Linen Wedding Scenario


The fourth anniversary of the marriage is called a linen wedding. It was not in vain that linen became a symbol of the jubilee, because after four years of life, relations have strengthened - from the fragile fabric of calico, they have transformed into durable material that is not so easy to break. To have a fun flax celebration, anniversaries will need an original fun scenario with contests, games, congratulations.

Celebration preparation

To begin with, the culprits of the flax celebration need to decide how to spend the fourth anniversary. Spouses can call only the closest people - relatives, best friends, and can throw a large-scale party with many friends and acquaintances. If the jubilees became parents, you need to think: will the child participate in the event. Also, the couple should take into account the next anniversary, the date of which is better suited for a large celebration - then a linen wedding can be held quietly.

Linen Wedding Scenario

If the couple decided to celebrate the flaxen anniversary on a large scale, they need to invite a professional toastmaster who will share the burden of the organization. Anniversaries who decide to arrange a theme party with a dress code must inform guests in advance..

Decoration of the venue

A popular trend in decorating rooms for weddings was the style of rustic, which means rustic. Rustic is perfect for a linen wedding. The use of natural fabrics to decorate the table (tablecloths, napkins), other interior items, living or dry plants, old «grandmother's» dishes will be a wonderful solution for a linen celebration. Cozy decor will ensure a good mood for those present.

Rustic - the perfect solution for a linen anniversary

Musical accompaniment for the anniversary

Culprits of the celebration can collect a playlist of their favorite songs, which will complement the holiday. Also, if there is financial means for the spouses, it is possible to invite a musical group playing funny folk works - such melodies will reflect the style of the event.

Scenario of a linen wedding

A beautiful wedding anniversary scenario is essential for a big celebration. Below is a presenter's speech, congratulations, contests.

Guests sit in their seats, the host takes a microphone:

- Welcome, dear guests! Today we have gathered, thanks to two wonderful people who have already spent four years together. From the point of view of human life, this is still a short time, but the love of anniversaries and their respect for each other do not raise doubts that they will live for a long, long time! Now prepare loud applause and meet the heroes of the occasion!

Linen Wedding Scenario

Anniversaries come in, guests applaud.

- Dear (the names of the couple), we just said that you lived together for four years. The fourth wedding anniversary is called linen. This means that you have become even closer, managed to get used to each other, to get used to. To maintain a strong relationship, it is necessary to care for flax, only then it will become a tree, and then - metal. I wish you a linen wedding to become golden! Bitterly! Bitterly!

The guests pick up the last words of the host, the heroes of the occasion kiss, the invited drink.

- Tell me, newlyweds, love each other deeply?

Anniversaries answer in the affirmative.

- Good! Now we will make it even stronger!

The leader takes out a long rope and ties the spouses.

- We will hold a small ceremony that will help your family stay together for many years. Remember the song that was played during your first dance? Then you just became husband and wife, and now you are celebrating a linen wedding - your family is four years old! We all would like to see that wonderful slow dance again.

Flaxen wedding: script

The music turns on. Tied with linen rope, the couple dance.

- Your dance was truly beautiful! From the moment you began to dance, this rope has acquired magical properties and will protect the family from adversity. I have another present for you.

Presenter gives jubilees a figure of spouses whose hands are tied with a linen ribbon.

- This figure, according to tradition, symbolizes the strength of your relationship. Keep it in a conspicuous place so that it reminds you: together it is possible to overcome any obstacles, quarrels, misunderstandings. The main thing is to hear each other and remember that you are connected. Our guests also prepared small gifts for you....

Guests give the perpetrators of flax celebration their gifts. It can be all kinds of things made using flax or other fabrics. Clothing - nightgowns, dress for spouses; useful things for the house - tablecloths, towels, bedding. Any souvenirs with symbols of the four-year anniversary are also suitable..

Gift for a linen wedding: a figure of happy spouses

- Anniversaries have already seen enough of the gifts, but we want to see how the young kiss, really, guests? Truth! Bitterly!

Spouses kiss, guests drink.

- And now I am announcing a short break so that those present can taste the wonderful, delicious dishes prepared by our chefs.

Guests and heroes of the day eat. After a while, the host gets up again:

- Well, I see, everyone has eaten, got drunk, we’ll have a contest! Only recently we saw how linen anniversaries danced, and now I want to see if the guests dance well. Some have already pretty much warmed up the body with hot drinks, it is time to arrange a discharge! Well, everyone here.

Participants gather in the center of the hall.

- Now the music will sound, under which you must come up with interesting, unique movements. Feel free to be unusual and funny - your success in this contest depends on it! Lazy people will be expelled, only the most active participants will reach the end. Guests will determine the winner.

Invited guests participate in the competition, the winner is determined by applause. Leading:

Prize of the dance competition

- Well, my congratulations! For charging us with positive emotions - we give you a charge to make up for them.

The winner is awarded a bottle of expensive vodka.

- The rest of the participants were also good, agree? Do not leave them unattended!

The rest are given boxes of chocolates, small souvenirs or wine.

- These wild dances led me to the idea of ​​a new toast. Our dear linen heroes of the day, you saw how these people danced without thinking. I wish you the same carefree, joyful, cheerful life, so that you, without hesitation, circled a joint dance! No matter what others think, the main thing is to be happy, live soul to soul! For you!

Guests drink for the culprits of flax celebration.

- I have already said many congratulations, so I convey the opportunity to express my warm congratulations to your relatives and friends! I am sure they have many thoughts that they would like to share with the anniversaries, so I give the floor to them. Dare, dare, please the heroes of the occasion with a beautiful toast!

The host takes a short break, linen anniversaries accept congratulations from invited guests.

- Yes, our guests were eloquent! There is even nothing to add to the stream of kind words that have just been heard. Dear heroes of the occasion, we all want your life to be sweet, but it doesn’t always happen, that's why we have prepared two drinks for you.

Beautiful cup shape for a linen wedding ritual

Lead makes two cups.

- Drink them together, in turn, as a sign that you will share with each other both sweetness and bitterness.

One drink is sweet tea, the other is salt water. The culprits of the flax celebration take turns drinking from each bowl.

- This small ritual proved that you sincerely love each other, are ready to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of a loved one. This is rarely seen! It is admirable.

Bowls take away. Leading:

- At the end of the celebration, accept a small gift - a magnificent cake that will remove the remnants of bitterness and leave a sweet aftertaste.

A large, beautiful cake is brought out of the kitchen.

- Do us honor, cut the pie!

Spouses make the first cut.

Fourth Wedding Cherry Pie

“You are ready to accept the bitterness of life together, therefore you deserve only sweets.” I wish you a sweet life! And for the guests and me, something is a bit bitter ... Bitter!

Anniversaries kiss, the official part of the celebration ends.

Competitions for 4 years of married life

Several contests and games that will help diversify the linen anniversary.

  • Pioneer. Guests of the celebration are divided into two teams with an equal number of people, the presenter takes out a long rope - the main attribute of the competition. The task of the participants is to show their strength by pulling a rope. The leader gives the winning team linen pioneer ties.
  • Wedding ring. Two teams are needed - the more people, the better. The host gives each team a bagel with a hole. To win the competition, participants need to pass the ring from the first contestant to the last, touching only with fingers with a donut. The fastest team wins. The prize may be a bunch of bagels won.
  • On the style. The game can be held among all the guests at the table. The presenter puts different things into the box - a funny wig, a bright yellow raincoat, pink boa, etc. While the music is playing, the guests give each other a box, then the song stops. The one who got the box takes the first thing that comes across and wears after that for half an hour.

Watch the video where a funny competition of tongue twisters is filmed, which you can use to create the script for the linen anniversary:

To conduct the perfect linen celebration, the organizers have to seriously prepare. A well-planned event according to the original scenario will be remembered for a long time by those present, and everyone will be happy to review memorable photos and videos from the anniversary.