Silver wedding script


25 years of marriage together is a long time. Not all family unions will be able to celebrate such an impressive date. If the couple lived side by side for a quarter of a century and retained mutual respect, understanding, love and reverent attitude towards each other, then this is the merit of both. The 25th anniversary of the wedding should be celebrated pompously and widely. The silver wedding script should be aimed at renewing the vows of the spouses, again recalling that important wedding day and sharing your joy with close friends and relatives.

Celebration preparation

Previous wedding anniversaries with «metal» the name symbolized the strength of the feelings of the spouses, but silver is a noble metal, which indicates the exaltation and devotion of the newlyweds to each other. Therefore, thinking up a scenario on the occasion of the wedding anniversary, it is necessary to take into account the solemnity of the moment, the splendor of the event. Preparation for a silver wedding is divided into several stages:

Scenario Preparation 25th Wedding Anniversary

  1. The choice of place. Traditionally, the wedding anniversary is celebrated in a beautiful restaurant or cafe. But no less fun will be able to note a silver celebration at home or in nature. In the latter case, you will have to take care of purchasing a tent, where wedding guests can comfortably accommodate. For spouses who want to spend this day only together, the best option would be a trip to the resort, which will be a repeat of the honeymoon.
  2. Invitation cards. Notify your future guests of the silver wedding celebration by invitations, as you did on your wedding day. A good sign is considered if you manage to invite 25 people, one guest for each year spent together.
  3. Outfits of the bride and groom. Think of the image of the newlyweds for a silver wedding. It is better for the groom to choose a classic suit, complemented by a shirt, a steel-colored tie. For the bride on her wedding anniversary, an outfit consisting of a skirt and blouse or dress in silver color is suitable. Do not forget about accessories. Silver jewelry should be present in the image of both the wife and husband. To do this, use silver rings, cufflinks, bracelets, pendants, pendants, earrings.
  4. Toastmaster. If you plan to celebrate a silver wedding in a narrow circle of close friends, then you may not need a holiday host. But with a funny host, who will make up the script for a colorful ceremony with funny contests and games, the anniversary will be much more interesting.

Symbol of the 25th wedding anniversary

Decoration of the venue

The venue for the silver wedding must be decorated, according to the theme, the degree of solemnity of the event. Add decorative elements not only to the banquet hall, but also to the spouses' home. Decorate your apartment or house with silver items. It can be beautiful antique silver candlesticks, plates, figurines and other figures. In your beautiful silver-colored photo frames, place your family photos starting on your wedding day.

Banquet hall decoration for the 25th wedding anniversary

When decorating the banquet hall, use balloons. Since this is a silver wedding anniversary, white balls or metallic colors will be appropriate. The color scheme of the wedding event should be traced in other decorative elements. Tables for guests and honeymooners cover with silver silk fabrics, on the chairs sew covers with bows of the corresponding shade. Arrange miniature decorative figures and candlesticks on the tables..

You can decorate the walls of the room with fabric draperies, photographs of the bride and groom. The photo-collage of spouses or a wall newspaper, made by children of anniversaries in honor of parents, at which all guests can leave wishes and congratulations in verse, will look original. To create a festive romantic atmosphere on the anniversary will help floral arrangements. Give preference to white flowers: roses, callas, gladioli, lilies of the valley.

Silver Wedding Hall Decor

Musical accompaniment of the anniversary

Good musical accompaniment of the silver anniversary will help to have fun and imbue with a joyful mood. If possible, order live music. Maybe you can again invite the musical group that played on your wedding day. They will help you remember the solemn wedding day, when you became husband and wife, play those songs that were played then..

Music for the celebration of the silver wedding anniversary

A simple selection of your favorite songs will also be successful. You need to prepare it in advance, discuss with your spouse what songs you would like to hear at your silver wedding. Remember what song sounded when you, as a newlyweds, danced your first dance as spouses. This composition must be included in the script of the holiday. Take care of the fun songs, which gathered guests can dance in between parts of the feast. When compiling a list of music tracks, consider the age of the guests, the preferences of the spouses.

Silver Wedding Scenario

The host, whose role can be played by a close friend of the spouses, must accompany «newlyweds» all day silver wedding. He comes to the jubilees before the holiday with a greeting and says:

«You have lived together for a quarter century. Over the years, many difficulties and hardships have been experienced, but you have coped with them with dignity. To get rid of all the sorrows that arose on the path of life, you should go through the ritual of washing».

Silver anniversary of the spouses

The facilitator draws water into a deep silver bowl or jug ​​and invites the spouses to wash each other three times symbolically. The first washing according to belief «washes away» years, the newlyweds become young soul, as they were 25 years ago. The second wash eliminates adversity, difficulties, fatigue. The third symbolic procedure characterizes the entry into a new family life, which will be even happier than before..

After washing, the spouses together with the guests go to the venue of the celebration. Before starting the feast, according to the script, the leader takes the floor:

«We gathered such a company not just to have fun and relax. The reason for this is much more solemn. Our friends (names of spouses) have lived with each other for a long 25 years. The deadline is serious, and the next date from the wedding day is called silver. Silver is a metal symbolizing the strength of a relationship. Only people loving each other will be able to live with dignity together for so many years and look with optimism into the future. All evening we will celebrate the triumph of two loving hearts, a significant date for a family union, the basis of which is strong mutual love. Bitterly!»

Scenario of a holiday in honor of the 25th wedding anniversary

After the couple exchanged a fiery kiss on the day of their silver marriage, the host reports: «It is time for you, dear heroes of the day, to remember your promises made to each other on your wedding day. We offer you renew vows». Features of this ritual must be discussed with spouses in advance so that they can prepare for it.

At the end of the pronunciation of oaths, according to the script, the couple exchange silver rings. The host says: «Your gold wedding rings have been with you throughout your family life, but tonight you will ring each other with silver accessories. Wear these rings until the golden wedding, when we get together again with the same company and will witness the next exchange, but with gold jewelry».

Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebration

In between meals for spouses and guests of the silver anniversary, the host offers to watch a film. To create a story, you need to start a few weeks before the holiday date and involve the children of the heroes of the occasion in this process. They create a romantic video about the life of their parents from the wedding day to the silver date using slides and beautiful background music. The duration of the film should be no more than 10-12 minutes. Then the presenter moves on to an entertainment program full of contests and games..

Comic contests for 25 years of married life

Competition for children of anniversaries. Two paper daisies are made. Questions about the mother are written on the petals of one flower, and questions about the father on the second. The task of the children is to correctly answer all the questions posed. They can be of different contents. For example:

  • Where did your dad propose to mom?
  • Where did the first anniversary date take place??
  • What gift did the mother's father give on her birthday in the first year of their life together??
  • Where did they spend their honeymoon?

Competitions for the 25th wedding anniversary

Table Song Contest. Guests of the silver anniversary are divided by age into two teams. Each group comes up with a comic name (for example, «only old people go into battle», «young green» etc.). The task of the competition is to sing hits of past years and modern songs. Only youth hits should be performed by an older generation team, and old songs should be performed by young contestants.

Competition for anniversaries. The husband and wife celebrating the silver wedding are given the task in the form of a pantomime to depict the most important event in life for each of them. The winner is the participant whose performance, guests present at the wedding will guess faster.

25th Anniversary Wedding Competitions

«Hedgehog». For this competition you will need the props: matches and an apple. Matches stick in the fruit. The essence of the competition is that the newlyweds take turns to deliver matches from «hedgehog», with each movement, calling your soulmate an affectionate name or nickname.

Video: cool wedding anniversary contests

25th wedding anniversary is a memorable, significant day for spouses. It is important to surround this date with an atmosphere of joy and fun. The host will be able to amuse the assembled guests with the help of contests, games, as in the video below. But when compiling a script for the celebration of a silver wedding, one should take into account the age of the anniversaries and their guests. For such a company, youth and frank contests would be inappropriate. Give preference to a script with such an entertainment program that will be filled with romance, love, and once again demonstrate the strength of the family union of the bride and groom.