Copper Wedding Scenario


Seven years of married life is a significant wedding anniversary, which was not just called copper. Copper, although not considered a noble metal, is a durable, valuable material, such as marriage, which lasted for such a considerable period. The properties of copper are similar to the relationship between spouses during this period. Soft, durable material as if hints that over the years the relationship will become even stronger, like steel.

Celebration preparation

You should responsibly approach the organization of a copper wedding to make it interesting and unforgettable. There can be a huge number of options, it all depends on the desire of the spouses. It is wonderful to spend this day with your family, your closest friends, or arrange a huge celebration of a copper wedding if you decide in advance all organizational and formal issues.

Family copper wedding

This day should be special for copper anniversaries, arouse past passion, remind of love, distract from everyday problems, entertain to the fullest. It doesn’t matter how many guests you invite, it will be in an expensive restaurant or at home in a family setting, it is important that loving spouses spend this day sincerely, because it will leave pleasant, warm memories in their hearts.

Decoration of the venue

The decoration of the premises for the celebration of a copper wedding plays an important role, so you should thoroughly address this issue. There is nothing complicated in the decoration, everything is extremely simple. The main color of the festive table should be the color of copper - orange. Balls, tablecloths, chair covers should also be selected in this color scheme. Places of heroes of the occasion should be decorated with beautiful sevens from balloons or a flower arrangement, and each place for a guest should be signed with his name.

Orange Copper Jubilee Style

The festive dress code is an original solution for a copper wedding, the obligatory element of which will be the presence of any orange or copper details among the guests. When creating the menu, you should experiment a little with recipes, adding bright «copper» colors. Copper decoration material or dishes will attract the attention of guests, looking spectacularly on the festive table.

Dress code for the celebration of the copper wedding anniversary

Musical accompaniment for the anniversary

The musical accompaniment of the holiday depends on the venue:

  • If the celebration of the anniversary is planned at home, then prepare on your personal computer a playlist with your favorite songs. Make sure that the repertoire is multifaceted: both quick songs and quieter.
  • If you are planning a larger celebration for a copper wedding, then the live music will be the ideal solution to the musical issue. It is worthwhile to discuss the repertoire with the musical collective, as well as the presenter, and dilute modern motifs with incendiary folk songs. Dancing is the main entertainment at such events, so you should abandon the sad, tearful motives. It is necessary to clarify in advance whether there are players for music, what media they play (USB, drives).

Scenario of a copper wedding

Here is an example of interesting scenarios for celebrating a copper wedding anniversary.

Copper accessories - the best gift for guests

Before the start of the wedding celebration, the couple give small gifts to guests (these can be small copper accessories - a symbol of this day, and the horseshoes of the same metal will be a symbolic gift). After all the guests sit down at the table, the leader takes the floor:

- Hello, dear guests! 7 years have passed since the day when the newlyweds exchanged wedding rings, vowing their love. Now we want to repeat this rite, only with copper rings (pulls out the ring). But first, let the loving spouses read the words of love and tenderness to each other (the couple prepares a text in advance, which reads in turn).

The guests applaud, the host begins to shout:

- bitterly!

The couple are kissing. Husband and wife take microphones:

- Thanks to everyone who came to share this holiday with us, we promise you that there will be many more such holidays with our participation!


- And we wish you, dear anniversaries, that your love remains as sweet as this holiday cake.

Cake for copper anniversaries


- Let us congratulate a wonderful couple on a wonderful date for a copper wedding, may all wishes come true, and their relationship will become stronger every year. Let's start with the nearest and dearest people - parents. Wife's parents take a microphone:

- Our relatives, beloved, we want to wish you great love and understanding. Over the years, you begin to value each other more, to respect. We wish you to bring this happiness through the years and not lose it. Many gifts are given to you on this day, but the main gift is love, which you cannot buy for any money. And let the copper wedding be the key to a strong relationship. Appreciate it and keep it! Bitterly!

The facilitator provides words to the husband’s parents:

“It's so nice to look at your happy eyes, see your smiles, hear the laughter.” For us parents, the most important thing is that you are happy. And we wish you everything that a mother and father can wish their children, all the most beautiful, to live for many years in peace and understanding. So that every year your feelings become only deeper and stronger. And we are waiting for the same holiday at your wedding, the symbol of which will not be copper, but silver. Bitterly!

The couple is congratulated by relatives and guests. Lead begins the first competition.

Competitions for 7 years of married life

There are no holidays where fun will be without contests, and even more so at the celebration of a copper wedding, so you should be well prepared, draw up a plan of competitive events.

  1. Happy horseshoe. This copper item is considered to be a symbol of triumph, and the essence of the competition is that guests become in a row (the game resembles children's fun «Brook»), raise their hands, connecting them with their partner at the top, the spouses pass under this arch, and the guests give up. Those who managed to catch a couple say a toast, wishes.
  2. Guess the melody. The competition is designed for two teams. The host begins to hum a song, and the team must quickly guess its name, singing it together. The winning team receives small prizes that are purchased in advance (for example, figures from copper alloys or orange baubles).

Themed souvenirs for competitions for the seventh anniversary

  1. Find a coin. The participants are divided into two teams: one is awarded a coin, the presenter says «start» they quietly, imperceptibly pass it behind each other. After the signal «Stop» the guests raise their hands, show their fists, and the second team must guess whose coin. Presenter gives gifts to the winning participants.
  2. The best verse. Competition for participation of 5 (most creative) people. Everyone receives a piece of paper from the presenter, where two words will be written, from which you need to quickly make a small poem-congratulation. At the end of the game, each guest receives a promotional gift..

Watch the video how interesting the couple celebrated their copper anniversary:

Whatever the day is called, a copper or wool wedding, the main thing is to hold it among dear and close people, remember warmly different life stories and just enjoy a wonderful pastime, not think about household chores and other everyday activities. After all, a wedding and its anniversary, like a birthday, happen only once a year.