Cast Iron Wedding Scenario


The sixth anniversary of the marriage is called a cast-iron wedding. Cast iron - the first metal that has become a symbol of the jubilee - by this time the family has strengthened. However, it is at the same time a fragile material that requires constant care. Holding a cast-iron wedding will help spouses to take a fresh look at each other, and an interesting scenario will make the event unforgettable.

Celebration preparation

Before preparation, the perpetrators of the cast iron celebration need to determine the scale of the event. Young anniversaries can call only the closest - relatives, friends, or have a fun noisy party. The cast-iron anniversary is considered a family event, but modern newlyweds are happy to have a great celebration. If the culprits of the pig-iron celebration have already happened to have a baby, you should first think about whether couples with children will be present at the celebration.

After forming the list of guests, the invitation stage begins. If the anniversaries arrange a thematic cast-iron celebration with a dress code, you need to send invitations with instructions in a few weeks. You should also hire a photographer so that you have beautiful shots as a keepsake.

The video below will help you create unique DIY invitations:

Decoration of the venue

The color of cast iron is black. Young spouses can use black elements when decorating a banquet hall, but this heavy color should not be much. It is good to combine dark details with calmer, light tones of space (for example, a beige tablecloth and black napkins). You should also use cast iron products to decorate the table - candle holders, figurines are well suited for decoration, and some dishes can be served in cast iron pots.

According to tradition, on the day of the cast-iron wedding, the wife hung pans on the street. Cast iron requires constant care in order to maintain a presentable appearance; the whole household was judged by the cleanliness and beauty of the kitchen utensils. Cast-iron heroes of the anniversary can arrange a small exhibition of their dishes at the entrance to the hall, so that the guests do not have doubts about their worth as owners of the house.

Six year anniversary venue decor

Musical accompaniment for the anniversary

If financial opportunities allow, invite a musical group to the celebration. In another case, a simple selection of songs made by heroes of the day will do..

Scenario of a cast-iron wedding

A fun scenario will perfectly complement the celebration of the iron anniversary, and an experienced presenter will make the event vivid and memorable.

When guests sit down, the host begins:

- Greetings to all who came to celebrate their sixth anniversary with anniversaries! Six years is a considerable period, many couples break up at this point, having failed to overcome the differences and quarrels that appeared after the first year of marriage. But it’s not about them! We will congratulate those whose friendly family has overcome the storms of adversity, and is preparing to become even stronger! Greet them!

Guests applaud the culprits of the cast iron celebration.

Applause to cast-iron jubilees

- Dear ones (names of spouses), you went through a lot and got to the first metal anniversary - cast-iron. Cast iron is much stronger than its predecessor symbols, but still fragile material that is easy to break if not followed, not looked after. In order for ferrous metal to turn into silver, and later become gold, you need to glow iron with the heat of love, until it becomes beautiful and shiny. I wish that your love forged with its heat a beautiful precious product - a happy family!

Guests with the culprits of a pig-iron celebration drink, the host continues:

- To help you forget about adversity, start from scratch, I want to conduct a small ritual.

The presenter puts in front of the spouses a large cast-iron pot and hands each jubilee a piece of paper and a pen.

- On this sheet of paper you should write all your claims to the partner. Remember the old grievances, write down each flaw, and then throw it into the boiler. One condition - you need to write honestly. It is necessary to reflect everything that prevents you from living together.

Cast-iron jubilees fulfill the assignment of the leader.

Cast iron pot for the anniversary ritual

- And now, to complete the ritual, take these matches (spouses are given matches). Light them and throw them at the same time so that the fire absorbs old adversities!

Culprits of a pig-iron celebration pass a ritual.

- Congratulations! All your troubles, grievances, claims burned out! Now you can soberly look at each other. There was an update that left trouble behind. Bitterly!

Guests with a host shout «Bitterly!», cast-iron heroes of the day kiss.

- After this magical discharge, you need to relax a bit - eat and drink! Help yourself, dear guests.

There is a slight pause, guests with anniversaries eat, drink, communicate.

- And now, dear guests, when everyone has a little rest, they will have to work! Many people realize how difficult the first years of life with a child can be ... But years of life with a husband are often also hard! We will hold a competition that will show whether you, good mothers, are good at caring for children and husbands. I also invite the heroes of the occasion to the center of the hall.

Couples go to the center of the hall, men sit on chairs, women stand next to them. Each pair is given a package.

Set of diapers for the competition of the cast iron anniversary

- This package contains baby supplies - a cap, diapers, a nipple ... Your task, ladies, is to swaddle your husband as soon as possible, put on his headdress and give a pacifier so that he does not cry! Whoever can cope faster wins.

Guests participate in a cast-iron celebration contest; winner is determined.

- My congratulations, you did it faster than anyone! Other mothers are inferior in speed to you, but also have wonderful swaddling their loved ones, so everyone gets prizes.

Participants are presented with karapuz dolls.

- Our cast-iron anniversaries also showed themselves excellently in this competition. We all know how difficult it is to raise and raise a child, but your parents did a wonderful job! Let's raise a glass for those without whom this holiday did not take place, and such a wonderful couple would not have formed. For parents of spouses!

All participants in a cast-iron celebration drink for parents of anniversaries.

- And now I want to give the floor to the guests who came to honor the spouses, whose love causes admiration and respect!

Culprits of a pig-iron celebration accept congratulations and gifts of guests. It can be cast-iron products - dishes, candlesticks, caskets, other household items. It is also customary to give kitchen appliances to a cast-iron wedding, which will become indispensable helpers in the household. After giving gifts to cast-iron anniversaries, the host pauses, guests eat, drink.

Examples of cast iron wedding gifts

- We heard many wonderful words about our anniversaries, and what wonderful gifts were! I want to add something else from myself. In order for cast iron of relations to become strong, beautiful, it must be constantly polished - with affectionate words, confessions, passionate kisses. When these simple conditions are met, we will have more than one happy date! I suggest anniversaries to polish cast iron of relations with a strong kiss! Bitterly!

Culprits of a pig-iron celebration kiss.

- Surely all those present remember how beautiful your first dance was. To live together for many years, you must remember those wonderful moments that you created together. I want to invite you, cast-iron heroes of the anniversary, to the dance floor, so that you, like the first time, spin in a beautiful dance! Applause!

The song that was played at the wedding of the heroes of the iron celebration is included, the guests applaud, the heroes of the day dance.

Cast iron birthday cake

- Here comes the end of the official part of the beautiful cast-iron anniversary. But before saying goodbye to you, I want to give a sweet gift - a great cake!

Assistant presenters make a cake for a cast-iron celebration - with black details.

- I ask you, dear anniversaries, to cut it!

The couple cut the cake together, the host helps distribute the pieces to the guests. Leading:

- The basis of the joint path is mutual respect, patience, attention to each other. To maintain a high relationship, to preserve love, you need to remember the main thing. During quarrels, insults and misunderstandings both suffer, it does not bring satisfaction to anyone. You, cast-iron anniversaries, love each other. I wish this love to help you throughout your life! Bitterly!

Culprits of a pig-iron celebration kiss, the official part of the script ends.

Competitions for 6 years of married life

Additional fun contests, games will help diversify the scenario of a wedding anniversary.

  • Dance This contest will require many participants - the more the better. All of them will have to dance to popular songs, showing acting skills and portraying the leading team. The participant who is most active wins.

Jubilee dance competition

  • Betrothal. Guests are divided into two teams, each host gives one small bagel with a hole. The task of the contestants is to put a donut on the ring finger, and then transfer from the first member of the team to the last, using only these fingers, for the shortest possible time. Faster team wins.
  • Dress code. In a large box, the leader collects funny wardrobe elements - a large wig, a colored boa, a sombrero, a yellow raincoat. To the music, the guests at the table pass each other a box until the song stops. The participant, on which the music ended, must take out the first object that comes across and wear for half an hour.

Holding a cast-iron celebration is an excellent occasion for spouses to pay attention to each other and rally. For everything to go perfectly, the organizers must take care of thorough preparation - then the anniversary will be remembered for a long time by everyone present.