumor here says that you are almost rich - now write from your state the name of your bride. And we honor!

The groom puts her name out of bills at the entrance to the bride’s apartment. The newlyweds loudly calls a girl by name, quickly opens the door, finds his beloved and takes him to the registry office.

Bride's name made of money at a wedding celebration

Honeymoon meeting

After the marriage, the bride and groom drive up to the restaurant, where, according to the script, a wedding banquet is held. At the doorstep, parents are waiting for them at the place, and guests are greeted with joyful screams, sprinkled confetti, coins, sweets on the newlyweds. Mother of the groom holds a huge loaf on a rushnyk. Her words:

- Our dear children! So this bright day happened in your life when two hearts joined together. Let the road to family happiness be joyful, filled with love, care and affection, and let your house be a full bowl with its endless hearth. Break off a piece of bread and show us all who will be the master of this very house!

The bride and groom tear off a piece of loaf, dipped in salt and feed each other. Whoever has a bigger piece will be the head of the family. Then the doors to the restaurant open and the guests, after the newlyweds, enter the room.

Wedding meeting

First dance

The bride and groom invite guests to take seats, after which, according to the wedding scenario, the newlyweds dance their first dance to beautiful music, for example, a waltz.


In the restaurant, the host, who opens the banquet part with the words: takes care of the host of the wedding celebration.

- Guests are dear! We will greet our newlyweds and raise our filled wedding glasses for their happiness. Bitterly!

After a short pause, when the guests had time to eat, the host announces the congratulatory part of the wedding celebration with the presentation of gifts, during which he announces each guest by name, starting with the parents of the bride and groom. Matchmakers approach everyone who is given the floor, hold a microphone, and also collect gifts that the guests present to the bride and groom. After the toast at the wedding, the guest is given a filled glass, which he drinks to the bottom and screams «Bitterly!».

A feast at a wedding

When the congratulatory part of the wedding is over, the host goes on to the script with an entertaining active program, in the competitions of which absolutely all the guests of the wedding celebration participate together with the bride and groom.

Competitions and games for honeymooners and guests

  • Wedding contest «Most persistent».

10 guests are invited to the center of the hall. On a small table put 9 filled glasses. To rhythmic music, guests on a toastmaster's team begin to run around the table, when the music is silent, everyone should have time to take a glass. The one who did not have time is eliminated. Glasses are filled again, and the competition resumes. The most persistent will be the one who gets the last glass. According to the scenario, he is given this title and a ribbon is hung with the inscription «The most persistent guest of the evening».

Entertainment program for the scenario of the wedding celebration
  • Wedding contest «Firstborn».

Witnesses dress up in baby hats and bibs. And in the hands give the sliders: the witness - pink (for the girl), and the witness - blue (for the boy). Toastmaster says:

- A family always starts with a couple, and then offspring comes. Now we are all curious to know who will be the firstborn: a girl or a boy?

Witnesses must run around the entire hall, collecting money from each guest who will give into their sliders. Then, the collected amount in each of the panties is calculated separately. The one with the most money wins. The collected amount goes to the family budget of the newlyweds.

  • Dressing up wedding contest «Groom check».

The host calls four guests from the guests - to dress in the costumes of two gypsies, an oriental dancer, a passionate Spanish woman. The outfits are bright and frank. Each of the beauties «should» dance for the groom with the task of seducing him. This wedding script contest is very funny.

To make the competition part of the wedding celebration as fun as possible, watch the video attached below. Here you will find a lot of entertaining contests in which guests will be involved with great pleasure. From this video you can learn a lot of interesting things for your own wedding scenario. You can show imagination and come up with something from yourself in each competition.

Gifts and congratulations for young people

In the congratulatory part of the wedding, guests must give a speech to the newlyweds and present a gift. This section of the script for the wedding takes a lot of time, so the host must control the situation depending on the number of invited guests, force events by announcing each guest immediately after another without pauses. Well, as gifts for the wedding, it is customary to give money - the most practical and appropriate version of the gift. So the guests do not puzzle over what will be appropriate for the newlyweds.

Wedding gifts for the newlyweds

Commemorative prizes for guests

It is considered good manners at the wedding, if the newlyweds think in advance about souvenirs for guests, they will be handed over by the host to everyone who wins the competition. So you will attract the desire of an increasing number of guests to participate in competitions at a wedding celebration. These are absolutely not expensive trinkets that can sometimes be useful even in everyday life. Take a few examples and use as wedding prizes for guests at your celebration:

  • Comic fridge magnets in the shape of hearts, caricature bride and groom, smileys or with your own joint photo.
  • Washcloth.
  • Elastic paper tie.
  • Set of shoe spoons.
  • Toothbrush.
  • Lighter.
  • Ball pen.
  • Hair comb.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Chocolate in the form of a statuette of the newlyweds.
  • Keychain and much more for your imagination.

Prizes for guests for wedding competitions

End of the evening

The completion of the wedding is usually accompanied by two traditional ceremonies: removing the veil from the bride and transferring the family hearth. Both of these practices are very moving, they are conducted to beautiful music and the eloquent words of the host. Not to include them in the wedding scenario would be a real omission. Therefore, below you will find a more detailed description of the mentioned wedding traditions..

  • Removing the veil from the bride.

The daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law go to the center of the hall, where the girl is seated on a chair. Touching pleasant music plays under the dim light, and the host says the words:

- You left your parental home and came into a new family. Here you were accepted as your own daughter, therefore you must accept your second mother. Your veil is a symbol of the girlhood that you gave your lover, so it's time to say goodbye to him by removing this bride’s headdress.

The mother-in-law begins to carefully remove the veil from her daughter-in-law, after which she puts a white scarf on her head. The girl at the end of this rite should call her mother-in-law a second mother.

  • Transmission of a family hearth.

The mothers of the bride and groom set fire to the candles and pass the flame to the candle held by the newlyweds. At the same time, the host says:

- The children of two families grew up and on this day their hearts joined together. Their loving mothers will protect until the end of their days from all sorts of troubles and troubles. And so that the newlyweds live in prosperity, love and happiness, mothers will give them a piece of their hearth, as a symbol of prosperity, warmth and harmony.

The last rite of the script closes the festive evening of the wedding celebration. Guests accompany the newlyweds to the upcoming family life and everyone goes out onto the street. Here they will find a beautiful wedding salute or the launch of Chinese lanterns into the sky at the request of the wedding organizers.

The end of the wedding

No matter how fun the wedding celebration is, the ending always causes a little sadness and tears, because it means the end of a magical day. It is absolutely normal when the wedding script provides for lyrical digressions from fun moments. Here everyone can again plunge into their feelings and enjoy the sincere love of the newlyweds. Let the scenario of your wedding turn out to be just as multifaceted: cheerful and sad at the same time to touch the soul of each guest.