Wedding home script


By tradition, weddings are played in restaurants, cafes, which can accommodate a considerable number of people. However, due to the limited budget, newlyweds do not always have the opportunity to celebrate this bright event in such institutions. Why not celebrate your wedding at home? Organizing a wedding at home is not easy. A good script for this holiday will be of great help. What points are important to consider when preparing an event, and where to start it?

Celebration preparation

Carrying out preparations for the wedding at home, you need to carefully consider each step, paint the script in detail. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the celebration in good quality and tell you what you need to think about in the first place:

Decide on the specific number of people who will be invited to a home wedding.
Be sure to categorize guests by age categories and consider this factor in the further construction of a wedding scenario at home.
Conveniently arrange tables in the apartment. You may need to use several rooms to organize a wedding celebration..
If you will use a ready-made script for the wedding, try to adapt it to the nature of the company that will be present.
When writing the script for such an event with your own hands, attract other people, for example, relatives, friends - who have a sense of humor.
Since there will be no host at the wedding at home, entrust this role to one of the invited guests, having warned him about this in advance, issue a printed script.
Be sure to take care of the appropriate decoration of the interior of the house and the design of the premises for a wedding celebration.

Preparing an apartment for a wedding at home

Wedding details

To make the wedding at home fun, easy and exciting, and the script was a success from beginning to end, for entertainment you will need props. It happens that every wedding competition requires some special items, costumes or accessories. Check out the list of props for implementing a home wedding scenario:

To buy a bride, create some signposts where the girl lives, draw puzzle riddles for the groom.
Stock up on colorful balloons. Given the scenario, you will need them to implement interesting games at home at a wedding.
To create a festive atmosphere in the native walls, buy a few cans of confetti, salute.
Choose good music for happy guests dancing at a wedding at home, as well as for the first wedding dance of the newlyweds.
If necessary, include in the entertainment program of the home wedding script the singing of popular funny songs using karaoke on dvd. Songs choose the right wedding theme.

Props for home wedding scenario


Select actors in advance for your wedding scenario. Starting from the first part of the wedding at home, it is worth identifying the ransom participants: a witness with bridesmaids, a groom with a witness. Further, according to the scenario, there is a meeting of the newlyweds after the registry office, where the newlyweds themselves, their parents will participate. Mother-in-law and mother-in-law in the foreground, they greet the newlyweds with a loaf in their hands. Later, in competitions, involve all guests invited to the wedding.

Home decoration

The decor of the wedding venue at home is a must, which can not be avoided when creating the appropriate festive atmosphere. Pre-tidy the house, remove excess items, furniture to comfortably accommodate guests. Then proceed to the design of the wedding table of the newlyweds. If the bride and groom are sitting at a common table, their place still needs to be somehow allocated from the total mass, decorated with flowers, draped with fabric. Here are some ideas that make it easy to decorate your home for your wedding:

Home Furnishing for Home Wedding

Use balloons of different colors, shapes. Try making an arch and a huge heart for your home wedding with these decorative elements..
Do not forget about fresh flowers. Try to make at least a couple of interesting compositions for decorating a wedding feast.
Use tulle, silk or other fabrics to drape chairs into wedding covers..
Hang romantic posters with inscriptions about love, a wedding with wishes of happiness, prosperity, a strong family.
To find out how it is possible to decorate an apartment for a wedding, watch the video below:

Scenarios for holding a wedding at home without a host

Ransom bride

In the morning, on the wedding day, a witness with bridesmaids gather at the entrance, blocking the entrance. The groom pulls up on a wedding procession and approaches the girls.


- Why did such dear guests come to us??


- I want to pick up a beautiful girl under the crown. The ransom came to give.


- Come on! We will not sell our goods cheaply! We will take our kingdom for our bride!


- We will need the kingdom ourselves, but we can show our heroic strength. Get it, groom, a scroll with gifts, we will take gifts and souvenirs.

The groom takes out souvenirs and together with the witness gives them to the bridesmaids. As a presentation, you can present handkerchiefs, hairpins and other women's little things. The girls, having received gifts, let the guys go to the next stage of the ransom, according to the scenario of the wedding at home.


- To show your high interest in the bride, you - the groom, must answer the following questions (gives drawings with puzzles).

Shortly before the wedding, the witness draws on A4 sheets rebuses in four versions:

mixed female kisses, among which are «sponges» the bride
the growth of the bride and groom in several ways, among which only one is correct;
the size of the shoes of the future wife in 3 options, with one true;
date of birth - similar to the previous paragraph.

According to the scenario, if the groom guesses everything correctly, then he goes to the apartment and takes the bride to the registry office, if not, he pays the ransom, sings a serenade of his own choice or loudly declares a declaration of love.

Redemption of the bride at a wedding at home

Honeymoon meeting

After the registry office, the newlyweds come home for a festive feast, where parents with a loaf are waiting for them at the door.

Mother in law:

“So the exciting moment has come when you gave your mutual and legal consent to start a family.” From now on, you are husband and wife, our dear children. Let your house be full of guests, happiness, joy, kindness. So that after your wedding your marriage is full of love and understanding, you did not forget your parents. Sample bread and salt so that life is filled with joyful events. Whoever breaks off a larger piece is in the house and the head!

The groom and the bride break off a piece of wedding bread, dip in salt and give each other a bite. According to the scenario, the mother-in-law gives the loaf to the witness, so that she will bring her into the house and put the newlyweds on the wedding table. The newlyweds come in, followed by guests, and everyone sits at the table..

Bride and groom meeting near the house

Entertainment program at the wedding

Entertainment during the feast will be described in detail below..

Wedding garter
According to the scenario, the groom carefully removes the white garter from the bride’s feet in order to throw it to the single guys gathered behind them. Anyone who catches this accessory will play his wedding in the near future..

Bridal bouquet
Unmarried girls gather behind the bride to catch the bouquet that she will throw to them. By analogy with a garter, whoever catches the wedding flowers will get married soon..

Veil Removal
After the entertainment program, closer to the end of the wedding, there is a moment of removing the veil from the bride. The mother-in-law carefully removes this accessory from the girl’s head with the words:

- Daughter, from now on our family is your family, and I am your second mother. I want you to live happily, comfortably and harmoniously in our humble abode. We will love you as a daughter, and you, dear, do not offend us!

After, according to the scenario, the mother-in-law puts an openwork scarf on the head of the newlywed and kisses her.

Wedding Veil Removal at Home Wedding

To the road

When the home wedding evening comes to an end, the hosts, together with the newlyweds, gather at the doorstep with vodka and a snack in order to drink every guest on the staff and have fun at home.

Entertainment program for the wedding

An entertaining home wedding program should be planned carefully. It is easy for guests to get bored at home at a usual feast with toasts, and then the holiday risks becoming dull. Include in your script a lot of fun wedding contests with witnesses, newlyweds and all the guests that the host will hold. Take care of incentive prizes for presenting to each winning participant (for example, buy sweets). Everything should match the wedding theme and create an atmosphere of fun.

The entertaining part of the home wedding scenario

Games and contests for honeymooners and guests

Wedding contest with witnesses. The essence of entertainment is that the witness must transfer the witness in his arms in different positions. Two chairs are placed opposite each other, so that each time he can put her in and change her position. The main requirement: use at least 10 different poses. During this competition, cheerful music should be played at a home wedding.

Witness Wedding Competition


Wedding contest with a rope. You will need two ordinary clothesline, with tied spoons at the end of each, and several people in two teams. On a spoon, pass rope through the participant’s clothes. According to the scenario of a home wedding, this should be done to members of both teams. The group that will cope with the task of threading the rope through all the contestants will win.

Relay Wedding Contest «Apply water». According to the wedding scenario, each participant is awarded a cap from a plastic bottle and a container of water. An empty bowl is placed at the other end of the room, into which it is necessary to apply this liquid with a cork in one minute. To complicate the task, you need to ask participants to transfer water by putting a cap on their lips. The one who has more fluid in the bowl will be the winner of the wedding competition.

Water contest at home wedding

Wedding contest «Experienced couple». Newlyweds along with other couples also take part in it. Wives take a glass of vodka (wine) and carefully carry it to her husband. Having reached their goal, women sit on their husbands' knees for 1 second and, quickly picking them up, they carry everything together to the other end of the hall, just as carefully, without spilling a single precious drop of liquid. The winners of the wedding contest should drink a glass of this liquid and shout loudly «Bitterly!»

You can make a wedding at home fun and exciting with a well-designed script. Often, a lot depends on the guests themselves, how willingly they want to take part in the wedding. Do not be discouraged if something goes wrong. A wedding at home is good because there can be no mistakes, or failed contests. Charge those present with a good mood, improvise according to the situation right at your home celebration.