Diamond Wedding Scenario


Diamond wedding is a family celebration anniversary celebrated by spouses after 60 years of marriage. Such a long marriage is a rare occurrence, only a few couples manage to survive to such an advanced age, retaining love. Anniversaries on this anniversary will be 80-90 years old, old age is no reason to refuse to celebrate a diamond wedding.

Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Celebration preparation

It is customary to celebrate a diamond celebration in the family circle, in the presence of several generations of numerous relatives of anniversaries, or in a close circle of relatives. Due to the advanced age of the heroes of the occasion, the organization of the wedding anniversary is undertaken by the children of the heroes of the anniversary, due to the advanced age of the heroes of the occasion. When preparing the celebration of a diamond wedding, you need to choose a venue for the celebration, traditionally decorate the hall, write a script for the holiday, pick up the musical accompaniment.

The main tradition of a diamond wedding is the passing of family parting notes by anniversaries to the next generations near the hearth, so the restaurant's banquet hall with a fireplace is a suitable venue for the celebration. When drawing up a scenario for holding a wedding anniversary of 60 years, consider the presence of guests of different ages at the celebration: anniversaries need to provide comfort, children need active activity, grandchildren and great-grandchildren need children's entertainment so that everyone is comfortable at the wedding.

Decoration of the venue

The decoration of the hall for a diamond celebration will create a mood corresponding to the celebration. A wonderful decoration option is garlands of balloons, beautiful floral arrangements. Decorate the table using accessories with rhinestones, symbolizing the jewel of the wedding - a diamond. To decorate the diamond celebration hall, choose calm, warm colors so that the excess of color colors does not tire the guests in advance.

Example of setting up a diamond wedding banquet hall

Musical accompaniment for the anniversary

Choose a diamond wedding music according to your couple’s taste. Open the holiday with the melodies of youth of the anniversaries, which touch the spouses, will evoke pleasant memories of youth. During the feast, use background music, allowing those present to communicate without interference, congratulate the anniversaries on their anniversary. For a more active part of the evening (competitions, dances), funny, moving dance songs are suitable.

Diamond Wedding Scenario

We bring to your attention a ready-made scenario for the wedding anniversary of 60 years.

The presenter opens the diamond celebration with the words:

- Dear friends! We have gathered for a great occasion - to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the wedding celebration (Names of the spouses), which is called a diamond wedding. Thanks to the joint efforts of the spouses on the 60th anniversary of the wedding, the whole beauty of the relationship is manifested, like the brilliance of a diamond obtained when cutting a diamond. Let's welcome our anniversaries!

Anniversaries of the Diamond Anniversary

Wedding applause sounds.

The host continues:

- Today in our room there are four generations: spouses and their friends, children of anniversaries, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. We will give them the opportunity to congratulate the newlyweds, to give gifts!

Congratulations to spouse friends:

- You carried love through time, having lived together for many years soul to soul. We are extremely happy, because we managed to live up to this significant day and testify that your feelings remained as solid as a diamond. Happiness to you, love each other!

Congratulations to the children of a married couple:

- Dear Mom, Dad! Love, friendship, mutual assistance, harmony between you have always served us as an example of a strong family. We have preserved the family wisdom received from you and passed it on to our children, educating people worthy of respect from them. With all my heart, congratulations on your diamond anniversary.!

Greetings from granddaughters at a diamond wedding

As a congratulation to the young generation (grandchildren, great-grandchildren), children can play any small play, sing a song, dance a group dance, for example, the dance of little ducklings. If only one child is present at the celebration, ask him to read a poem for grandfather and grandmother. An example of congratulations from children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, see the video:

Diversify the wedding feast with contests that allow the active part of the guests to warm up, to amuse the married couple. The traditional end of the celebration of the diamond anniversary is the transfer of the family order of the older generation. The appeal is drawn up in advance by the heroes of the day, at the celebration solemnly read out and transmitted to the younger generation. On this the official part of the diamond wedding ends, the evening continues with dancing.

Competitions for 60 years of married life

  1. Contest «Artist». Couples are welcome to participate. Participants need to draw a portrait of the spouse, reflecting in the drawing his main character traits. Then the contestants exchange portraits and try to guess what qualities the spouse displayed. The winners are determined by the audience.
  2. Contest «Diamond». Married couples are involved. Husband, wife must come up with compliments to each other within 5-10 minutes using the word «diamond». Then the spouses take turns reading them. The one with the longest list wins.
  3. Contest «A family». Everyone is welcome. The task of the participants is to name their associations with the word in turn «a family», for example, strong, friendly, etc. Whoever hesitates with the answer is eliminated. Prize goes to the last remaining contestant.

Diamond wedding is an occasion to get together as a family

A diamond wedding anniversary is a wonderful holiday that allows you to gather all the relatives and friends. A wedding celebration will allow you to bond family ties, establish relationships, give an unforgettable experience to each participant in the celebration, which for a long time will remain in the memory of children and adults. Celebrating 60 years of wedding anniversary will be a wonderful family tradition passed down from generation to generation..