Italian style wedding script


Surrounded by four seas, Italy is a country that has always been associated with the hot, emotional temperament of its charming citizens, delicious gourmet cuisine, melodious and melodious language, the bloodthirsty mafia from the island of Sicily, and the touching story of Romeo and Juliet. Residents of a warm state have been keeping and respecting their traditions for many centuries, so a wedding organized in the style of the peninsula will not be deprived of conservatism. If the newlyweds are fans of Italian cuisine, they love dancing and colorful dresses, it is worth considering a scenario in the style of Italy.

Celebration preparation

Newlyweds can create an entourage of the Venetian carnival or turn to a calm design, reminiscent of the provincial corners of Italy. Before you think through the scenario of the event, you need to study some wedding traditions revered by Italians. For example, photos from a wedding take a special place in a family album: as a rule, Italian newlyweds try to take pictures against the backdrop of beautiful nature, artsy architecture, memorable places. You need to take this into account when considering a future outing and hiring a photographer for a wedding..

A good omen for an Italian is to play a wedding on a Sunday afternoon in summer or autumn, so if future spouses want to completely customize the celebration according to Italian traditions, you need to take care of booking the celebration date in advance. If you plan a dress code, you need to inform about this in advance, noting this on invitation cards. For a wedding in the Italian style, guests can wear richly decorated bright dresses or gangster costumes, if you plan a celebration in the style of the mafia.

Traditional italian style wedding

If future spouses, organizing a wedding scenario in an unusual Italian style, are going to get married, you need to take this into account when choosing a festive outfit. According to their traditions, the bride is obliged to put on a veil-mantilla, which is a long veil, the dress should be closed. The groom can choose a classic dark suit with a white shirt, not buttoned on the last button, or a light suit with a bright color shirt.

Wedding props

The props used during the Italian-style wedding are details that will remind guests of Italy. Exquisite decorative sculptures (reproductions of Luigi, Michelangelo, Bartolini), Venetian masks that every guest can try on during a photo shoot, sweets (newlyweds will hand them out to passers-by during a holiday walk). You will also need attributes for contests - these can be tubes, playing cards, etc..

Props for an Italian wedding

Party Decoration

Newlyweds should decorate the place of celebration of the Italian wedding, depending on the chosen theme. For example, if a Venetian celebration takes place, the restaurant hall should be buried in an abundance of bright colors, expensive multi-colored fabrics, shiny accessories, and rich floral arrangements. If the newlyweds decided to implement a provincial flavor in the decoration of the room, the space should be decorated with light warm shades, decorated with lively olive branches, paintings of Italian landscapes, delicate wildflowers.

Decoration of a wedding celebration in the style of Italy

An Italian wedding in the spirit of the Sicilian mafia can be held both in a room decorated with calm flowers and in the darkened hall of the restaurant, reminiscent of a place for playing in a casino or a stylish bar. Whatever decor idea the newlyweds choose, the banquet table should be full of all kinds of dishes: different types of cheeses, risotto, pasta, and the loaf will replace classic Italian pizza.

Scenario of a wedding in Italian

The scenario of such a wedding can be based on the union of two clans, which from the moment of marriage of the newlyweds enter into a strong, good relationship. As a rule, a ransom is not held during such a celebration, because, having agreed to marriage, the girl’s parents already consider the future husband worthy of their daughter. The main role is played by the father of the bride or the host, speaking on behalf of the clans.

Guests gather in the hall, the newlyweds have not yet returned from the ceremony. Toastmaster addresses guests:

“Buono Jornata, dear guests!” Just about Alexandro and Anette (you need to change the names of the newlyweds in the Italian manner) will arrive here, let's warmly greet them with applause and fireworks from flower petals! Come here, drink great, dear guests, come, it will be an unforgettable beginning of the holiday!

Guests according to the scenario, approach the host, he gives everyone a handful of snow-white petals. Doors open and newlyweds come in, those present throw up their petals, then applaud loudly, and if there are musicians at an Italian holiday, loud, cheerful music.

- Finally, we waited for you, dear newlyweds! Let’s ask you to sit down so that a holiday begins that connects two families until the end of time.

All invited guests to an Italian-style wedding are seated. The host, according to the script, gives the floor to the bride’s father.

Toastmaster at the wedding in the Italian style

- This evening I will accompany my family value into family life - a daughter who always represented our clan with dignity, since childhood she was an honest girl, a wonderful hostess and knew how to conduct business no worse than me, and how she took care of her family! I am happy that you have found a worthy man, Don Alexandro, who will be able to protect you. He showed his devotion to our family, so he deserves to be with you. Alexandro, I give you the greatest treasure that you must save! Congratulations, dear newlyweds, bachi!

(«Bachi» means «kiss», at an Italian wedding can be used instead «Bitterly»).

Toastmaster again takes the floor at an Italian wedding.

- Well, the chefs have miraculously tried to make the Italian celebration a pleasure not only for your hearts, but also for your stomachs! Please, dear relatives, dear friends, enjoy the delicious cheeses, air salads and carpaccio that our queen have been working on since morning, drink wine for the health of the newlyweds!

Wedding guests in the Italian style are distracted by food, chatting. After a while, the presenter takes the microphone.

- And now, before the waiters make hot pasta and insanely delicious risotto, I call everyone to a special contest that will awaken the appetite and enthusiasm of those present!

Participants go to the center of the hall, according to the scenario, an Italian competition is held «Cooking spaghetti».

- Let's congratulate our winner with an edible gift - a package of real Italian pasta and a piece of parmesan! Pat the guanyador!

The winner of the Italian wedding contest is awarded a prize. Leading:

- Well, appetite boon, dear guests, try Italian dishes and do not forget to praise the chefs who tirelessly delight us!

When guests at an Italian-style wedding eat something hot, the Italian host will again take the floor:

- Italy is famous not only for its magnificent nature and delicious food, but also for famous artists, sculptors, thinkers. The famous writer Bini, who lived in the 19th century, said: «There are tears of joy, there are tears of sorrow. Some refresh, others harness». So let there be a sea of ​​first and thimble of second tears in the life of the newlyweds who united the two clans! Drink, take!

Guests of the Italian wedding drink. The host, according to the script, says:

- And now the beautiful bride will dance the first dance of passion and love with her lover, and then graciously embrace the rest of those present. Applaud! And you do not sit, dear guests, connect!

Italian Style Wedding Celebration

First, the bride at an Italian wedding, according to tradition, dances with her betrothed, then with her father, brother and so on, gradually involving everyone in a long dance. There are several competitions, the newlyweds are congratulated by relatives. Tamada for the last time takes the floor:

- As they say in Italy, eviva gli dosi («cheers for newlyweds»)! Eat, drink, dear guests, but do not forget to praise the heroes of the occasion! Bachi!

Competitions and games for honeymooners and guests

  • Cooking pasta. Required props for the competition: a lot of tubes for drinks. Participants are invited to make the longest pasta from these materials in a minute or two. Whose «product» get longer, he becomes the winner of an interesting Italian competition.
  • Win cards with mafiosi. Each participant in the Italian competition is dealt a deck of cards. The initial task of the wedding competition is to hide the cards as quickly as possible so that they are not visible, and besides, they cannot be put in the same place. But that's not all. As a result, the winner is the one who, at the command of the presenter, quickly finds the right card, for example, an ace of a tambourine or a lady cross.
  • Italian pantomime. The competition involves couples, including the newlyweds. The representative of each team at the wedding is given a card that indicates a famous Italian actor or cultural figure, a place in Italy or a work of art. He must explain without words what is written on the tablet. Whose partner will quickly guess what the contestant is showing, that couple wins.

Prizes and gifts for guests

It is good if gifts at an Italian wedding will be associated with a Mediterranean country. It can be bottles of expensive Italian wines, sets of delicious cheeses, large packages of traditional pasta, a certificate for ordering pizza, pasta or risotto in a good restaurant - it all depends on the imagination of the newlyweds. Classic gifts are also suitable: candy boxes, figurines, artificial medals.

Prizes for wedding guests in the style of Italy

Video: holding an Italian-style wedding

A wedding organized by newlyweds in the mafia style is one of the popular options for holding an Italian celebration. The groom and the bride can come up with a lot of entertainment that emphasize the chosen theme of the event, you should definitely think about assigning a dress code for the guests. At an Italian wedding, the newlyweds and those present need to have fun, sing, dance to live music, ideally end the evening with fireworks. To feel the atmosphere of the event in the style of Italy, watch the video where the bride and groom are played by representatives of different clans.