Scenario of a wedding in a cafe


Cafe is a wonderful, inexpensive option for a venue for a small number of invited guests to the wedding. The atmosphere of such an institution can easily be made even more comfortable and solemn due to its small size, and renting will cost less than booking a restaurant hall. All this makes it the number one place in popularity among newlyweds, so we offer you a variant of the wedding scenario, which can be applied to cafe conditions.

Celebration preparation

Preparation for the celebration of the wedding in a cafe is not significantly different from the wedding celebration, which is planned to be held on the basis of another institution. However, there are some specifics:

Cafes are often smaller than a restaurant or a piece of parkland that can serve as an alternative, which means less decoration is required..
If the cafe is small, you should not rent it only for a wedding in order to save money - there should not be too many people in the hall so that guests do not feel embarrassed, and there is enough space to organize a dance floor and stage.
The menu in the cafe is simpler, and the kitchen’s capabilities are less, therefore, if the newlyweds want to please the guests at the wedding with delicious dishes, it will be necessary to additionally use the services of catering companies (exit restaurant).

Wedding details

No wedding is complete without special wedding details. All of them are divided into universal, thematic and staged. The first includes items that are present at any wedding, regardless of the script and themes of the celebration. The second - attributes of a decorative nature, creating at the wedding a certain atmosphere in which the whole event is sustained. Still others are present at the celebration, because claimed by the script, needed for contests, in this case:

«Athletic Pants»: Pants sewn together on the sides (2 pieces of three pants each) - for the competition of the same name;
Funny stage details: mustache, hats, big glasses, monocles, noses, wigs - for competitions «Flea market» and «Funny pictures».

Wedding requisites in a cafe

Cafe decoration for a wedding

This scenario does not require specific design of the cafe hall, as does not have a specific thematic focus. However, it would be appropriate to place a photography rack in any suitable place, which can be of any kind, color, configuration - this area will allow guests and newlyweds to take original, funny photos from the wedding and hold interesting competitions.

Cafe decorations for a wedding

Scenario wedding in a cafe

Newlyweds meeting.

After the walk is completed, when the newlyweds solemnly enter the cafe's banquet hall, they are welcomed by guests who are located on the corridor on both sides of the red carpet leading to the wedding table of the bride and groom. Some invitees are holding balloons with wishes written on them, others confetti, sweets, small money. When the newlyweds appear at the door and march to their place, guests should shower them with small props and release the balls, taking turns wishing them health, prosperity, love.

Wedding corridor in a cafe for newlyweds


When the newlyweds go this way, stopping a few steps from the table, the parents come up, throw a wedding towel on them, serve a tray with a loaf, from which the groom and the bride are nipped off, and then the guests. Then the parents hug, kiss, conducting a twin ceremony, and the newlyweds take a place at the wedding table.

Giving the newlyweds a wedding loaf


The first dish that is served to the newlyweds is a liquid wedding porridge soup. According to tradition, they at a wedding owe her together «disentangle», imitating family life. On it they also guess what gender the children will be (if there are lumps, then daughters will appear). As soon as the porridge is eaten, guests fill their glasses, shout in chorus «Bitterly!», and toastmaster opens a wedding feast.

Toastmaster's speech according to the scenario:

- Our dear newlyweds, from this day on you will have to disentangle everything in life together - both good and bad. Dissolve the porridge first! And we will look at you, rejoice for you!

- If there are lumps, then there will be daughters! If the porridge is liquid, give birth to the son of a quick!

Exchange of oaths and orders.

The newlyweds are called to the wedding arch in the cafe hall. There, holding each other's hands, they take turns making declarations of love and oaths. After exchanging words, guests scream «Bitterly!», the master of ceremonies hands the newlyweds a symbol-testimony of the truth of their love (medal, letter or other memorable attribute), and reads them the order - advice-instruction on how to build a married life.

After completion, the parents of the newlyweds say their orders, make toasts, everyone drinks for the heroes of the occasion. The newlyweds sit on their meta, and the host says the instructions of the mother-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, how to relate to the young and get along with each other. Relatives of the bride and groom cuddling or drinking at the Brudershaft.

Toastmaster's speech according to the scenario:

- Dear newlyweds! From the day of your wedding you are forever connected by the strongest bonds - the bonds of love and marriage! Let your feeling bloom unquenchable! Be friendly, look for only the best in each other, let petty quarrels and domestic disputes always be postponed until tomorrow, and there is always time for hugs.

Exchange of wedding vows near the arch in a cafe

Guest toasts.

After the orders to the parents of the newlyweds, the guests take the floor, making toasts, wishes, greetings from themselves. It is better to start with witnesses, go to family, friends, colleagues. So that the host could more interestingly introduce the invitees, the newlyweds can provide her with a brief description of each before the wedding. It will be good if guests prepare for the celebration congratulatory numbers (songs, skits, dances, videos) that will make the wedding walk even more touching, sincere, varied.


To participate in the wedding contest «Penalty» men are invited.

Toastmaster's speech according to the scenario:

- Well, what, all the drinks that are on the tables, managed to try ?! And now the exam! The best students, test chemists, go out!

To the wedding contest «Three heroes» friends of the groom are invited.

“What a delicate taste our men have — they are real heroes!” And let's check whether you are so well done in practice!

Women are invited to participate in the wedding contest «Flea market».

- Our girls are not a miss either, they have no equal in sales and shopping! Let’s answer the question which of them is the smartest! Well, and how not to perpetuate such beauty ?! The next wedding contest is «Funny pictures».

The funniest wedding photo contest

Dance part.

Newlyweds are invited to the center of the cafe hall for their first wedding dance, after which the dance part of the evening opens for everyone.

Toastmaster's speech according to the scenario:

- Family life is comparable to dancing: somewhere you need to give in, somewhere to lead, somewhere just to hug, but this is always cooperation, always contact, where the two go hand in hand with each other! Newlyweds - from this day you are husband and wife, dance your first wedding dance!

The first dance of the newlyweds in a cafe

Seeing the young.

The bride calls unmarried girls to her, turns her back on them and throws a wedding bouquet - the one that will catch the flowers, the first to marry, will find happiness. After this, the ceremony of removing the wedding veil is performed, the newlyweds are told parting words and escorted from the cafe to their marriage. The salute, pyrotechnic or fire show ends the wedding, after which the groom and the bride leave, and the guests continue the feast for some time and disperse.

Throwing a wedding bouquet in a cafe

Games and contests for honeymooners and guests

Wedding contest «Three heroes».
To conduct this wedding competition, according to the scenario, it is necessary to manufacture in advance «athletic pants» (2 pcs.) - a jumpsuit of three, sewn together on the sides, wide pants with suspenders. Two teams of three people participate in the wedding contest. Participants must wear athletic pants and complete the quest, which team will complete all contests faster, and that will win.
The tasks are best described in a conspicuous place, so that «heroes» could start the next test immediately after the previous one. The competition is then considered completed when its quality performance is fixed by the wedding jury.

Wedding contest «Flea market».
This wedding entertainment takes place according to the scenario in two stages. First, the participants are given the task to collect as many items as possible from the guests in a minute (clothes, accessories, specially purchased humorous items), whoever has more will get the first place, the second by number - the second, etc..
Next, the participants are given the following task - to put it all on themselves so that a complete harmonious image is obtained. After everyone copes, the jury again distributes the seats from the first to the last. Two digits are added up, the participant who will receive the smallest total number will win this wedding competition.

The best humorous wedding costume

Wedding contest «Funny pictures».
According to the scenario, special racks for photographing are installed in the cafe (or some specific place is allotted). Guests are divided into teams of several people. Having taken funny poses and using different wedding, stage or household paraphernalia, teams should take pictures. It will be very good if the newlyweds take advantage of the services of visiting photo printing, but even without it, people around will be able to appreciate the entertainment. The winners of this wedding contest are selected by secret ballot among newlyweds and guests.

Fun wedding pictures of guests in a cafe

Wedding contest «Penalty».
Those wishing to participate in this wedding competition, according to the script, are displayed in the center of the hall and sit on chairs. They are blindfolded, after which the newlyweds, mixing various drinks that are available in the cafe bar. They create several options. «cocktails» and they offer the contestants, after drinking 0.15-1 a glass of this potion, to taste determine its composition. It is better to limit yourself to 1-2 tastings or offer a small amount of drink so that the guests participating in this wedding competition do not feel bad.

Commemorative Prizes

Commemorative prizes for wedding competitions in a cafe that does not take place in a certain style can be completely different: edible or inedible, specially designed or not, but always small in size:

Edible souvenirs for competitions - cakes, baskets, candies, berries, fruit crafts, packaging, cocktails, small bottles of alcohol.
Inedible wedding prizes - towels collected in the form of a bow, flower, cocktail, piece of cake, as well as magnets, wedding cards, bookmarks, medals, key rings, decorative candles and much more.
Packed wedding favors - bonbonnieres, gift boxes, bags, decorative bags and bags with sweets, fruits, berries or wedding favors.

Prizes for wedding contests

Video: an example of holding a wedding in a cafe for a host

An integral part of any wedding in a cafe is the host. It is the key to enthusiasm, fun, coherence of the celebration, acts (in addition to the newlyweds) as the center around which the guests rally. To make a wedding boring, interesting can only be a person with talent, imagination, who owns oratory and a lot of experience in such an area, so it is always better to hire a professional facilitator for the wedding celebration. If you are a toastmaster yourself, it will be interesting for you to study examples of holding a wedding in a cafe - for this, watch this video: